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Enterprise Ecommerce Grocery Solution for Supermarket Chains and Large Single Stores: My Cloud Grocer

thesiliconreview-yehuda-vernik-dan-dashevsky-founders-cto-coo-mycloud-grocer-2017In the consumer packaged goods industry, change has been more evolutionary than revolutionary, but digitalization is redefining what it means to “go” shopping. Lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring. Shoppers are growing accustomed to the benefits of digitalization in other retail settings and are beginning to expect them in grocery as well. From the steady rise of mobile grocery shopping to the proliferation of online grocers, online grocery is experiencing rapid change that is transforming the industry.

My Cloud Grocer (MCG) provides comprehensive end-to-end e-grocery solutions, from the customers’ shopping experience to payment processing, logistics and delivery.

The Company was set up in 2012 with a mission to help brick-and-mortar supermarkets bring their products and services online into the digital space to help its consumers shop for groceries from their homes or offices, have them delivered or pick up in a store. MCG team leverages many years of experience in enterprise platform technology as well as retail operations.

Industry’s Stumbling Blocks Addressed

The main challenge of grocery ecommerce industry is to make the online shopping easy, intuitive, and fast for the consumers and streamline order fulfilment for supermarkets.

Supermarkets need to create a seamless experience for their customers, whether they shop in brick-and-mortar stores or online. Customers shop online to save time, the site has to be very fast, and according to Google, Stores using My Cloud Grocer’s platforms have average page load time of only 0.2 seconds. Once online orders are received, stores need to have proper tools to fulfil these orders quickly and efficiently. How the items should be organized? Which route should the personal shopper take to fulfil customer’s order? MCG has the technology that supports personal shoppers’ journey with the route optimization and product locator. Furthermore, the company tackled order delivery challenges by releasing a delivery module a couple of months ago that optimizes the delivery route. Integrated with GPS, it sorts orders marked for delivery and guides drivers on the most optimal route taking traffic in consideration.

Distinguishing Factors Worthy of Note

Employee-Centric: The Company hires the top talent in the industry, whether it’s a software developer, product photographer or image editor. MCG employees enjoy a very pleasant and productive working environment. Having a great work culture motivates them to be more productive and provide a top-notch service, and as a result, My Cloud Grocer’s clients are very happy and feel confident recommending the company to their peers, business associates, and friends. These client referrals have been and continues to be the primary reason for company’s growth.

Passion for Innovation: My Cloud Grocer has a long term vision. The company creates a culture of innovation, rewarding employees’ inputs and carefully listening to their new ideas. MCG is always on a look out for new platform features not only to improve online shopping but also to improve the efficiency of fulfilment of online orders. The company very much appreciates its clients’ feedback and suggestions for improving platform features. 

The Roadmap Ahead

The company is releasing a new shopping app with a unique barcode scanning feature. Shoppers can place into their carts any product that they are running short off by just scanning the barcode of the item in their pantry or refrigerator. Moreover, when an in-store customer is looking for a particular product and is not sure in which aisle it is, the same app quickly finds the location of the product, hence eliminating the need for customers to look for sales associates. MCG targets to grow not only in the US and Canada but in global markets as well. 

Clients Experience

“The team at My Cloud Grocer is great to work with. We run a busy supermarket in Brooklyn, so we appreciate the fully managed aspect of their program. We get plenty of compliments on the website, and our sales keep growing. The number of customers shopping online increases each month, and the average basket size increases as well. We’re happy we decided to get our grocery store online, and we’re happy we decided to work with My Cloud Grocer.”- Sam Gluck, Owner, Breadberry

“We are constantly receiving compliments on the ease of use and the ultra-fast loading speed of our website. It is also worth mentioning that when issues come up, My Cloud Grocer’s team is on top of their game and handle every situation professionally and expeditiously.”- Mayer Gold, CEO, Seasons Supermarkets 

“Some functions of the site are something I have never seen before in any other SAS platform out there, very seamless and easy to use. They are constantly working on and developing the software yet we have not seen any downtime, site has not crashed on us once. I would definitely recommend My Cloud Grocer.”- Aaron Pinson, Director of online sales, Western Kosher

The Founding Duo

Yehuda Vernik, Founder and CTO:

“What makes MCG different is that we focus on quality of our product and services. Our clients’ 5 star reviews reflect our commitment to our clients and attention to details.”

Dan Dashevsky, Founder and COO:

“Our employees are not just experts in their respective fields, they are our family and care very much about each and every one of our clients.”

“Independent study conducted by Brick Meets Click, had revealed that My Cloud Grocers’ clients enjoy highest weekly online sales as well as highest average online basket sizes in the industry”

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