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Driving growth through continuous innovation: Profile software


The banking and financial industries are cornerstones of modern economies. They have existed in one form or the other for centuries and continue to influence global economies to this day. Modern technology has resulted in a highly connected world, with more and more people being able to avail of financial services from the comfort of their houses. In the new digital era, banks and financial institutions are looking to evolve their operations adopt digital transformation and AI tools to deliver more personalised and efficient set of new services in a competitive landscape. They require a well-rounded approach in dealing with evolving market needs and customer requirements that are in sync with organisational goals. Profile Software is one of the world’s foremost companies to provide market winning solutions for the banking and financial services industries.

Founded in 1990, Profile Software has established itself as a leading international solutions provider for the Banking and Investment Management industries. With a global presence in Europe, the Middle East, America, Asia, and Africa and vast experience in delivering innovative solutions to both start-ups and established banking & finance institutions, Profile Software has expanded its presence across 38 countries.

The evolution

Profile Software has faced its fair share of risks and hurdles while expanding business operations. From acquiring funding to finding clients and building up a reputation, the company braved tough times through the sheer power of its innovative platform, which offers one-of-a-kind flexibility and functionality. In a constantly evolving market, the company realised early on that a one fits all kind of approach to providing solutions won’t be feasible and moreover, won’t help its clients. The company was driven to investigate, scan and understand the market changes, future trends as well as clients’ needs so as to evaluate and incorporate the respective functionality into its products. This was apparent when Profile was the first to introduce the P2P Lending software to meet the evolving market needs in 2013, uniquely combining banking, investment and risk management capabilities. This was followed by a mobile application for the wealth management industry. And recently with the Robo Advisory solution for complete automation or hybrid approach to investment advice.

thesiliconreview-img1-profile-software-2019One of the earliest and best decisions that the company’s management made was to establish an agile model of business that could adapt to the changing market scenarios. Additionally, it was evident from the beginning that in order to stay ahead of the competition, Profile would have to focus on innovation and skillful personnel. Its solutions offer agility, advanced technology and rich functionality to financial institutions. Innovation is inherent in Profile Software’s platforms, ranging from its robo-advisory solution that offers market leading features, to the P2P lending and Risk Management that offer cloud-enabled deployment.

Acumennet, the Treasury Management platform consists of a unique STP mechanism, allowing it to be used for automation of key processes and to optimise operations. Consolidation is one of the most growing methods of implementing a business model and it is more so in the banking industry. In light of this, Profile Software launched the, the core banking platform which, apart from supporting all operations needed for Lending and Loans, Deposits, Payments, etc. gives the freedom to launch new products fast through the use of a product factory engine that allows for easy creation and workflow setting while significantly enriching its front-office capabilities. It also supports Digital banking operations with successful implementations.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a cutting-edge technology that will define the future. Corporations small and large from numerous industries continue to invest in it and gain the desired edge over their competition. Staying true to consolidation, optimisation, adaption and evolution, Profile Software enhanced Axia, it’s omnichannel investment management platform to incorporate AI tools that further support all wealth/asset and fund management operations, custody and robo-advisory, thus enabling organisations and professionals to automate their processes, service offerings, customise reports and deliver personalised services.

thesiliconreview-img2-profile-software-2019Profile Software understands that banking and investment management, just like every other sector are highly affected by the regulatory environment. To better address Compliance concerns, Profile launched RiskAvert, the updated Risk Management platform that performs end-to-end Basel III Risk Assessment for Credit, Market, Operational risk in a cloud environment with advanced scalability using Kubernetes or cloud native API.

Key to continued success

Profile Software credits its culture of constant innovation and market analysis to its continued success in a highly regulated and cut-throat industry. The company invests between fifteen and twenty percent of its turnover into research & development. Over the three decades of its existence, it has been investing in its own technology and its people to fuel its growth. Its winning streak was a combination of careful management, wise decision making, and systematic market research. The company’s success factors lie in its people and products. Profile’s solutions are characterised by flexibility, ability to personalise for the end customer and deliver to client needs.

The company’s success is no small feat, and its customers are a testament to its dedication. Profile prides itself of a customer retention rate that is at a staggering 99%. This kind of loyalty from the clientele goes on to show the company’s efforts in going the extra mile for its customers by carefully addressing key market needs through innovative solutions. Profile Software’s customer-first approach combined with an acute awareness of the market has molded it into a force to be reckoned with.

“Profile Software has grown with the support, expertise and professionalism of its staff, the management team and its partners”