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Emerging Technology for Software Defined Security: Security First


“Changing the way you think about data protection.”

Every day brings more sophisticated, more dangerous threats to your data – that’s why Security First Corp. is working to change the way the industry protects it. Founded in 2002, Security First Corp. is a privately held company headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. With 268+ patents and patent applications, SFC is the industry leader in data-centric, software-defined security technology. And it’s committed to bringing advanced, software-defined security solutions that solve many of the new challenges brought by the tremendous growth of digital information.

SPx Technology
The technology itself      is entirely software-defined, meaning it installs directly onto the OS, integrates easily into virtually any environment and doesn’t disrupt existing network security solutions.

  • SPx technology doesn’t require new hardware – in fact, it enhances the current investments.  And it provides users with a FIPS 140-2  certified EAL4+ compliance solution that is protected by more than 290 patents.
  • SPx technology first builds encryption into a file at its bit level, and then splits that file into  a user-defined number of shares.
  • Shares are randomized and can be configured using “M of N” fault tolerance. In a “3 of 4” configuration, only 3 of the 4 shares are needed to maintain data availability. If a share is lost in a disaster, data is rebuilt in the background using the remaining 3 shares without interrupting data access.
  • Each share has a unique encryption key. That includes both authorization keys and community of interest keys – all done without key management hardware.
  • Shares can be stored in four geographically different locations, be it on-premises or off-premises environments.

SPx Gateway:
SPxGateway™ provides easy access to cloud object storage reinforced by the security of SPx technology. It installs as a virtual appliance in an existing virtual infrastructure, and allows companies to leverage low-cost, highly scalable storage in the cloud. Key features of PxGateway include:

  • Secured by SPx technology
  • Dynamic volume sizing
  • Cloud cache for local access to recent files
  • Simplified, on-premise key management
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) integration
  • Identity and Access  Management (IDAM) solution integration

Block level storage

Utilization for primary backup, archive, or cloud storage:
A unique feature of SPxGateway is its ability to provide “Cloud Spanning”, a capability which enables users to send cryptographically split data to multiple cloud service providers. This allows access to the data in the event of a data center outage. It also prevents any single cloud vendor from holding the data hostage. A major benefit of cloud spanning with SPxGateway is that data is completely private. Each cloud vendor operates in a Zero Knowledge environment, which means that each vendor has absolutely no knowledge about the encrypted data on their servers and do not have access to any keys.  As users drop files into the shared Gateway folder, those files are encrypted, split and randomized across the defined locations. It’s easy file access with total data protection.

ParsedCloud Secure File Transfer is a software application designed for transferring any size digital file securely between users. It utilizes a FIPS 140-2 government certified, cryptographic splitting core to provide every user with the ultimate in security and privacy that they deserve. No other service or software uses this technology and therefore, none can compare with ParsedCloud’s unique split cloud infrastructure that adds another layer of safety to the data. The last thing one need is another complicated application on the computer. ParsedCloud is a simple, secure and affordable solution for transferring files and ending Secure Private Messages (SPMs). Share a confidential spreadsheet, customer mailing list, a private message or the video that took while on vacation with ease.

Meet the Key Executive

Mark O’Hare, Director and President and CEO: Mark founded Security First Corp. in 2002 with over 33 years of experience leading multi-billion dollar security, engineering, and manufacturing programs, spanning both the public and private sectors. He is the co-author of 290+ issued, granted or pending patents in areas that include data security and data availability for data in motion and data at rest;

Internet and cloud security; as well as key management dispersed storage, collaboration and connectivity. Mark served 26 years in the United States Navy as a certified engineer. As a Captain in the United States Navy he served as the Principal Executive Officer (PEO) in a two star Admirals position for the U.S. Navy’s $25 billion dollar Aircraft Carrier Program.

He received a B.S. degree from the US Naval Academy and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Naval Postgraduate School. He also attended the Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management and the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business, including Senior Executive Schools, Defense Systems Management C, and Senior Executive Graduate Studies. From 1998-2001, Mark held CEO, COO, VP, and GM positions for multiple start-up ventures owned by Safeguard Scientifics incubator company XL Vision, Inc.

“We must stop focusing just on the security of the network. That’s like securing the vault, but not the cash inside. Instead, we must secure the data itself.”