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Email Suppression List Management Made Simple: OPTIZMO Technologies, LLC


Never Worry Again About Email Compliance

OPTIZMO was inspired by the industry need for an email compliance, suppression file and data management platform that went above and beyond the utilitarian nature of compliance and information security. The industry needed a platform that would not only automate many of the compliance functions necessary to utilize email as a commercial marketing medium, but would also provide insights into email campaign performance and channel partner activity. By creating a paradigm shift in how email compliance was managed in accordance with the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, OPTIZMO has successfully become the “best of breed” email compliance solution available, serving over 400 of the most recognizable Brands, Ad Agencies, Performance Networks, and Affiliate Marketers.

The Connection between the Employees and the Company

OPTIZMO’s individual team members are the key to the company’s ongoing success. Each member of the team fulfills an integral role within the organization and each person feels a responsibility to others on the team. OPTIZMO is set up, by design, to have a significant amount of cross-over within each role and cross-departmental collaboration is what has kept OPTIZMO at the top in regard to SaaS providers within the email marketing arena. No single team member can say that he or she is the sole reason for OPTIZMO’s success. OPTIZMO only works because each member is capable of performing their role(s) autonomously, with the facilitative support of other team members. Company owners and shareholders understand what motivates each individual employee and fosters an environment conducive to that specific employee’s career goals. Micromanagement and getting lost in the minutiae of daily tasks inhibits innovation and slows growth, therefore OPTIZMO selectively hires exceptional team members who are capable of working autonomously, providing guidance when and where needed.

By hiring intelligent and highly competent people, who are inspired by technology and the benefits it can provide, the OPTIZMO leadership team understands what technology can do for the entire team and how it can foster creativity and ideas through the company’s own solutions and technological advancements.

Professional growth within OPTIZMO comes from the empowerment of individual team members. Allowing team members to try their respective hands on multiple facets of the business to identify strengths and weaknesses, then letting team members own facets of the business where their strengths are best suited. This provides each team member with an opportunity to become more experienced and well-rounded within critical aspects of the company that have a direct business impact.

Contribution to the Technology Stack

While emerging technologies provide alternative mediums for marketing consumption, there is still one common denominator that they all share - Email. In order to simply sign up for anything in the modern age, an email address is required. In order to fulfill a transaction, an email address is required. It is an exciting time in the Marketing Automation and Marketing Technology space, with an abundance of forward-thinking solutions to help companies take advantage of and implement a well-rounded, comprehensive marketing strategy. Whether it is an overlay on social, a CRM add-on, or an ESP integration, email is still the most affordable, measurable, and reliable messaging medium to generate tangible results and customer engagement. What seems to be happening now, and what OPTIZMO believes will continue to happen, based on the company’s observation, is that companies previously adverse to email marketing due to “perceived risk”, are now adopting email as a preferred method of communication with prospects and existing customers. Department heads of Marketing, Legal, Compliance, and InfoSec within these organizations are now more savvy to both the risks and rewards of the email channel and therefore continue to increase the marketing budget towards more compliance and automation-centric resources to manage these efforts.

The Future Plans of the Company

“OPTIZMO has several new products in the works for 2019 and 2020 and the company is always providing solutions for its customers to open up and explore new opportunities to innovate and create. By the end of 2020, OPTIZMO will have a suite of product offerings that go beyond its current scope of email and SMS compliance and suppression list management. The company is currently growing its development resources to expand the product portfolio and continue delivering on its new product roadmap that has been evolving over the last 5 years.”

The Two Innovative Founders

Khris Thayer | CEO & Co-founder

Khris brings over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial and corporate environments, including 5 years working in the venture capital arena, leading research teams and developing strategies to successfully bring various SciTech and Consumer products to the market. His experience prior to OPTIZMO also includes 5 years in the telecommunications field, overseeing the design and implementation of fiber networks and long haul data transport systems for both Incumbent utility providers and competitive local exchange carriers.
He has built and overseen teams across the business spectrum, including engineering, product, sales, and client services, over the years.

Grant Fern | CTO & Co-founder

Grant prides himself on being a web developer who is a critical thinker and problem solver in every sense, spending his days creating and implementing new development processes and web applications for OPTIZMO and the company’s clients. Over the course of his career, Grant’s experience with, and passion for, development has helped him take on exciting, groundbreaking opportunities — from building his own custom backend framework to UI/UX development for a variety of SaaS platforms. In addition to development, he is fluent in infrastructural design, server setup and allocation, and the provisioning aspects of deploying web apps from infrastructure to the end-user.

Grant’s 15+ year journey into coding began in the mid/late 90’s and he later self-funded and launched his first company (DynaDesign) in 2003. DynaDesign was a boutique web development agency focused on selling a proprietary, custom Content Management System (CMS) that Grant had previously developed. In 2009, he used DynaDesign to help co-found and launch OPTIZMO.