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50 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch 2016

Envisage Information Systems: “We are one of the largest software development company serving customers exclusively.”


We have been immersed in the web based e-commerce arena for over 15 years, assisting in the building of business-to-business and business-to-end-user technologies for our clients.”

Envisage Information Systems is one of the largest software development companies providing web, common remitter, and workflow solutions for the retirement industry. Since 1995, Envisage has been exclusively serving mid- to large-scale record keepers and financial companies. The company offers licensed product solutions, as well as custom software development and systems integration expertise to their clients.

Originally, the company was formed in 1990 by Steff McGonagle and Robb Jetty to provide custom programming services and off-the-shelf business solutions for vertical and horizontal markets in the greater New York State area. Initially, they have done work for small local companies, not-for-profits and large multi-national organizations. But gradually, the company grew by providing long-term cost-effective solutions for their clients. As a result, the majority of their clients have been with them for over ten years. Over the years, the company has been immersed in the web based e-commerce arena for over 15 years, assisting in the building of business-to-business and business-to-end-user technologies for clients.

25 years of partnering with financial firms and designing solutions to complex problems has taught the makers of Envisage that there is rarely a one-size-fits-all technical solution to address the challenges retirement plan providers, plan sponsors, recordkeepers and Advisors face. At Envisage, they have developed a flexible set of products that together or separately will fill technology gaps and solve client’s end-to-end business processes. The company has brought many laurels to its hat; they have been named as one of Central New York’s “Top 10 Best Places to Work in CNY” by the CNY Business Journal. Envisage has also been recognized on the Inc. 5000/500 the past three years, and is anticipating continued growth in the years to come.

Envisage’s Product Offerings


  • A file processing product that combines file processing, payroll file validation, compliance limit monitoring, customizable interface and rules engine components
  • Web-based file acceptance, management, cleaning and standardization
  • Plan sponsors can upload, manually enter, copy and modify prior payroll files online
  • Aggregate multiple files en masse and map fields to create custom forms
  • Save and store custom form configurations for repeated use
  • Extensive set of validations performed to ensure data accuracy and integrity
  • Provides an interactive, online mechanism for sponsors to review and correct errors prior to submission
  • Significant flexibility around what data and validations to accept, warn, or reject, configurable down to a per client, per file type basis as needed
  • Approaching deadline and overdue user notifications
  • Provides value to the sponsor while protecting your internal systems from bad data


  • Using a proprietary matching algorithm Pixus is able to match advisors with individuals based on behavioral likeness as opposed to strictly financial or investment needs
  • Both advisors and individuals complete a behavioral survey
  • Enterprise license installation: firms purchase licenses for advisors
  • Upload existing books of business to better understand participants, grow trust and ultimately increase contribution rates
  • Match new participants to an advisor who can best help them retire successfully

Why Envisage

Lasting Partnerships- With an ultimate goal to form long lasting partnerships that promote transparency and accountability, the team at Envisage believes communication is the key to maintaining a successful and efficient relationship.

Innovative- Envisage applications are built around a suite of core components that are continuously evolving. The company very well leverages these components to build customized, reliable, and proven solutions without sacrificing time to market.

Industry Expertise- With over 20 years of industry experience, the Envisage team is comprised of business analysts, project managers, software developers, and software testers who understand the retirement industry.

Knowing the Leaders

Rob Snyder, President & Chief Executive Officer- Rob has been a part of Envisage since 1995, and was behind many of Envisage’s early software solutions. He has played many roles in the company, helping to drive Envisage from it’s modest beginnings to become a national technology provider in the retirement industry. As President and CEO, Rob’s goals are to ensure that Envisage continues to bring innovation to the problems facing retirement plan providers, advisors, record keepers, sponsors, and participants, all while remaining true to the core values upon which Envisage was founded. In addition to his work with Envisage, Rob has played key roles in other technology companies, including a role as senior manager in IBM’s enterprise/mainframe computing division, and taught for many years in the New York SUNY system as a professor of computer science. Rob lives in Ithaca, NY, with his wife, Nora, and four children.

Christen Marsenison, Chief Strategy & Development Officer- Christen joined Envisage in 2010. In her current role she will help develop and execute the implementation of Envisage’s overall strategy and vision. Christen works extensively with technology partners, distribution partners, advertisers and industry peers to help shape the future of Envisage and the retirement industry. Her ability to understand the big picture and act decisively to capitalize on emerging market opportunities enables her to assist Envisage in creating the solutions of tomorrow, today. Her background spans client relationship management, management consulting, information technology and business analysis. But there can be no success without a team, and it is team building that is one of Christen’s greatest passions. She steers cross-business initiatives by encouraging open communication and promotes a healthy workplace by championing team member autonomy and input from all levels.

“At Envisage, we have over 200 hard-working team members. Each one brings their own unique expertise and story.”