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Engaging Customers Differently, No Matter When, Where Or How They Shop: Aptos

thesiliconreview-noel-goggin-ceo-aptos-2017It happens all too often. You need to buy something, and you brace yourself slightly to manage the experience. Because whether you’re shopping for skis in a store or for shirts online, part of you anticipates having to work—and sometimes fight—just to get what you want.

But every once in a while you’re pleasantly surprised as you’re served by a person (or a digital commerce solution) who delivers exactly what you want—and more—at a much higher standard than you had come to expect – a person who sees every part of the interaction from your point of view and who directs it around your interests, not theirs. In essence, you’re engaged differently. And in the process, you’re made to feel differently—and infinitely better—about your entire shopping experience. You remember it. You savor it. And you mark it as a bar you want every other retailer to clear. That’s what Aptos focuses on.

Aptos -The Synonym for Customer Services

Aptos drives growth for 500 leading retail brands with a pioneering spirit, authenticity, and a strong sense of community. In an era of virtually limitless choice, the sustained competitive advantage only comes to retailers who engage customers differently by truly understanding who they are, what they want and why they buy. At Aptos, they believe that engaging customers differently is critical to its success. It is committed to understanding every client deeply, to fulfilling their needs with the retail industry’s most comprehensive omnichannel solutions, and to foster long-term relationships built on tangible value and trust.

Aptos choose to ask in-depth questions because it focuses on achieving in-depth results, based on the best possible fit between its solutions and your environment, processes, customers, and objectives. It chooses to serve you not as vendors engaged in a sale but as collaborative partners engaged with your business. The company’s responsibility extends far beyond delivering solutions to ensuring they perform continually as intended to drive your customer relationships, enterprise processes, growth and bottom line.

Aptos choose to be guided first and foremost not by the pursuit of profit but by sound principles, so it can work together for the right reasons in the right way: The Aptos Way—creatively, urgently, authentically and reliably. It’s who they are, and it makes better solutions and stronger relationships.

“We Will Help You Mind The Store”

No part of your enterprise is more mission-critical for your success than your stores—and no area demands more in terms of hardware, software, and support. Yet, your business is retailing, not IT. To remain competitive, you need to ensure all aspects of your store operations remain up and running at peak performance at all times, without diverting costly internal resources to that task.

The answer is Aptos Store Services. Through defined service packages or customized SLAs, the company professionals will take full ownership of sourcing, deploying and maintaining your store technology and for supporting your staff—24/7—so you get the value and we assume the risk. This comprehensive service delivers your store software and hardware service help desk and maintenance under one end-to-end SLA. With Store Services, Aptos takes full responsibility for all services using governance based on the ITIL framework—the gold standard in documented industry best practices for IT service management.

No Disconnection and Endless Voice

Disconnection- You encounter it all the time, and it’s maddening every time. Whether you’re trying to call a business through endless voice menus, driving to a new destination in a maze of one-way streets, or preparing your taxes while searching for countless forms, being stalled or forced away from your task at hand is an exercise in frustration.

Aptos’ singular Commerce Platform and end-to-end Cloud solutions integrate every part of your enterprise to enable truly seamless customer experiences—no matter where, when or how your customer's shop. With Aptos, Store and Digital Commerce share logic. They speak continuously and fluidly with order management, merchandising and CRM. Orders, offers, and rewards are managed as unified processes, no matter where they originate or how they are applied. Sales Audit centralizes and validates all transaction data. And Analytics let you leverage data, enterprise-wide, for actionable insights and tighter control.

Applause And Cheers To The Cloud Era

With all of its advantages, the Cloud is fundamentally and rapidly changing the way retailers do business. At Aptos, based on recent statistics, the number of retailers embracing the Cloud is actually growing by more than 400% annually. It’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. As a retail Cloud pioneer, Aptos is now the recognized industry leader in delivering the most advanced end-to-end solutions with accelerated implementations and a faultless service record. Cloud delivery lets you predictably manage costs by shifting cap-ex to op-ex. It greatly reduces on-site IT infrastructure and the resources needed to maintain it. It enables you to focus on running your business instead of your IT, leaving that job and all its attendant risks and responsibilities to the Cloud provider. With Aptos, those are the experts who know your solutions best: the same professionals who designed them.

Testimonials That Matters Much

“Aptos is one of the few solution providers in the mid-market and lower upper tier retail that seems to be poised well to address mid-market retail’s penchant for business and IT transformation.”


The Man Behind the Success

Noel Goggin, CEO: Noel is a naturally curious person and an avid traveler, having visited 44 states in the US as well as 37 countries across the globe. He has 25 years of technology solution leadership, including Epicor Retail, JDA, RedPrairie, Store Perform and Ecovate. He is also a sports fanatic, both as spectator and player, and he especially enjoys soccer, golf, skiing and Hurling, the fastest game on grass and the national pastime of his native country of Ireland.

“We believe in doing things the right way, and we back it up. It’s that simple”