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Empowering businesses to run their entire operations from anywhere and on any device: Yocale


Meetings and appointments have been the pivotal arms of any business. As every organization is sales intensive, it has to rely on these two customer touch points to give more mileage to its products. Thus, the best way to gain optimal value is by embracing automated appointment scheduling products. The appointment process for many organizations is not as simple as it seems. It’s an oftentimes burdensome task that can require significant time and staff resources to properly manage. It can also have a negative impact on overall operations and restrain an organization from running at its fullest potential. This is where Yocale comes in to bring businesses together on one platform. Everything is included: unlimited online scheduling, client relationship tools, marketing and promotion of available appointments, reports and more. This results in fewer headaches, more control, and more business.

Arash Asli, one of the co-founders, established Yocale in 2013. The idea to set up the company came to him when he got into a ski accident but couldn’t find a therapist without having to go back and forth multiple times with different practitioners. He knew there had to be a better way, so he created Yocale to solve that problem as a way to create a services marketplace. Dedicated to helping local businesses grow, Yocale brings businesses and consumers together on – helping shape healthy and thriving communities. It works firsthand with local businesses, and sees how connected they are to their neighborhoods. Consumers search and book appointments with a spa, chiropractor, dentist, dog groomer, and almost any kind of business that takes appointments.

One place to connect with local services and manage appointments

Yocale’s first and main offering was its online booking and scheduling software. The company wanted to give local service based businesses the ability to take appointment bookings online without having to go through the headaches of scheduling through phone, email, and text and subsequently allowing its clients to book whenever and wherever they wanted to with that service provider.Yocale got great feedback from the beginning around the concept. Many people loved the fact that they could let go of their paper appointment planners, and have more time to focus on their clients and their offerings. However, it was also new to the market and online booking hadn’t been mainstreamed yet. Moreover, it was a MVP product and there were many issues around features and UX. Most of the issues were previously known by the company, yet a number of issues were later discovered when people finally started using the software.

Meeting unique business and industry requirements

From the beginning, Yocale has focused on its core offering of being a marketplace for appointment based service businesses as well as providing online booking functionalities. It soon realized that it had to help the customers with their management and automation of their day to day business. In order to make its vision work and provide a greater value proposition to the customers, the company had to give them an extra hand to help with scheduling, CRM, invoicing, marketing, reporting, etc. It also served them with other digital needs such as web presence, reviews, and even search engine optimization services (SEO). ‘A one stop shop with high ROI’.

Initially it was tough to get feedback from the clients and sometimes there were certain issues that clients were not able to clarify. So Yocale had to go the extra mile of discovering those issues through constant communications, signals via multiple channels, and technologies that allowed it to collect feedback. These feedbacks were then taken seriously to adapt and shape the product roadmap.

Commitment to excellence

Initially when Yocale was started, many people cherished its vision and believed in its mission. In fact, it created a corporate ownership structure that allowed people who were entrepreneurs at heart to join hands and create a company together and truly be a part of it – something that they couldn’t do on their own and the company couldn’t do without a huge capital. This allowed the company to grow quickly but as it grew it became harder to align, as its structure wasn’t the typical corporate structure. However, Yocale managed that and was able to align its group’s resources against its goals and resources ensuring that its team worked towards measurable common goals. “The success of an organization is through its perseverance in being agile and flexible to continue to move forward in the face of multiple obstacles”, says CEO Arash Asli.

Yocale believes that the following factors have been the reasons for its consistent growth:

  • Its employees & contractors who work hard every day to make Yocale a great company and offer a great product to the market to achieve the company vision.
  • Its clients, especially the first few who supported Yocale’s efforts in the initial days.
  • Support from stakeholders that allowed it to navigate through the ups and downs and overcome the obstacles.
  • Genuine advisors that got them onto the right path.

Future endeavors

Now the Yocale team is excited to launch Yocale version 3.0 by early next year, which will feature an incredible new user interface, mobile app, as well as game changing features.

Yocale envisions growing by leaps and bounds over the next couple years to really bring even more value to the market. It wants to deliver a product that is not only great to look at and use, but also offers the customers everything they want and more. “We believe this is achieved by connecting businesses and consumers in every neighborhood. And, that is only the beginning of what we can do for you”, concludes Arash Asli.

Knowing the leader behind Yocale, CEO Arash Asli

Arash Asli is one of the co-founders of Yocale. He used to work as an executive at a company named Aptean for 14 years, before founding his own business.Working as an executive at an international company gave Arash the global business acumen, experience, and network. He believes that the willingness to learn and being open to feedback is more important than anything else. His passion and genuine care for what’s being done at Yocale is what sets it apart from the rest.

"Your business can rest assured that you are choosing the best scheduling application to help efficiently run your business."

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