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10 Fastest Growing ERP Solution Providers 2016

Empowering Small & Emerging Businesses in a Competitive Global Environment: BizSlate


“Small businesses are the future, they will need services like BizSlate.”

Meet the key executive behind BizSlate

Marc Kalman, Founder & CEO – Marc is an experienced business leader and supply chain software expert. Prior to founding BizSlate, Marc was co-founder and CEO of eZCom Software Inc., a highly suc-cessful SaaS Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provider that he led for ten years. While helping thousands of small businesses with EDI-based logistics, Marc recognized that these same companies were dealing with increasingly complex supply chain pains that ranged well beyond EDI, and that no provider was solving.

With the objective of addressing those critical business needs, Kalman left eZCom to start BizSlate. His goal was to have a significant impact on an underserved segment of the market, and capitalize on a large and growing opportunity. Marc’s industry experience includes serving as a supply chain specialist for Coach Leather ware and Director of IT for a 9 division accessories manufacturing business. He has been consistently recognized as a leading authority in the supply chain space, and is honored to have been named as one of the top supply chain professionals in Marc Kalman, Founder & CEO the country by Supply and Demand Chain Executive for the past 7 years.

Small and emerging companies have a hard time, pacing them-selves ahead of giant enterprises. With a highly competitive, global Omni-channel market, businesses need powerful, intelligent capabilities to effectively compete. The problem is that supply chain and inventory man-agement systems fall into two basic categories: large enterprise software and small business apps. While many small and emerging businesses need the capabilities found in the large en-terprise applications, software in this category tends to be very expensive, complicated, and not designed for the smaller business market. On the flip side, small business software while generally more affordable and easy to use, tends to lack value because software providers strip out value in a way comparable to selling you a car with only 3 of the 4 wheels. With a vi-sion to adequately address, such problems faced by small enterprises, Marc Kalman founded BizSlate in 2011. Headquartered in New York, BizSlate is the first solution that blends the enterprise power and efficiency of the larger applications with the ease of use and affordability of the smaller business systems. Its aim is to bring to market, power and efficient inventory and order manage-ment processing system that is as easy to use and affordable, as it is effective and efficient through software development. It is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is revolutionizing the way small businesses (SMB) manage their customers, vendors, orders, inventory, logistics, and their overall supply chain. Incorporating unique capabilities that small and emerging businesses have not previously had access to in smaller tier applications, BizSlate is helping improve opera-tions for its clients by up to 75%.

“We collaborate with clients to ensure the newest features and ideas come from those out there in the trenches.”

Favoring small enterprises to power through

The company feels that small businesses have struggled with limited business management software options for a very long time now and as a result, many have the mindset that struggling and suf-fering because of the lack of efficien-cy by not having the correct system in place is the acceptable norm, even as the business suffers. BizSlate has taken up educating businesses as an initiative to make them aware of an affordable option that can, in fact, have a positive impact on their business and make their issues dis-appear. It is focused on empowering small and emerging businesses with the tools they need to successfully operate their supply chain oper-ations, inventory, and order pro-cessing, and grow their business by improving the relationships between customers, products, and inventory.

Solutions offered

BizSlate is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that measurably helps small and emerging businesses increase revenue and profit by improving the relationships between customers, order, and inventory. BizSlate helps its clients manage products, inventory, sales orders, purchase orders, receiving, allocation and fulfillment, integration with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, integration with 3PLs and ShipStation, and EDI integration. In addition to adding significant improvements to the efficiency and accuracy of its clients’ operations, Bi-zSlate automatically keeps real-time inventory in-sync across all channels.

Incorporating technology with business objectives

Delivering its solution via a Soft-ware-as-a-Service model, BizSlate can easily deploy solution upgrades that keep up with changing mar-ket trends. The key for BizSlate is in its ability to incorporate large scale enterprise technologies, and transform them into capabilities for small businesses that are easy to use, affordable, and mobile.

Making a difference

The company is philosophically and fundamentally different than its competitors and is designed to make a difference in supply chain and operational efficiency and accuracy for small and emerging businesses. Shaped with decades of experience serving the small and medium sized manufacturing and distribution mar-kets, BizSlate caters to the fact that small businesses are overworked, understaffed and doing everything possible to keep in an aggressively competitive marketplace. Its founder has a proven track record of helping thousands of small businesses significantly improve supply chain operations by as much as 90%. BizSlate leverages this experience to empow-er small businesses, but in a way that is easy, affordable, and mobile.


BizSlate serves clients across North America and the globe. Brands such as Duvin Design in apparel, Jerusa-lem Sandals in footwear and Zoku in house wares are BizSlate’s rapidly growing list of clients that represent small markets. It is designed to help emerging businesses in industries such as apparel, footwear, accesso-ries, house wares and general consumer goods to significantly improve their supply chain and operational efficiency.

Clients speak

“I’ve been in business for 6 years and I’ve never seen a company that is streamlining everything quite like this. BizSlate has revolutionized my whole business.”

— Shawn Baxter, Owner, Baxbo

“BizSlate is the system to use to man-age your inventory in a very efficient and cost effective manner. We like BizSlate not just of their system but also for the team, which is very helpful and attentive. We are very happy with our decision to use BizSlate!”

— Serene Almomen, Co-Founder & CEO, Senseware