SR 20 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies 2015

Engineering Software with a vision to excel: MetaDesign

Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, MetaDesign Solutions is an agile software development company which delivers solutions to the clients of diverse fields around the globe since 2006. The STPI Government registered and ISO 9001:2008 Certified company has acquired an impressive Global Customer Footprint over the years .

When Amit Gupta, Peeyush Tuli and Sunil Goyal came together in 2007 to establish what is today known as MetaDesign Solutions, little did they know that their company in just eight years; i.e. 2015, would be winning accolades from customers and critics for their efficient solutions and hard work.The team which set out to solve the problem of poor quality Software being provided to various enterprises, has today, and revolutionized the way Software and IT works.

“We saw that there is a huge gap between Software Development and Execution. There was a time when enterprises were running into major losses and were coming to a standstill owing to bad Quality or Implementation of Software. And this is when Peeyush, Sunil and I realized that there was a need for change. We set out on a never-ending journey together a couple of years back and today our strong and experienced team has software engineers comprising of multi-talented software professionals who have tremendous passion for building end to end business solutions on latest technologies”, says Amit Gupta, VP Sales.

Designing and Developing Software Solutions which could scale up, perform and exceed expectations, team MetaDesign caters to the needs of a variety of customers that include, Startups, Individuals, Mid-Size companies, Enterprises and even Fortune 500 companies.

With Featured Services such as Enterprise Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Development for Cloud, Software Testing Services, SalesForce Development, Microsoft Development and Adobe Technologies Development, the company attends to the needs of clients across verticals such as Print Media & Publishing, Healthcare, Entertainment, Sales & Marketing, Big Data Analysis, CRM Solutions and Aviation Industry.

Expert in various technologies involved in development of Web, Mobile and Desktop Software Solutions, team MetaDesign’s developed solutions go through a tough QA/testing phase which is performed by a separate experienced & efficient QA team. After passing all the barriers of black-box, regression, load, stress, usability, look & feel and more types of testing, a high quality product which is ready to pass the final acceptance test by the client, is received.

“We don’t believe in delivering or developing just a solution for our client which can be accomplished anywhere else. We have tremendous passion for building end to end business solutions and are a team of dedicated technocrats who are committed to hear nothing less than one word for our work – Perfect”, adds Amit.

Indeed, team MetaDesign’s tremendous experience in developing robust software application for both Windows and Mac that exceeds expectations of clients and delivers on time, making it possible to formulate profitable tailor-made solutions for clients.

Solutions for one and all
When it comes to market competition with others in the domain, MetaDesign Solutions is an obvious cut above the rest due to establishing a global presence with the client’s security as its highest priority.

“We face day to day challenges like unending demands of customers and barriers to working such as technological advancements and time zone differences. But we have always shaped ourselves to accommodate the changing needs of the market and our customers. Today, what makes us different from others is our firm decision to deliver only Quality solutions which we achieve by injecting quality into the project at each stage of the development since the project’s inception”, adds Amit.

Gearing up for the bright future ahead
From Designing Solutions, Implementation and Coding to their Testing, Development and Maintainance, MetaDesign’s solutions echo the saying, ‘Clarity of vision leads to achievement of mission’.

“As part of our expansion plan, we have purchased a new office in Gurgaon. It is fully equipped with the latest technology and business amenities and the new office is fully geared to accept increased business within no time”, says Amit.

With several more plans for taking the company forward in the days ahead, MetaDesign Solutions, which acquiredmobile gaming company from Coenders Studios (based out of Netherlands, Europe), through an online merger MDS transformed its Paintball game from concept development to life like 3D game, is sure to continue emerging victorious in all its endeavors.

Client Testimonials
“Our development experience with MetaDesign Solutions has been fantastic. They have adapted flexibly to our needs. When we needed to take our project into a different direction they changed gears and moved into the direction we needed to go… “
Raffael Jacoby, Co-Founder, Expert-Communication

“I feel sick when I am unable to point finger at someone. Alas! MetaDesign Solutions makes me feel sick by giving me no scope to point a finger at their work.”-John Christ, CTO, Brisbane

The Leadership Team
Sunil Goyal, MD & CEO
Mr. Sunil Goyal is the owner & holds the position of CEO and Managing Director at MDS. He is a multipreneur with ownership in multiple business in Healthcare & IT Domain.

Amit Gupta, VP Sales
B.Tech from Delhi College of Engineering, 12+ Years of experience in Software Development. Mr. Gupta is responsible of defining the road map for all innovation and marketing.

Peeyush Tuli, Chief Technology Officier
B.Tech from Delhi College of Engineering, 13+ Years of experience in Software Development.
Mr. Tuli is heads the software engineering development and research at MDS.

Shalini Agarwal, COO
Shalini plays the key role in managing the day-to-day operations of MDS. She is masters in computers and having 10+ years of experience in managing IT & Software Company Infrastructure.

“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering. When you finally get done and get to appreciate what you have done it is like a part of yourself that you’ve put together. I think a lot of the people here feel that way.” - Bill Gates