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Ensuring Organizational Resiliency with: Perpetuuiti

In a world where organizations are perpetually grappling with complex problems like frequent data loss, interruption of services and other infrastructural disruptions, the role of IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR) and Business Service Availability technologies has become extremely critical. Any unexpected disruptions or prolonged periods of IT downtime can result in revenue loss, reduced productivity and customer dissatisfaction. Industry analysts claim that two out of five businesses that experience a disaster will go out of business within five years of the event.

Not surprisingly, organizations have made it a high priority to develop and implement reliable business continuity plans to ensure that IT services always remain up and running. With trends like social networking, mobility and cloud coming into play, the need for business service continuity and availability assurance, and IT disaster recovery is only going to increase further. Business organizations are, therefore, on the lookout for the latest and most effective technologies/ solutions to efficiently manage business service availability and IT disaster recovery.

Perpetuuiti understands the essence of Business Continuity Management and has been playing a crucial role in this field. Since its inception, the company has focused on developing software products that enable customers to get maximum value from their BCP/ IT investments. To further its objective of developing competitive products for the global marketplace, the company has recently set up a new R&D center at Chennai to create innovative technology solutions in the upcoming areas of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

What makes it globally acclaimed
Perpetuuiti’s efforts in ensuring business continuity for organizations have been duly recognized by leading global analysts, associations and industry bodies. It was named as ‘2015 Gartner Cool Vendor’ for ‘Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Management’ and received recognition as the ‘Recovery Assurance and Orchestration Automation’ Vendor in Gartner’s ‘Hype Cycle for IT Service Continuity Management, 2014’ Report. Such recognitions are an acknowledgement of the company’s innovative product features, its capabilities and potential. Interestingly, in a short span of time, Perpetuuiti has gained wide acceptance and appreciation from all fronts – customers, peers and thought leaders in the industry.

Customers can leverage Perpetuuiti’s wide range of solutions to achieve a smoother and highly automated Business Service Availability model with formalized tracking of recovery and continuity service level management. The company serves Fortune 500 organizations from across a diverse set of industry verticals such as Telecom, BFSI, Manufacturing, Insurance, Government Institutions and Consumer Products. A key reason behind such a diverse customer base is the uniqueness of their solutions.

Perpetuuiti’s products support a combination of technologies enabling solutions, built in accordance with ISO 22301 standards, for Organizational BCP Automation, IT Service Continuity and Availability Management, Recovery Assurance, IT Workload Orchestration and Automation, Real-Time Auto Discovery of Application IT infrastructure and Application Interdependency Mapping.

Addressing CIO Challenges
As companies look to do more while consuming fewer resources, the challenges of IT managers are only increasing. Most of the products available in the market today focus only on limited recovery scope and do not offer a complete solution that takes care of end-to-end Business Service Continuity and Availability Management. With business functions always pushing for faster recovery, IT managers need a comprehensive dashboard to monitor the entire recovery and reporting process, with detailed reports to enable management, compliance and troubleshooting. Apart from maintaining visibility, CIOs need to manage accountability and financial impact of disruption.

Perpetuuiti’s offerings support a combination of technologies and provide a number of unique benefits to meet the evolving requirements of CIOs and IT managers:
• Enterprise Visibility to CXOs of financial impact of any IT disruption so that Quantification of Non-Service Availability can be done and criticality of IT services can be established along with Timely Action to have a reduced Impact.
• Real-time Auto Discovery of Heterogeneous IT Infrastructure to show the current information populated onto the CMDB and Automated Mapping of Application Interdependencies in Real-time
• Business Services and IT relationship mapping in Real Time and the cascading impact of any IT disruption onto the Business Quantified with Financial Impact.

Differentiated Global Offerings
Perpetuuiti caters to the needs of multiple industry verticals and has a number of leading clients in areas like BFSI, IT, Telecom, Retail, Government Institutions and Manufacturing among others. According to Rohil Sharma, the Founder and CEO of Perpetuuiti, the main focus is on providing continuous positive benefits to clients. He says that most of the products available in the market are piecemeal solutions and are not well integrated with one another. These products do not solve the technological problems for long and can hamper the manageability, visibility and accountability of business services.

The most unique differentiator for Perpetuuiti is its flagship product, Continuity Patrol, which is relevantly different in the BCMP market as it can help CXOs make well informed business decisions with reduced RTO by enabling real-time visibility into the financial impact of a critical business service, unplanned outage or degradation of service and their cascading impact on dependent business services.

To stay relevant and deliver technology that enables business objectives and satisfied customers, Perpetuuiti believes in staying committed to delivering the best. The unique solutions they provide are: Continuity Patrol™,which enables “Live Business Impact Analysis” functionality that leverages the dependency definitions and cost data to calculate quantitative financial impacts that can be specific to a single production application, a set of production applications.

