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Dynamically Orchestrating and Assuring Services Across Multiple Network Technologies and Providers: CENX

thesiliconreview-edward-kennedy-ceo-cenx-17“At CENX, we believe leading edge, distributed cloud computing technology is the best way to revolutionize the delivery of new data services in the telecom industry.”

The modern world is driven by technology and it is next to impossible to imagine a life without it. With every passing day, technology is advancing like a massive tide. Every enterprise is seeking the best-in-class solutions to keep its assets up to date with these changes.

The telecom industry is one of the major verticals witnessing this massive tide of technological changes. Companies are looking for ways to view their networks in a different way to provide the best service possible. To help telecom companies and to provide Service Orchestration solutions that automate the entire lifecycle of advanced data services in software-defined networks, CENX was founded in 2009.

CENX started as a Carrier Ethernet Neutral Exchange. To fully serve exchange customers, a software was developed in-house to automate the manual, time-consuming processes of ordering, provisioning, monitoring, and assuring data connectivity services. Eventually, the benefits of the software were recognized, and in 2012, the company pivoted and became a software vendor.

CENX goes beyond traditional service assurance to empower operators to catch up to and get ahead of their network. The company’s predictive, real-time, and historical analytics provide service providers with a holistic perspective of the network in real time. With a profound understanding of network dynamics and patterns—independent of the network’s current technologies and even those yet to come—operators can pinpoint and prevent faults, optimize capacity, and spot and exploit new opportunities. For service operators contending with escalating demand and increasingly complex networks, CENX provides a unique, scalable solution that fundamentally changes the way service providers view the network.

The First-Rate Offerings

As the market evolves, CENX adapts to stay top of mind and adjust to the growing demands of consumers. The complexity of delivering data services has never been greater and change has never been more rapid.

With the ever-changing industry, CENX is moving ahead with its industry leading hyper-scale product. CENX’s product fundamentally changes the way service providers view their networks. The next-gen service assurance software lets service providers see the entire network end-to-end, in real-time, on one single pane — including service topology, inventory, fault, and performance data from disparate systems. It ingests, audits, and contextualizes all of a network’s big data to provide a comprehensive, abstracted view of what’s most important about a company’s service and network operations.

The comprehensive and modular solution for network and service operations centers by CENX helps to manage complex, multi-domain, multi-vendor networks with physical and virtual infrastructure. The software visualizes the network and its services in real-time, and allows for the delivery of seamless service and quality of experience.

Innovation Driving Success

“Technology and innovation go hand-in-hand, a perfect fusion”, and to justify this saying, CENX continues to evolve and innovate its software daily, striving to continue to lead the telecom revolution. The company has a team who is passionate about what they are creating, as it evolves the way service providers view their networks. CENX’s success has been built on a strong focus on development and employee innovation across the company.

CENX has accelerated along its successful trajectory over the last several years, with new customer wins globally and major partner announcements in addition to multiple awards and industry recognition of their namesake product, CENX 7. Since April 2016, CENX has been on a fast track to growth with lots of momentum and awards honoring the company’s vision and product which is meeting a growing need in the industry.

Rivalry Comes Free With Success

Rivalries are normal and are one of the most critical parts of a success story. Everyone needs competition to move ahead on the track. Just like every other company in the industry, CENX has rivals too and they are competing hard.

But, CENX’s solution is unique in the way that it harnesses the power of real-time big data analytics and web-scale computing technologies to bring modern IT technologies to telecom operations. This enables telcos to make quick, informed decisions on how to run their networks more efficiently and more profitably. CENX provides an intuitive user interface with end-to-end visualization of the entire network for rapid service assurance. In addition, automated workflow capabilities provide quick execution of the needed actions for optimized operations. CENX 7 is a hyper scale solution and perfectly suited for Tier 1 service providers whose network complexity desperately requires seamless, accurate, and real-time visibility to manage their business and customer needs.

The solution by CENX is deployed by service providers worldwide to create new revenue streams, gain service agility, reduce operational costs, and deliver quality-assured data services. CENX has marked its territory in the industry and no matter how gigantic the rival is, CENX’s world-class solution sets the company apart from its competitors. Their ongoing growth is a testament to the company vision and success they have achieved with some of the world’s largest telecom operators.

The Future Sight

With the recently launched and allnew CENX 7 hyper-scale platform, service providers can deliver and cost-effectively manage complex, high-value services, such as SD-WAN and vCPE, with the flexibility, performance, and scalability hybrid NFV and physical networks require.

CENX will continue to provide a solution that’s changing the way service providers view the network through innovation. Also, for the near future, the company is all set to launch some amazing releases that will definitely leave the whole industry awestruck.

Greet the Chief

Edward Kennedy is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CENX. Most recently, he served as President of Tollgrade Communications, Inc. Edward previously served as the CEO/President of Rivulet Communications, Inc., a leading edge medical video networking company. He also previously served as President of Tellabs North American Operations and co-founded Ocular Networks, a provider of next-generation optical networking technologies, until it was sold to Tellabs, and held executive positions at alcatel, New bridge. Edward has experience as a Venture Partner, working at leading private equity investment firm, Columbia Capital, where he advised investments into new and existing portfolio companies.

“We deliver superior quality of service and experience with real-time operations tools. We drive business transformation with closed-loop automation. Your network just got simpler with CENX.”