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20 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2015

Enterprise Cloud Expertise For Small Business IT Budgets: Direct iT

david-javaheri-president-ceo-direct-itMost Small IT Companies Struggle In The Cloud

One way businesses move to the cloud is to purchase cloud-based versions of their applications directly from their software vendors; this is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. The other way businesses move to the cloud is to use virtual servers and networks hosted in the cloud; this is the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model.

Both models challenge small business IT vendors; with SaaS, applications are run, maintained, and supported directly by the application vendor, leaving little need for IT. IaaS, on the other hand, requires extensive IT management and support, but is also still very costly compared to old fashioned small business client-server networks, leaving little profit opportunity for IT vendors.

Direct iT Knows Which Cloud Solutions Make Sense

Many companies want to rush to the cloud without understanding it. Some cloud solutions offer incredible cost savings – but other cloud solutions cost far more than the traditional

client/server networks they are replacing.

Some cloud solutions don’t have a real working backup or have other severe security and reliability issues.Direct iT in Boston, Massachusetts has been designing, maintaining and selling cloud solutions for 8+ years: Direct iT has learned to help its clients separate the hype from the reality.

Direct iT:  A Cloud Product Company

“We are not just an IT Company, we are also a product development company- most IT companies are middle-men reselling tools and products from third parties. By having our own product development division, we are able to develop many of our own tools and products that offer cost savings and other advantages over our competitors. Also because we have been developing, selling and maintaining SaaS and cloud solutions for years, we have a lot more understanding of all sides of the cloud equation” says David Javaheri, President & CEO of Direct iT.

The company launched its first cloud-based product in 2007, a document management solution called My Efact: Paperless Office.

Direct iT also offers cloud-based backups, disaster recovery, antivirus, network monitoring, private clouds, and complete cloud hosted network solutions.

Direct iT: Affordable iT Services Since 2004

Direct iT was founded in 2004 with one goal: bringing enterprise IT solutions to small business at small business prices. Since then, they’ve continued to grow in good and bad markets.

“Our core product is a monthly- billed network support and maintenance program called RemoteNet.

RemoteNet acts like a fully functioning IT department for smaller companies without their own IT, or as a supplemental program for IT departments that need expert help with monitoring, updates, backups, and network projects”, adds David.

Direct iT began with an experienced team of IT industry veterans who felt there was a better way to deliver IT services and started developing its BlueBox network management system – a system which has evolved to handle monitoring, encrypted offsite backups, network inventories and documentation, and many other advanced network management features.

Direct iT has grown by leaps and bounds and serves clientele such as attorneys, nonprofits, insurance companies, manufacturers, accounting firms and other small businesses.

Guided by technology innovation focused on reducing cost and increasing reliability,

Direct iT empowers its clients to aim for reliable, cost effective and standardized solutions, instead of trying to be ‘early adopters’ of new technology.

Direct iT Going Forward

Under the guidance of its key executives- David Javaheri, Patrick Engelman and Carlos Rodrigues, Direct iT continues to develop new cloud solutions and invest in their three datacenters.

Client Testimonials

“For the past 5 years I have been the sole IT person in my company and have over 150 users accessing our internal and hosted applications. Direct IT and the RemoteNet program have helped me focus more on growing the technology within the business and less on the day to day IT. The response time to issues, both internally and for my clients, is extremely efficient. We have also engaged Direct IT in many IT projects including building a VMWare Server environment in which they host and maintain. We will continue to include them on any IT projects going forward whether to bounce ideas off or actual implementation. Overall we are very satisfied with the professionalism and knowledge of the Direct IT staff.”– Chris Fay, Physicians Resources, Ltd Chief Information Officer.

“Twice in a twelve month period Direct IT came to our rescue with superior service on short notice. The first was a 30 day period during which Direct IT provided onsite Network & PC Administration to fill the gap left by an employee who resigned. The second was an extensive 3-month project during which Direct IT worked tirelessly to replace 250 old computers. In both cases, and in every instance during the last 2 years, their service, knowledge level and response time has been outstanding! I highly recommend Direct IT and their skilled engineers for exceptional service”. –  Linda A. Deane,  Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, OLD COLONY YMCA