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Engage Customers, Eliminate Friction and Deter Fraud with IDology’s Digital Authentication Solutions

thesiliconreview-john-dancu-ceo-idology-17We offer real-time and on-demand identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for organizations operating in a customer-not-present environment.

IDology, Inc provides innovative technology solutions that verify an individual’s identity and/or age for organizations operating in a customer-not-present environment. The IDology platform serves as a collaborative hub for monitoring and stopping fraudulent activity across the entire network while also driving revenue, decreasing costs and meeting compliance regulations.

Founded in 2003, IDology is based in Atlanta, Georgia with research and development operations located throughout the United States. IDology offers a solution-driven approach to identity verification and fraud prevention, providing streamlined processes that ultimately help increase customer acquisition and improve the overall customer experience. IDology has developed an on-demand technology platform that allows customers to control the entire proofing process and provides the flexibility to make configuration changes that are deployed automatically – without having to rely on internal IT resources or IDology’s customer service – so customers can stay ahead of the fraud landscape while also maintaining compliance.

IDology’s identity verification and age verification solutions benefit any business facing customer-not-present challenges. The company’s clientele consists of various industries including financial institutions, alternative payments, retail, telecommunications, medical, automotive, wine and alcohol distributors, tobacco companies, rated-entertainment providers, age-restricted content, subscription-based services, travel and more. Some of the most well-known brands in the world rely on us to perform seamless identity and age verification of their customers.

IDology was named as one of Atlanta’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For™ in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. This award honors organizations that have clearly demonstrated exceptional human resource practices and represent high standards in today’s economic climate. IDology’s core team has proven experience with several technology companies in various industries such as financial services, retail, security, and telecommunications. The company is led by recognized industry leader John Dancu, CEO. The company is backed by investors, led by Cam Lanier, a distinguished, serial entrepreneur, and investor in technology companies.

IDology: Designing Solutions with Customer Protection in Mind

IDology’s proprietary product, ExpectID has a patent pending process for providing fast, accurate real time results. ExpectID Age is leading the industry for electronic age verification technology and has been endorsed a premier solution by WineAmerica and the Specialty Wine Retailers Association

ExpectID Scan and Verify with face compare is strengthening manual documentation review processes, driving significant revenue. ExpectID Email helps stop more fraud by delivering enhanced fraud tools and predictive analytics that confirms, in real-time, an email’s authenticity. IDology’s ExpectID Global marks the international expansion of our identity verification and fraud prevention platform.

Innovative Technology Solutions

Identity Verification: Validate an identity in real-time to drive customer acquisition, deter fraud and meet compliance.

Age Verification: Confirm someone's age and identity, maintain customer privacy and support COPPA guidelines.

Fraud Solutions: IDology offers a comprehensive solution including robust fraud analytics that helps minimize risk and loss.

Dynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA): Verify someone is who they claim to be using dynamic multiple choice KBA questions.

Customer-Based Authentication (CBA): Allows companies to generate custom out-of-wallet questions based on their own proprietary customer data.

Mobile Identity Solution: Assess risk, deter fraud and improve the user experience with a persistent Mobile Identity. The power of IDology’s integrated solution extended to the mobile channel.

Photo ID Scan & Validation: Easily evaluate and approve photo ID’s at various stages in the customer authentication process.

Email Verification: Analyze email address attributes in real-time to identify potentially fraudulent email credentials.

Compliance Solutions: Protect your organization against fraud, money laundering, terrorist activities and more.

Global Solutions: Verify the identity of customers on a global basis – increase revenue, prevent fraud and meet global compliance regulations.

Ethics That Guide IDology

We’re convinced that the key to being a great company is the values that guide our actions. IDology’s core values are:

  • We are honest in our dealings with others
  • We deliver what we promise in our business and personal relationships
  • We always demonstrate commitment and diligence in our efforts
  • We are always friendly, courteous and have respect for others
  • We display teamwork. Team members use terms like “we” not “I”. “It’s not my job” is not in our vocabulary
  • We are fair and even-handed in our dealing with others
  • We have a sense of urgency on matters related to the customer
  • We “own” problems and are always responsive. We are customer driven
  • We are “easy to do business with”

The CEO Corner

John Dancu, President, and CEO: John has served as President and CEO of IDology since 2005. During this time, IDology has grown to be a leading provider of identity verification and fraud prevention solutions in the financial services, merchant processing, payments, retail, healthcare and other markets. Through John’s leadership, IDology is recognized for its leading edge innovation in the identity space and provides its customers, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, with unparalleled service and domain expertise. John is a serial entrepreneur having previously guided Synchrologic (mobile enterprise infrastructure software), NetZip (consumer compression and downloading technology) and K&G Men’s Center (superstore retailer of men’s apparel) in their rapid growth and successful sale, including the public offering of K&G.

“IDology provides a multi-layered, end-to-end authentication solution that helps companies streamline customer acquisition, prevent fraud, and meet compliance regulations.”