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Driving Digital Transformation through Open Source, Cloud, Automation: CIGNEX Datamatics

thesiliconreview-vidur-v-bhogilal-chairman-cignex-datamatics-17CIGNEX Datamatics, a subsidiary of Datamatics Global Services Ltd., is a Michigan based global consulting company offering solutions, services, and platforms in Open Source, Cloud, and Automation. Since 2000, CIGNEX Datamatics has been delivering enterprise-class solutions based using leading platforms and tools that integrate with existing systems to achieve unparalleled results. By leveraging multiple delivery models, it helps organizations around the world to increase revenue, achieve business goals, gain competitive advantage, and maximize customer satisfaction while significantly reducing the cost of doing business.

Sketch the difference

With the client-focused approach, CIGNEX Datamatics has delivered over 500+ enterprise solutions that help clients address business goals, increase business velocity, lower the cost of doing business, reduce TCO and gain competitive advantage. The company’s clients include 50 of Fortune 1000 and 100+ companies with over billion dollars in revenues. The ability to seamlessly work in Open Source with proprietary technologies sets its experts apart from other system integrators, enabling organizations with a traditional IT models to take advantage of the flexibility and cost-savings of an open IT environment.

The mission of the company is to assure continued growth of shareholder equity. Provide an environment for personal growth and professional advancement for every employee. Maximize returns on technology investments for its clients by providing solutions with an optimum combination of open source and commercial technologies.

Overall these years

In 2011, CIGNEX Technologies became a part of Datamatics Global Services, a publicly listed company on the Indian stock market. The merger provides clients with a wider set of offerings and enables us to undertake significantly larger engagements in providing end-to-end IT solutions. CIGNEX Datamatics’ process infrastructure covers a quality management system and information security management system. Overall these years, it has helped enterprise and public services agencies adopt solutions such as Portals, Content, Collaboration, Enterprise Content Management, e-Commerce, and Big Data Analytics solutions based on Open Source technologies and integrate within existing platforms. The Open Source focus and depth of its expertise in Open Source methodologies enable the companies to rapidly and effectively deliver the most effective solutions available.

The smarter way to find new customers

Enterprises are exploring smarter means to find new customers. Build a unified platform that would help you drive better engagement and to increase revenue and customer lifetime. Enterprises are increasingly trying to deliver rich and relevant content to their customers through their inbound and outbound marketing strategies. The proverbial struggle is to communicate in a holistic and articulate form in a time when studies indicate that the attention span of humans is declining at a steady rate.

Under such circumstances, it becomes critical to delivering information that is crisp, focused and articulate to maintain a consistent back and forth relationship with your brand.

CIGNEX Datamatics helps enterprises to architect sophisticated customer intelligence systems that connect every touch point that touches a person from the point they're a stranger through all of their customer details to acquire, retain and grow customers. The solution that it deploys uses big data analytics and predictive modeling techniques to target the right customers, identify dissatisfied customers, and uncover buying pattern and behaviors and address customer service issues faster by correlating and analyzing a variety of data.

An outlook into the e-commerce services offered

CIGNEX Datamatics has delivered over 20 e-Commerce solutions using Magento and Drupal. A team of 50+ PHP consultants specialized in e-Commerce and content solutions have experience of developing simple to complex e-Commerce solutions and integrating with various Open Source and proprietary analytics tools for customers across various industries.

B2B e-Commerce Portal

For B2B, it is very important to have unified B2B Customer portal/site with e-Commerce; it should connect with customers and suppliers and makes it easy for internal users/business unit to manage the entire relationship lifecycle. There are three primary objectives which should be addressed by B2B e-Commerce solution

  • Reduced Transaction Charges – lower cost of procurement, improved contract management
  • Market Efficiencies – improved marketplace information, buyer and seller aggregation, match shortages and surpluses

B2C e-Commerce Portal

Online shoppers today expect a seamless and simple process when they shop for products. They want a smooth user experience, one-click shopping and a host of other features such live chat, order tracking and notification, sale alerts etc.  Shoppers expect the company to provide a highly relevant and seamless interaction on every touch point – regardless of which touch point – PC, smartphone, tablet, phone a call center, social network, or walking into a store. B2C e-Commerce store should address following key objectives

  • Experience and Reach - Features and functionalities allowing greater buying experience and ways to increase reach to potential customers
  • Lower TCO – development, and maintenance

Customer Testimonials

"Working with CIGNEX allowed Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. to develop a commercial product from scratch faster and more cost-effective than would have otherwise been possible”

-Barry A. Bunin Ph.D., President, Eli Lilly

“CIGNEX Datamatics was instrumental in architecting & delivering Phase 1 of the ICMP solution, using Alfresco & Liferay, within a short span of 6 months”

-Leopoldo Toro, Strategy and Innovation Director, Grupo Posadas

Meet the Visionary

Vidur V. Bhogilal, Chairman: Vidur V. Bhogilal, Chairman of CIGNEX Datamatics has over 20 years of professional experience in strategic restructuring, M&A, corporate governance, finance, administration and legal. He plays a critical role in creating sustainable value for the organization through successful mergers, acquisitions, and joint venture partnerships. Vidur has managed several successful acquisitions, mergers, and restructuring in India, the US and the UK and played a key role in tax recoveries, forex management, financial planning and control and fundraising. Before Datamatics, Vidur worked for organizations such as JP Morgan Stanley and Arthur Anderson, amongst others. Vidur is a gold medalist and a rank holder Chartered Accountant (CA) and Cost Accountant (ICWA) from India. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from the US and also a law graduate.

“We believe that innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage”