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10 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies 2017

Envision your organization as a truly agile, secure, digital business. Forsythe can help make it happen


Forsythe is a leading enterprise IT company, providing advisory services, security, hosting and technology solutions for Fortune 1000 organizations. Forsythe helps clients become more agile, secure, digital businesses as they optimize, modernize and innovate their enterprise IT. We do this by using both new and traditional IT effectively to meet their business needs.

Founded in 1971, Forsythe is privately held and 100-percent employee-owned, with nearly 1,000 employees in 40 locations, and more than $1 billion in annual revenues. Whether we are helping a company secure its data or envision a large data center transformation, we will do whatever it takes to help make it happen.

The Technology Evaluation Center

Challenges: Technology decisions cost time and money. How do you efficiently learn what you need to make the right IT investment, before you commit? The technology may seem great on paper, but how will it behave in your environment? Are there any hidden implementation steps?

Forsythe Approach: Forsythe’s Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) offers a cost-effective way for you to try, before you buy. Gain peace of mind by testing and comparing products, and validating proposed solutions upfront. Our TEC is an independent, multi-vendor test bed for 150+ technologies from more than 40 leading manufacturers and vendors. Whether you need to boost your environment’s security, maximize storage, evaluate a new application on your infrastructure or test a proposed client offering, you can significantly shorten your test-and-development cycle and avoid disruption in your own data center. Work with Forsythe in a hands-on, live environment—on-site or remotely. We will customize your testing situation so you can obtain the information you need to make quick, accurate decisions.


-Demonstrations – evaluate product features and functions in a real, working setting

-Bake-offs – compare customized configurations

-Proofs-of-concept – identify a solution based on metrics that address your business requirements

-Hands-on training – get yourself and your staff up to speed on functionality pre-deployment

-Network, security, storage,    systems compute and converged architectures

IT Portfolio Valuation

Challenges: Many companies experience divisive business environments with a lack of trust and poor communication between the business and IT. For decades, IT infrastructures were designed to run systems of record applications, while business units have rapidly adopted systems of engagement. As a result, new stress points have emerged in data centers, devices and infrastructures. This complexity severely undermines productivity by creeping into cross-functional business processes, thereby creating new silos, work effort redundancies and project ownership ambiguity. Until companies directly address these problems with a long-term vision, complexity will continue to weigh down productivity and distrust will build throughout an organization.

Removal of dead weight in the application portfolio is where the business value of IT comes to light. Allowing IT to become strategic instead of just a cost item and business value to become qualitative, helps make IT and the business one cohesive entity.

Forsythe Approach: Improving your IT operating model starts with the application layer. The common bond between business and IT is the set of applications delivered and supported through IT, known as the application portfolio. This bond is like a neutral zone. Over time, the applications pile up and eventually lose their financial and business value. ApplicationPortfolio provides complete transparency into your application portfolio. More than an inventory tool, it pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses in your application portfolio with the accuracy you need to succeed.

Buy-Hold-Sell is the heart of Forsythe’s ApplicationPortfolio. Our data-driven methodology reveals the true value of your application portfolio by providing instant transparency. Use the IT and business metrics that are important to establish enterprise-wide priorities and allocate capital: starve the “sells,” monitor the “holds” and feed the “buys.”

Rationalize your application portfolio, cut costly redundancies and invest in the best IT that performs against key business and IT metrics. ApplicationPortfolio shines a light on your application portfolio and gets business and IT communicating and strategizing like never before. Schedule your demo and learn how you can leverage ApplicationPortfolio to become a change agent for your business.

Meet the Key Executive

William Brennan, President & CEO: Bill Brennan is president and CEO of Forsythe Technology, Inc., an IT infrastructure integrator. Forsythe provides technology and business consulting services, technology leasing, and hardware and software products from all leading IT infrastructure manufacturers. Brennan has more than 30 years of industry experience in executive and client-facing roles.

Prior to being named president in October 2005, Brennan served Forsythe as senior vice president of sales. Brennan joined Forsythe in 2003 as vice president of sales and product operations, responsible for sales operations strategy including client targeting, marketing integration, and sales programs; sales team development and planning; sales methodology; and order fulfillment processes. Brennan also serves on the board of directors for Forsythe Technology, Inc. and is chairman of the board of Forsythe Solutions Group, Inc.

“We serve as the bridge, moving you from traditional to new IT. Whatever your business needs, we MAKE IT HAPPEN.”