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EasyVista: Leading Provider of Mobile-First Service Management Solutions


“With global headquarters in Paris France, EasyVista is refreshingly innovative and forward-looking which has led to rapid expansion across Europe and North America.” – 451 Research

Innovations in social, mobile, analytics, and cloud have created a world of frictionless, highly automated, available service in our personal lives. But when we get to work, we are confronted with service offerings that are arduous, fragmented, and clunky. As the gap widens between the service experience at work and outside of it, IT organizations struggle to deliver the efficient, comprehensive, and elegant services that end users feel entitled to.

Founded in 1988, EasyVista is a forerunner in automating and personalizing service delivery for all kinds of end users—without a line of code. The company offers the world’s only service management platform built from the ground up
as a mobile experience.

For EasyVista, mobile-first means more than simply enabling service experiences via any device.

A Mobile-First Design Approach
As we move from a web world to a mobile app world, a mobile-first design approach isn’t a choice—it’s priority #1. EasyVista is the only service management solution that is purpose-built as a mobile-first
experience. “Since long before the first iPhone in 2007, we were innovating a mobile-first, customer-centric approach within our service management platform. Our greatest reward is that today we are uniquely built to help our customers meet the mobile mandate they urgently need now, as well as building on those successes for future expansion,” says Jamal Labed, Co-founder & COO.

Simplifying and Accelerating Service Creation & Management
EasyVista radically improves the service experience. This ease-of-use is based on three design principles: 1.) a highly user-centric design,
2.) the abstraction of complexity based on years of experience, and 3.) a mobile first approach.

The company simplifies and accelerates service creation and management with the 400+ pre-configured wizards, representing an array of process building blocks that require no code. “No other company has the same depth of process because we’ve been at this twice as long as the closest competitor. Our codeless configuration is the game changer allowing our IT customers to rapidly deliver services in just days, not weeks of months,” added Jamal.

Lastly, EasyVista reduces and controls the cost of service delivery, by accelerating service deployment, lowering development costs, increasing self-service and higher end user adoption, reducing the cost of shadow IT, and reducing professional services costs.
EasyVista’s service management is made of up three components:

Service Manager – is a comprehensive service management platform for IT professionals to manage the entire service management lifecycle. It features powerful capabilities including award-winning workflow, embedded processes based in ITIL, a service catalog, and more.

Apps Builder – is an intuitive, interface for IT professionals and LOB leaders to build service apps. What’s most important here is codeless configuration, which translates to fast, easy service delivery.

Service Apps – used by employees or other end users to resolve problems, get information and request service—anytime via any device. It’s one single place for all their service needs—whether that’s IT Services, HR Services, Financial Services, Customer Care, or some other line of business service. This app service experience is based entirely on a mobile-first design, which means it’s easy to use and easy to deliver.

EasyVista’s Stats

  • 100% revenue growth over the past 4 years.
  • 25% average growth for SaaS globally, including 71% in North America in 2015.
  • More than 6 million SaaS end-users worldwide.
  • 98% customer retention rate in 2015.

Industry Accolades!
Gartner Research ranked EasyVista as the #1 option among ITSM solutions for “basic client maturity.” They also ranked the company in the top three for ITSM solutions for “intermediate client maturity” and in the top three for digital workplace ITSM use. Plus, they highlighted EasyVista having three times lower TCO than ServiceNow and BMC. G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, ranks EasyVista as a “High Performer.” It also gave EasyVista the leading score against its competitors in 7 of the 8 categories.

Customer Base
EasyVista has a growing customer base of more than 1,000 medium to large enterprise customers in North America and Europe. Its most active verticals include: Higher Ed, financial services, healthcare, higher education, technology, public sector, retail, manufacturing and more. EasyVista’s fastest growing customer base is Higher Ed where the pressure on IT to support a dynamic, ‘always on’ population of students and facility each year is one of the most intense challenges.
EasyVista’s mobile-first platform supports this easily with rapid to deliver and easy to use business apps for these extremely mobile end-users who demand a consumer-like experience.

Case study:
Villanova University
The IT organization at Villanova University in Philadelphia was in transition, looking to improve service to its 10,000 students and faculty. The IT team wanted to replace four disparate IT systems while streamlining and automating student and facility support services—regardless of what combination of connected devices they brought with them.

Villanova chose EasyVista for its full feature set, scalability, ease of configuration, and price. Today, the university’s TechZone offers support with innovative self-service and knowledgebase options. The seamless experience includes everything from campus maps to IT services and even reporting of dorm room issues.

The results:

  • Achieved 72-hour hardware support levels and same day printing support.
  • Reduced networking supporting times significantly.
  • Decreased call-in turnaround times for charge backs, returns, and hardware and software status from 45 minutes to instantaneous results.

Clients Speak
“EasyVista provides a powerful service management tool that is as easy to deliver as it is to use. The company’s mobile-first service management strategy is well suited for success in a Higher Ed environment.” – Christian R. Slater, M.A., Computer Support Analyst, Level 2/ITSM Administrator, Technology Support Services, Villanova University

“EasyVista Service Apps opens up more mobile possibilities for us. We can extend beyond submitting tickets to servicing all aspects of our employees, contractors and vendors in the field—and that’s a real game-changer.” – Mike Madden, IT Operations Manager, Principal, Americas Region, Cardno

The Original Innovators

Sylvain Gauthier, Co-Founder and CEO As CEO, Sylvain leads the overall management and business strategy of EasyVista. Prior to EasyVista, the entrepreneur founded company Vibel before moving into IT consultancy in 1986 providing services to major companies. Sylvain is a graduate of the EcoleSupérieure de Commerce in Dijon, France.

Jamal Labed, Co-Founder and COO As COO, Jamal leads EasyVista’s business operations and drives its corporate & international strategy. Prior to EasyVista, he founded SIGHT International and Echo Soft Technologies, specializing in optimization tools for Oracle RDBM, which he sold to Platinum Technology (later Computer Associates). Jamal is currently the President of AFDEL, The Association of Software and Internet Solution Publishers of France.

“We have a passion and commitment to reinvent service management for the mobile user, making it easy to deliver and easy to use.”   – Sylvain Gauthier, CEO EasyVista