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Eagle Eye Surveillance Video, all cloud -all the time

thesiliconreview-dean-drako-ceo-eagle-eye-17“Cloud storage, on-premise storage, or any mix Flexible, subscription-based cloud video surveillance Tier IV Redundant Storage”.

Eagle eye was commenced in the year 2012 by Dean Drako (CEO), Headquartered at Austin; TX United States Eagle Eye Networks makes video security a lot easier. We have brought the latest cloud and web technologies to solve the complexities of video security. With the cloud based Eagle Eye Platform new features function and capabilities are made available, without the headaches of traditional server approaches.

With the Eagle Eye Platform, you can deploy analytics on one camera or multiple cameras – and you can do it without installing software or buying larger servers. It’s all done in the cloud on our server

Foundation of Eagle Eye

 Eagle Eye Networks was created to make video security easier for all of us. Camera systems have traditionally been pretty complex, challenging for most people to manage, and costly. We are bringing the latest modern web and cloud technologies to make cameras easier to use, more accessible, and more robust. We believe that by doing this we will expand the applications. We eliminate a tremendous amount of headache by putting everything in the cloud where we can take care of it and you don’t have to.

With the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS you can deploy analytics on one camera or multiple cameras – on any type of camera – and you can do it without installing software or buying larger servers.  It’s all done in the cloud on our servers.

A Cloud Service isn’t only about where the software lives; it’s really a top to bottom approach.  Most successful cloud services in other industries have been designed and implemented specifically as a multi-tenant cloud service. The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS has been developed by a team of focused engineers with backgrounds in developing large scale cloud systems. It’s a ground up creation designed to be multi-tenant, robust, reliable, and highly scalable. We believe nothing like this has been built before.

The overall approach is important because it’s not an attempt to retro-fit an existing on-premise video product into the cloud.  As a cloud services company, Eagle Eye Networks is dedicated to delivering service to our customers.  This is an important distinction from product based companies.  As a services company our goal is to ensure the end-to-end solution meets your needs.

Eagle Eye Products and services

“Customers get the advantages of cloud management and cloud storage including; lower TCO, on demand deployment, and centralized management, all with complete flexibility to store video in the cloud, on premise, or any combination of the two”.

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS solves the historical obstacles to cloud deployment, including: high bandwidth consumption, security/privacy vulnerabilities, and limited camera selection. Eagle Eye delivers Intelligent Bandwidth Management, Complete Privacy Encryption and supports a broad array of IP and analog cameras.

Cloud On-Demand Architecture through and through

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is a true cloud based platform. It’s not a refit of old Linux or Windows software into the cloud. It’s a ground up, purpose built, modern cloud implementation. It is powered by multiple, redundant Tier IV datacenters – ensuring your video is always available. It is important to note, the Eagle Eye infrastructure is not managed by a third party vendor, it is completely managed by expert Eagle Eye personnel. The infrastructure has been specifically design for video. Performance, performance and more performance. Storage, storage and more storage — all on demand. We provide the most reliable, responsive, and secure cloud video surveillance solution available. You need to record 1M cameras — no problem.

On-Premise Buffering and Camera Management

Onsite hardware makes sure your camera recordings never stop. The Internet may go down, but the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS keeps recording. The Onsite Bridge is in constant communication with your cameras. Constantly monitoring their operation. Verifying they have not been tampered with. Analyzing the video for motion. Compressing and de-duplicating the video. Encrypting and securing the video.

Intelligent Bandwidth Management

Making video work in the reality of the Internet- Eagle Eye has developed Intelligent Bandwidth Management technology to deal with the reality of limited bandwidth. Earlier cloud recording systems faced challenges with bandwidth consumption. Eagle Eye’s unique, multi-layered bandwidth management technology means the system works with both small and large camera installations without requiring additional bandwidth.

Automatic Camera Detection & Configuration

Whether the Bridge model chosen supports only IP cameras or Analog + IP, connecting cameras is simple too. The Bridge will automatically detect the cameras and configure the network appropriately. It’s just a single click to add each camera. Eagle Eye has built profiles for each camera model supported, so the resolution, frame rate, and codec are set automatically when they are connected. Eagle Eye default camera configuration can be changed from a web browser or mobile app. 

Meet the Genius

Dean Drako (CEO)

Left Barracuda Networks in 2012 to found Eagle Eye Networks and lead it to be the first cloud-based video surveillance company to provide both cloud and on-premise recording. In 2015, Eagle Eye Networks was named to CSO Outlook’s “10 promising cloud security providers”.

Previously, as founder, president and CEO of Barracuda Networks, Dean created the industry’s first email security appliance in 2003 and subsequently grew the company to more than 140 products, 150,000 customers and approximately 1000 employees.

Dean is also the owner and Chairman of Brivo, a cloud access control company.  Dean was previously the founder of Boldfish, a leading provider of enterprise messaging solutions that was acquired by Siebel Systems in 2003. Dean was founder, President and CEO of Design Acceleration, Inc (DAI), a maker of superior design analysis and verification tools, which was acquired by Cadence Design Systems in 1998. Dean received his BSEE from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and MSEE from the University of California, Berkeley. Goldman Sachs named Dean as one of the “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2014.”