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Enabling Super Secure Enterprise Mobility: CommuniTake Technologies


“Founded in 2009, CommuniTake Technologies addresses mobile security challenges across all threat spheres.”

Mobility becomes the foundation of all organizational activity – a routine part of the connected corporate. Organizations are required to expand quickly into new mobile practices and to drive high-value mobile experiences which are derived from evolving new devices and services. The mobile-first organization is forced to operate in a new IT environment which consists of compromised mobile devices, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, and inadequate support budgets. Enterprises are struggling to protect business information and applications against cyberattacks through deficient and fragmented solutions that were not built to withstand modern threats. These solutions expose mobile devices to modern cyberattack vectors, turning them into soft endpoints.

CommuniTake Technologies addresses this challenge with the Intact Mobile Security platform.

Most mobile security solutions wish to provide a good enough privacy for BYOD. However, BYOD devices are originally compromised and allow only partial security.CommuniTake provides the world’s most secure mobile phone through its natively integrated secure wireless communications environment.

The company’s goal is to understand, develop and deliver secure mobile experiences that go beyond people’s expectations, by means of the newest technology tailored to customers’ needs.

The Intact Mobile Security Platform
CommuniTake game-changing platform introduces a mobile device that is totally shielded from the ground up, designed to protect the most confidential communications. The Intact platform redefines mobile security, beyond the partially-protected mobile devices. It is developed from the hardware up to blend integration with a comprehensive multi-layered defense. It is a three-way solution consisting of device, firmware and applications. This integrated environment enables in-depth protection against penetration vectors and eavesdropping interception techniques.

The Intact Platform:

  • Delivers a multi-layered approach with hardware, firmware and applications.
  • Eliminates security breaches existing in commercial devices.
  • Blocks access points and vectors used for cybercrime attacks.
  • Provides in-depth protection against voice interception techniques.
  • Enables diverse security levels according to organizational needs.
  • Delivers hybrid COPE / BYOD deployment.

Powerful, In-Depth Protection
The natively integrated mobility platform unifies the following components:

Hardened device (IntactPhone): The IntactPhone device provides trusted hardware for secure authorized only boot processes.

Security-rich mobile OS (IntactOS): The customized operating system is tightly coupled with the hardened device. It provides security-enhanced framework and utilities that block most of the cybercrime attack vectors, with same day over-the-air security patches.

Fused Command Center (IntactCC): The governance center manages device inventory and granular use policies, including an internal only enterprise apps store, to eliminate the infection of devices caused by negligence.

Encrypted communications: The intelligent end-to-end wiretapping encryption covers the entire communications environment and prevents cutting-edge eavesdropping techniques while ensuring crystal clear voice quality.

Security tools (IntactApps): The security products suite provides crowd analysis, antivirus, and AppsOps management delivering robust threat prevention.

Remote control (IntactCare): The technology enables complete remote control over the device from afar for swift recovery via security experts.

The IntactPhone is built to serve secretive organizations and executives including, governmental agencies; military organizations; legal firms; utility companies; and financial institutions. CommuniTake’s current clients are commercial firms that wish to eliminate industrial espionage. Government agencies and military organizations are expressing immense interest in the secure platform.

IntactPhone is aimed at any secretive organization regardless of geography. The company sees great traction in Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Office Locations
CommuniTake’s global office is in Yokneam, Israel. Other offices are located in Atlanta, GA, USA; Rome, Italy; and Beijing city, China.

Future Focus Area
IoT devices lack security and pose new challenges. Mobile IoT devices cannot be unsecured endpoints as they are connected to mission critical systems. Companies will be forced to secure IoT devices in order to enable its operational value. Facilitating this high end security is CommuniTake’s future focus area.

Meet the Leadership Team
Ronen Sasson, CEO
Ronen is an accomplished software industry executive and visionary entrepreneur with 30 years of engineering and management experience. He is an ex-Amdocs VP, founder and General Manager of its $100M in annual revenue self-service line-of-business.

Eran Karpen, VP Professional Services
Eran is a large scale systems and mobile expert. Prior to CommuniTake, he worked as a R&D manager at MobileSolid; research analyst at the Technion and as a project leader in the IDF. He holds a BSc. Computer Science degree from the Technion.

Ami Perlmutter, CTO
Ami is a Network and Communication expert. Prior to CommuniTake, he worked as a software engineer at Mellanox filling key development roles and as a software architect at MobileSolid. He holds a BSc. Computer Science degree from the Technion.


“Our mission at CommuniTake is to help you practice and deliver faultless secure mobile experience.”