Dependency Discovery Engine™ (DDE™), which provides for real-time agentless auto discovery of application IT infrastructure and application interdependency mapping. DDE provides real-time values in identifying the sequence in which the applications interact with one another and gives the complete view of inbound/ outbound dependencies among different applications thereby facilitating the visibility of cascading impact of IT disruptions on applications in real-time. Besides, DDE supports creation or integration with existing CMDB as well as updating and monitoring of CMDB in real-time.

Continuity Vault™, which automates organizational BCM practices, response and resolution identification through mobility while performing risk assessment and risk impact analysis using results of Business Impact Analysis (BIA). This facilitates the automated calculation of Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for the users thereby helping them take informed business decisions. And, Ops-Central™, which facilitates seamless automation of the entire batch processes. These are required to run as part of the Pre-EOD or Post EOD IT Operations and processes which involve CLI/WEB/GUI/Console automation. Ops-Central also monitors and controls the resource consumption for each of the jobs and agents to ensure high availability and maximum uptime for the IT environment. In addition, a unified graphical command center dashboard enhances business experience through increased visibility and centralized management across heterogeneous IT platforms, which can be leveraged in order to reduce time, cost and logistics associatedwith more traditional IT workload exercising.

Today, the key benefits that customers are getting from Perpetuuiti are:-
• Real-Time visibility of a critical business service and infrastructure that supports this service,
• Real-Time visibility into the financial impact of a critical business service, unplanned outage or degradation of service,
• True one-click remediation of the business service through mobile devices,
• Ability to truly automate your entire Business Continuity Run Book, CXO Dashboard with Real-Time Seamless Information,
• Management and Automation of Heterogeneous Environment for People, Process and Technology on a Single Platform,
• Automated Business Services Continuity and Availability Management,
• Financial Impact Analysis – With What- If analysis,
• Automated Application Dependency and Interdependency Mapping in Real-time,
• Automated Application IT Infrastructure Discovery in Real-time,
• Agent-less and Script-less products,
• Cost Optimization through significant reduction in system downtime, And last but not the least,
• End-to-end IT Automation that eliminates the need for manual intervention and human errors.

Getting Ready for the Future
Founded in 2011, the company has taken long strides has come a very long way in such a short span of time. Research Fox positioned Perpetuuiti as a Leader and a Disruptive Force in mid-market and SMB DRaaS providers from the Asia Pacific region in 2014. CEO Rohil Sharma says, “In the initial stages, we faced some hiccups due to limited funds, but with this great pool of resources we managed to override the challenges and established a leadership position in this domain. Of course, to cope with the ever-changing environments and evolving challenges in this area, we keep innovating to ensure we are abreast with the latest technological advancements. Our business strategies, go-to-market strategy, product scope and features are all defined and redefined to ensure we are with/ahead of the market trends and technological innovations and requirements. Till now we have been very successful in delivering the Best-in-Class solutions by adapting ourselves completely with the changing business environments and evolving technologies.” he adds.

As an enterprise software product company, Perpetuuiti will continue to innovate and keep abreast with the emerging trends in the industry. By delivering solutions that best fit the business scenarios of the time, the company hopes to achieve its goal of creating satisfied customers.

“Continuously striving to ensure that your business always remains up and running with the most reliable and updated Business Service Availability/IT Recovery solutions”

About Perpetuuiti
An INTEL Capital PORTFOLIO COMPANY, Perpetuuiti is a global enterprise software company focused on building Software products that address Business Service Continuity and Availability Assurance, Orchestration and Automation challenges for On-Premises or Cloud Deployments.

Perpetuuiti’s product family supports a combination of technologies enabling solutions (built in accordance with ISO 22301 standards) for Organizational BCP Automation, IT Service Continuity and Availability Management, Recovery Assurance, IT Workload Orchestration and Automation, Real-Time Auto Discovery of Application IT infrastructure and Application Interdependency Mapping. Perpetuuiti’s solutions have been well-accepted and appreciated by customers, major System Integrators, Cloud Service Providers, Hosting services Providers and Consultants. Since inception, the company and its products have been receiving Industry Recognitions by leading Global Analysts, Forums and Entities. Perpetuuiti is named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Business Continuity Management & IT Disaster Recovery Management for 2015 and also is included in Gartner HYPE CYCLE 2014 Report on IT-SCM.

Perpetuuiti has a significant global presence with offices in USA, INDIA, SINGAPORE and UAE. The company’s customer base comprises Fortune 500 organizations from a diverse set of industry verticals such as Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance and Consumer Products. To know more, please visit www.ptechnosoft.com