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Enrich Your Mind in Style with Virtual Personalized Learning: Jigsaw


“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” – Alfred Mercier

Trying to break the social norms set for learning. Jigsaw, an Atlanta based company, designed its virtual environment specifically for training and education focusing on the unique characteristics of learning. Jigsaw spent about 4 years developing technology that allows immersive personalized learning in a multidimensional training room.  Jigsaw launched its robust training platform in 2012 and continues to design new capabilities within the platform enabling it to adapt to the ever-changing needs of training. They collaborate with corporations to help them understand how using a tool like Jigsaw improves the effectiveness of all their training programs.

Distinct learning  techniques to suit diverse personalities
Jigsaw is a virtual training platform that focuses on the learning experience for the participants and trainers. It looks at all aspects of training and provides training technology designed to meet the needs of corporations and today’s employees.

The traditional “conference room” training is unrealistic to the national and multi-national companies because of cost and time lost due to travel. Using traditional web conferencing systems traditionally allow a single dimensional “pushing” of information to the trainees. Jigsaw provides a solution that offers the latest technologies to support and expect high levels of engagement. Multiple training tools in Jigsaw can be activated so the trainer can change the dynamics of the overall learning experience, based on what the training goals are, by simultaneously utilizing things like videos, webcams, presentations, documents, collaborative boards, white boards and image galleries. Jigsaw also allows each participant the opportunity to review information independently if the trainer offers this option.

The company offers a comprehensive virtual training platform  that provides trainers the opportunity to expect engagement, get real-time learning confirmation, work on projects, utilize break out rooms for small group work and record role playing with immediately playback capability, just to name a few of the unique capabilities. An organization can use Jigsaw in a live instructor lead training environment (VILT) or they can choose to build on-demand training sessions. The tools are many, easy to activate and the platform tracks all activities by session, trainer and participant.

Offering what the companies seek
Jigsaw has clients nationwide and is used in 37 different countries. Companies look for cost-effective training methods. Many have realized that the online on-demand modules are not effective and they need a live instructor lead virtual approach that utilizes technology to drive engagement and participation. Jigsaw’s platform lets trainers use tools geared toward today’s employees by giving each participant the opportunity to actively engage with the content without impacting anyone else in the session.

Companies need to track the overall effectiveness of their training programs and Jigsaw provides both performance metrics and engagement analytics. It offers real time learning confirmation and gives the organization the analytics necessary to determine learning effectiveness on a “participant”, “trainer” and “session” basis.

Emerging from the crowd
Jigsaw is the only solution that was built specifically for training and education. As a result it focuses on the learning dynamics by allowing individual access and review of content, providing multidimensional training tools that work simultaneously, providing real time learning confirmation to the trainer so they know, by person, who is truly learning.

It is the only solution that uses the newest technologies and offers things like “role play recording with immediate playback”.  This takes sales training, product reviews and customer service training to a whole different level because you can easily determine that each person understands the information and can not only review the products’ details but can position that product to a client.

Jigsaw is also the only company that provides the detailed performance metrics and engagement analytics. Jigsaw is about engagement, not just texting and answering a “survey” but truly engaging by using the immersive learning tools designed to hold the participants accountable for active involvement.

Clients speak
“When we began working with Jigsaw we realized what customer service really was. The cooperation between Jigsaw and my team has been outstanding. You’ve listened to our needs and delivered a solution that gives our team the ability to have great interactive sessions with our participants.”

“We’ve been using Jigsaw to train our clinicians in rural areas and to sell our services to hospitals and large clinics.  It allows us to deliver a very interactive, interesting and engaging session regardless of the topic.”

Present & future focus areas
Jigsaw is focused on changing the dynamics of virtual training by providing corporations solid learning analytics that will encourage them to invest in better training for their employees and leadership teams.

Employee and customer training, executive leadership, product implementation, clinical training, sales and customer service training are examples of where Jigsaw’s product excels in it delivery, documentation and reporting capabilities.

Meet the Talented Women behind Jigsaw
Josette Fleszar, CEO & Co-Founder – Recognized as one of the top women entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Josette has over 28 years of hands-on managerial experience in the healthcare industry. In 2000, she brought her experience, drive and enthusiasm to the marketplace by becoming the founder, President and CEO of Receivable Process Management, LLC (RPM). In August 2004, RPM merged with Third Millennium Healthcare Systems, Inc. which was then purchased by Caremedic Systems, Inc. Caremedic was purchased by United Healthcare. Fleszar has received numerous awards including being recognized as one of Atlanta’s Top 50 Entrepreneur’s in 2004 by Catalyst Magazine.

Ginger Ackerman, VP of Sales & Marketing & Co-Founder – Ginger has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare technology sales industry. She has worked in both profit and not profit organizations with experience in sales, marketing, business development, administration and operations. Her interactive management style has led sales teams to consistently exceed their sales goals. Her primary focus and sales technique is to ensure quality customer service combined with identifying the customer needs and matching them to specific solutions. Ginger’s experience ranges from working with smaller organizations, to leading multiple sales and marketing teams for large companies such as Caremark International, NDCHealth, RPM and Caremedic.

“We are the catalyst to create champions. It is our determination and purpose to provide the right platform and service to lead as the standard of excellence.”