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20 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2015

Empowering Clients to Achieve Growth Enterprise-Wide: Linium


Headquartered in New York City, Linium was founded in 2000 and is dedicated to helping organizations succeed in aligning people, process and technology. It is this focus that shapes every client interaction and drives the evolution of solutions and services that keep its clients on the forefront of innovation.

Have you ever heard of a company that can help you achieve enterprise scale, grow confidently and become lean in technology at the same time? Meet Joe Burke and Dave Howard, the co-founders of  Linium – a revolutionary Cloud services company. Since the company’s  inception in 2000, Linium has helped  customers achieve operational efficiencies by aligning all aspects of the enterprise, from IT to Finance to operations and beyond. The co-founders bring with them a combination of technical expertise and hands-on start-up experience. They have 20 years of experience growing businesses with innovative communications and interface-intensive applications.

In today’s rapidly changing market scenario, the co-founders have braved the various challenges coming in the path of providing an enhanced customer experience when it comes to the products, services or experiences they sell. With the onset of cloud computing, Linium has made the most out of all the opportunities that has come its way and today proudly boasts of having the capability to develop intensive consumer and business-user experiences with agility.

Meeting the inquisitive clientele’s needs

Customers today demand the ability to access data, intelligence, analytics and services anywhere, anytime, while leading executives are faced with the challenge of maintaining a balance between solving day-to-day operational challenges and focusing on innovation to keep up with the demands. As Linium helps its clients to grow confidently with the aid and advice of it’s team of experts, the company has earned the distinction of being deemed a Leader in Cloud Service Offerings.

“We solve a range of challenges from providing transparency into enterprise planning and budgeting to streamlining the delivery of essential services into one unique business-services portal. What makes us unique is our ability to provide organizations with solutions and services that help them gain tangible efficiencies throughout the enterprise by solving everyday operational challenges.” Says Linium CEO, Joe Burke.

“In turn, this effort allows executives to focus on innovation and growth. Rather than spending 80 percent of their time on day-to-day operations and 20 percent on innovation, our services enable executives to make the shift in their time to focus on innovation”, adds Linium CTO, Dave Howard. Indeed, the company helps some of the world’s fastest-growing companies achieve their targets and grow further through lower costs and increased time-to-value, through their value-added-services today.

In conversation with the Co-Founders

Can you brief us about the history of your company?

Linium set out to capture an opportunity unfolding in the evolving IT industry of the early 2000s. At the commencement of the dot-com era, businesses moved their investments from costly ventures to those that leveraged the power of the Internet. This became a primary growth strategy: to refocus on core business challenges while also understanding the real value of technology and its impact on business. Companies were looking to understand how to utilize and exploit new-age technology, all while achieving maximum ROI. These concepts—combined with the founders’ knowledge of both IT consulting and strategic recruiting solutions—created a unique business opportunity for Linium.

How beneficial do you think it is to combine latest technology with business objectives?

Our approach is based on thousands of customer experiences, proven processes and leading industry best practices. We aim to take a wider focus than most business technology consulting firms; rather than simply implementing a solution to solve a single problem or set of problems,  our methods take an enterprise perspective and are business-driven. We focus on building the business by giving our clients the solutions and strategies to lay the foundation for enterprise excellence. This provides lower time to value, while allowing customers to focus on what’s most important: running the business.

What is it that differentiates Linium from others in the domain?

At Linium, we understand that organizations need to access data, analytics and services quickly; anytime, anywhere. Our solutions are tailored to deliver this exact dynamic focusing on superior customer experiences. We leverage world-class enterprise platforms as the foundation to provide you with the most innovative solutions that enable the capability for customizable mission-critical applications on scalable platforms. We use the mentality of making technology work for you, not the other way around. Rather than just tackling projects, we help clients solve real business challenges to confidently achieve enterprise scale by leveraging the best in people, process and technology.

What are the challenges faced by you and your company?

Linium has been fortunate to continue on a steady growth path despite fluctuations in the economy.  Reaching a 123% three-year growth rate from 2010 to 2013 is a direct result of our ability to adapt in today’s ever-changing market. We view our customer’s growth as our own success and hope to continue to overcome business challenges and experience continual growth in 2015.

What are your present and future focus areas?

We are looking to extend ourinvestment in mobility and are working to build the next generation of Enterprise Service and Performance Management by introducing all means of business through a Service Driven Platform enabling:  Content-as-a-Service, Knowledge-as-a-Service, and Data-as-a-Service. We believe in delivering what we call, “The Art of the Possible,” enabling our clients to successfully deliver innovative, customer-centric business services better, faster and cheaper. We provide the vision and underlying strategy our clients need to achieve growth.

Office Locations:

New York-NY, Albany-NY,
Hartford-CT, Los Angeles-CA,


  • Strategy: Develop unified vision for the future
  • Implementation: Align solutions to people, process and technology
  • Rollout: Ensure organizational adoption and support across the organization
  • Optimization: Maximize return on investment
  • Turnkey: Pre-packaged solutions designed to accelera  time to value

Business Challenges Linium Solves:

  • Align process to technology & reduce manual efforts
  • Optimize technology solutions to full potential
  • Provide real-time visibility into projects
  • Demonstrate ROI & assess future IT investments
  • Restore confidence in IT & empower users via self-service
  • Understand & mitigate risk through governance
  • Align financial planning & performance management systems
  • Reduce financial planning, budgeting & forecasting cycles
  • Enable financial transparency & visibility to key business drivers
  • Eliminate manual data entry & error-prone spreadsheets
  • Streamline financial reporting & enhance analytic capability
  • Sync budgeting with overall corporate strategy