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Dubber: Revolutionising the call recording industry


Dubber is a transformative technology in a multi-billion dollar hardware centric marketplace that instead operates from a native cloud platform. Dubber provides call recording, management and access service with advanced functionality. Its global reach allows recordings to be captured, managed and instantly accessed from anywhere in the world. Dubber’s innovation has allowed our call recording solution to surpass the limitations of legacy recording systems, thereby enhancing the benefits and simplifying the process of call recording for our users.

Dubber’s native cloud platform has revolutionised traditional call recording, abolishing previous limitations and opening up a myriad of applications and benefits. The company was found by James Slaney, Steve McGovern and Adrian Di Pietrantonio in Melbourne, Australia, in a search for a scalable and robust call recording system. After years of private investment, Dubber first went live in 2014, and soon received recognition from global phone carriers and service providers.

Cloud call recording

With Dubber’s native cloud call recording, Service Providers can supply a whole new level of service to their businesses and end-users that grows as they grow.

  • Call Recording As A Service - Dubber’s call recording service provided through service providers lets end users capture communications from anywhere, any platform, any device. Available as a true native cloud product, our call recording offers security, unlimited scalability, rapid deployment and no CAPEX. Through a SaaS and usage model, Dubber enables effective recording with minimal on-going management.
  • For All Industries - Dubber is the world’s most scalable call recording service which enables service providers and customers to think about capturing voice data in a way which they may have never previously considered. Its high availability, unique total scale and true Software as a Service (SaaS) capacity enables telecommunications carriers and customers to implement and manage recordings as never before, without the need for hardware or capital expenditure.
  • PCI DSS - With the ever changing landscape of PCI DSS, new requirements are constantly emerging. Dubber provides telephony users with all the tools necessary to achieve full PCI compliance. We are constantly working to ensure the up to date tools required for PCI DSS are delivered to our users through on-going development and feature enhancements.

Secure call and communication capture for everyone with Playback

Playback is a new telephony service offering which taps into revenue streams, never before realised. The service is aimed to improve the daily personal and professional life of anyone that makes calls on their laptop, desk or mobile phone. From project managers that like to keep a record of important conversations, to a husband playing back a call they had with a partner to see what the shopping list was.

The Playback engine is what powers the service. Once Playback is activated on a user’s phone service, their calls are processed through a stream for up to 3 days. When they decide to keep a call, then a secure audio file is generated which is only available to them. Kept calls and conversations can be accessed and managed by the user through a white labeled service provided by the service provider or the Dubber App. The Dubber app allows each user to securely and easily access their kept calls and conversations. The Dubber app has the flexibility to be reimagined to fit a service providers branding and also serves as a gateway to other Dubber services available today, and ones on the roadmap.

Zoe: Intelligence Modules

Zoe is a collection of call recording intelligence modules, innovative products and services by Dubber that is transforming the communications and call recording industry. Dubber’s ‘Zoe’ allows deep insight into the content of your communications. Key features that provide a host of powerful solutions include Smart Search and Sentiment Analysis. With Dubber’s Smart Search, end users can use advance search features to locate previous recordings through a series of metrics such as sentiment, date, location, specific phrases, and many more. Smart Search can work on any call recording, whether it was recorded with Dubber or not, and so can be implemented as a stand-alone service.

Keywords allow organisations to intelligently track specific phrases and keywords on their call recordings. These helps organisations to efficiently sort through recordings, and identify certain words as triggers, tag these words to be highlighted on all other and future recordings, and much more. Sentiment automatically identifies speaker’s emotions on recording and provides a snapshot report. Call sentiment is achieved by analysing characteristics of the speaker’s tone of voice, stress levels and speed of speech. Additionally, specific phrases are analysed to harness a comprehensive understanding of the caller’s sentiment.

Dubber Lab: Call Recording Sandbox

The Dubber Lab provides a purpose-built platform for testing all of Dubber’s services. The Dubber Lab provides SIPREC users the ability to test deployment, development, support and management of Dubber within a designated safe environment. The Dubber Lab has been isolated from the Dubber Production Environment, allowing users to test our services without the risk of impacting production recording. Consider it a call recording sandbox!

Dubber’s Call Recording API enables companies of all sizes to realise the value of their call recording assets. In addition to accessing your recordings through the Dubber Portal, the Dubber API enables access to your recordings within your existing business applications. The Dubber API enables organisations to manage and provide for users within Dubber. This also tightly integrates provisioning systems, giving admin full control of the Dubber User Management System. This functionality is inclusive of creation, modification and deletion of accounts, teams and users. To deliver the security required for end users, the Dubber API also enables easy management of access to both recording and features.

Knowing the leader

Steve McGovern, CEO

“Dubber’s call recording solution is a fraction of the price of legacy solutions and adaptable to the individual requirements of each user, has additional revolutionary technologies and is managed by us – enabling users to concentrate purely on the benefits for their business and customers.”