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Eemax tankless water heaters heat your water faster, heat your water with more precision, and heat your water safer

thesiliconreview-kevin-ruppelt-vp-&-gm-eemax-17Every home is unique and so are everyone’s hot water needs. The US Dept of Energy says that direct-fired residential tank storage heaters are among the highest energy-consuming appliances in the home. Only heating and air conditioning systems consume more energy. In addition to that, a typical tank water heater requires up to 9 sq ft of space. A tank style hot water heater keeps water hot 24 hours a day, whether it is needed or not. But the tankless water heaters produce hot water only when needed, reducing needless energy consumption and therefore cutting water heating costs by up to 50%. That is why upgrading to a modern system with advanced design and engineering to save space in your home, reduce your utility bills and conserve the Earth’s resources and is a necessity. The system of tankless hot water heating has been gaining acceptance in Europe & Asia for a while. With today’s rising energy costs, a whole home tankless system by Eemax is a smart choice for a wealth of reasons.

The right solution - EEMAX

Headquartered at Waterbury, Connecticut, Eemax is the no. 1 brand in the USA for tankless water heater solutions which suits the commercial applications as well as the residential home and industry specific applications. The company is well known for its green, environmentally friendly water heaters which offer the largest selection in the industry and are made with pride in the USA. With a proven technology, proven choice and proven experts, it offers the best technology that is completely customer centric.

How technology can help?

The Eemax products can be found in homes, airports, stadiums, laboratories, restaurants and manufacturing facilities. Electric tankless water heaters can save water, energy, and money. The units provide 99% thermal energy efficiency. The thermal energy efficiency of electric tankless water heaters is a notable means of differentiating these products as most water heaters with tanks only can have 65% efficiency after extended use, if not less. Furthermore, Eemax, Inc. tankless water heaters are up to 90% smaller than a water heater tank, providing a key benefit to applications where space is limited.

Trailing the growth pattern

Established in 1988 with a line of tankless water heaters for commercial applications ranging in size from 0.5gpm to about 1.5gpm, Eemax products have come a long way in the hot water heating techniques. The first product was 9.5 kW Flow Control, an on/off device for hand washing applications, it expanded the market for electric tankless heaters by the early 1990s and launched the Eemax brand. And the exciting factor is that the primary products, Hand washing heater SP3512, and EX95, are both still in production today. Tankless hot water heating, which gained widespread acceptance in Europe, has paved the way to the company’s success in the US.

In 2008, Eemax was purchased by the private equity firm Riverside. Giving it the capability to expand its product breadth and hold in the marketplace. The company developed the AccuMix electric tankless water heater in the year 2011. The product was designed as a Turnkey Solution heater with a code compliant integrated mixing valve designed specifically to meet Uniform Plumbing Code 407.3 requirements for hand washing single and multi-lav applications. 2012 was the year of breakthrough for the company as it has expanded and has shifted its workplace to Waterbury, CT. The 56,000 square foot manufacturing, warehouse, and training facility, Connecticut is an excellent place to manufacture high-quality technical content product and has definitely helped Eemax to expand its production to a large extent.

Along with launching ground breaking new technology in the SafeAdvantage and SpecAdvantage product lines, the company merged with the retail manufacture Ecosmart in 2013. In December 2015, Eemax was acquired by Rheem, a privately held manufacturer that produces residential and commercial water heaters, HVAC equipment, boilers and work collaboratively with them in developing new products to expand into new markets and regions.

The technology behind the success

When compared with the other existing technologies Eemax Direct Heating Technology heats water faster and with more precision. The methodology adopted by Eemax proves to be more useful and transfers heat directly to water making the entire process faster and efficient. Also, it minimizes the energy wastage and cools faster. Eemax water heaters are designed to reduce liming and calcification by using a patented water flow that constantly removes particles from the heating element even while the water is getting heated. Its proven technologies can enable the system to work for a longer period thereby making it the right choice for one’s requirement.

Moments to highlight

“Eemax’s water heaters help save their customers water, energy and money. It’s no wonder their business has grown so much over the last several years. Whether they’re looking to hire more talented workers or meet the needs of new customers, my office is here to help them however we can.”

- U.S. Senator Chris Murphy

Behind the success

Kevin Ruppelt, VP & GM: Ruppelt has more than 30 years experience building and leading a variety of high-performing businesses. Previously with General Electric, he comes from a diverse background in the water, renewable energy, warranty management, consumer and commercial goods industries, with success in developing teams and integrating sales, marketing, engineering, and operations to deliver optimal results. His immense passion for leading businesses and developing products from concept to commercialization including domestic and international business partnerships is what contributes to continued professional success. As VP and GM, Ruppelt uses his vision for progressive solutions to guide Eemax into a high growth, innovative, and customer focused business.

“We continuously work to improve our existing products as well as work on new innovations to provide hot water solutions”