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10 Best Retail Solution Providers 2017

Eilisys Technologies- Delivering premium solutions with its “Ascent” brand of software


“We don’t just sell a product, we go an extra mile for our customers.”

Eilisys has been a company obsessed with customer satisfaction when it comes to simplifying business needs. Their efficiency is their edge and they have dedicated 15 years in successfully delivering smart payroll and HR solutions to client in evolving and improvising them to help adapt to your current technological needs. The company take pride in the fact that they from the scratch and achieved tremendous growth organically. Their journey justifies that deep passion and a clear vision teamed up with relentless hard work is the only true formula for success.

At Eilisys they deliver what customers are looking for in a solution partner. One quick association with them will help them with a strong start for an early success. They assure a constant value addition and innovative ways to help you work smarter. From development till deliverance of each of their product they prioritize on serving your business needs to the best.

Eilisys technologies has been doing a successful run in delivering flexible and quick payroll systems, leave management and ESS management solutions since the year 2000 and they assure that Ascent HCM is another breakthrough that your company, small or big surely needs. Eilisys takes pride in having a highly qualified and dedicated team in which we sharply instill strong work ethics like integrity, honesty, good values and hard work. Yet they give everyone all the creative freedom, encourage fellowship and team building and provide an easy to approach senior management. This is how they achieve a skillful and productive workforce which is also happy and destressed.

Why Eilisys

Products Offered

Ascent Payroll- Understanding how critical payroll processing is for the smooth functioning of company so the company offers an efficient and easy way to pay your employees in the form of Ascent Payroll The flagship product of Eilisys Technologies, it is the most flexible and easy payroll management software available. Packed with the most robust features like income tax calculator, flexi reimbursements and Expat grossing up tax, it surely is your perfect tool for fast payroll calculation. Ascent Leave Management Software- Employee leave management is no more a hassle. With Ascent leave manage your employee attendance and absence data without the chance of any human error or miscalculations. Its simplicity and varied functionality makes leave management easy for both the employee and the employer. Ascent Attendance Management Software- Ascent Attendance eliminates any human error while recording employee work hours. It works with supreme accuracy as compared to traditional paper worksheets or manual time tracking. It enables your HR & Accounts team to track and manage employee timings and attendance effectively and accurately. It automates calculation of employee attendance based on different parameters like overtime, shifts, flexi-timings, grace periods and on-duty approvals. Ascent ESS- Ascent ESS or Employee Self Service is an exclusive employee-only portal that provides them with personal records and payroll details. It is a fast and secure access to both past and current employee data, helping you avoid all the messy paper work. Ascent ESS enables employees to transact with their Human Resource office without physical appearance which mostly is irrelevant during many of the transactions. Ascent Touch (Kiosk Application) - Kiosk is a virtual time clock, making it easy for employees to punch, review their schedule, and review worked hours. ‘Ascent Touch’ is an online Kiosk Application usually made available to employees at a central location such as shop floor lobby or canteen area. Those who don’t have online access get an opportunity to utilize the Self Service features through the Employee Self Service based Kiosk Application. Ascent Visitor Manager- ‘Ascent Visitor Manager’ is quick and organized automated software that helps employees to generate and manage appointments. It helps to maintain visitor records & generates a comprehensive log of entries & exits in the organization.


“Ascent is a great payroll product, made by an awesome team. We had a payroll software before this and it was terrible and when we went out in market to search for a new payroll software then Ascent team showed up out of nowhere in competition to big boys of software world and they came so strong that we had no reason to why not take Ascent payroll software. We are using this for last 5 years now and it is very stable system.”- Amit Bedi, Director-Finance, Bain & Company

“We purchased Ascent Payroll way back in 2001 and since that time we are extremely satisfied not only with its basic features but also on the way in which it moved to a maturity level. The product is amazingly adaptive and user friendly. I have seen some of the leading payroll products and I can say with full confidence that no product in the market can be comparable to Ascent.”- N.N. (Avadhoot) Upadhye(General Manager - Finance), Persistent

“Eight years ago we took a decision which transformed our payroll processing. Payroll processing time reduced from 10 days to 2 days. Most reliable, stable, comprehensive and error free tool supported by honest and efficient team.” Anil Pandey(Associate Director IT), CBRE

“Mahindra Business Solutions has been partnering with Ascent and using the platform to render Payroll Services to many clients and are glad to state that the product features delight not only the customers but also our operations team. Team Ascent is proactive in their developments and their speed of response to any queries raised is just great. We are glad to have them as a preferred partner in our mission of delivering value to our clients.”- Ajit Bam(CEO), Mahindra Business Solutions

“A company obsessed with customer satisfaction when it comes to simplifying business needs.”

“We believe we have succeeded solely because our satisfied customers speak for our products and that is our greatest sales pitch.”