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50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

Envisioning a healthcare system that proactively engages, monitor and navigates patients through the continuum of care: Health BI

thesiliconreview-koorosh-yasami-ceo-health-bi-17Health Business Intelligence Corp -Health BI, was incorporated in 2011 by Koorosh Yasami (CEO/Founder).Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Health BI is the leading developer of Care Coordination and Transitional Care Management Technology Solutions for the Population Health Management market.

Inception of Health BI

Having experience in both Payer and Provider markets, company founders noticed the lack of accessibility to critical information in a timely manner and a vivid absence of coordination across the care teams. Electronic Medical Records had already created disconnected environments in which none of the patient critical information was readily available or shared throughout their care continuum. Healthcare industry was rapidly moving towards value based purchasing and on performance based that inherently promoted collaboration across all modalities of care.  

Health BI was created to address the communication gap that provided critical information - to the primary care offices, FQHC and PCMH settings, SNF facilities, service coordinators and more in order to proactively manage their members. Health BI provides a common platform using payers and health plans that could collaborate with community providers, service providers and any other virtual care team members to manage members timely and effectively and to promote a proactive approach instead of the traditional reactive one.

The first version of Health Collaborate was launched in 2012. The first challenge Heath BI faced was to create an extremely easy to use their products, were coordinators and nurses could follow a transitional care pathways in order to proactively and efficiently manage patients post discharge activities and planning. In collaboration with one of the largest payers in the country- “We launched our product within the Medicaid line of business and in our home base state, Arizona and within months we rapidly grew and deployed Health Collaborate to 20 states.”  

“We feel blessed that our first code was extremely successful, that was introduced as new platform to the market, by which providers had access to sensitive information timely, as well as showing impressive ROIs associated to following our  program. We began in Medicaid line of business and quickly grew into Medicare, dual members and now working on adding commercial lives into our system,” says Koorosh Yasami, CEO.

Growth of Health BI

Health BI offers both a paradigm shift to move from a traditional to a patient-centric model in which health plan, providers and patients collaborates. The company worked hard to introduce new system; we have seen tremendous growth and user adoption, we have bridged a gap in the market that was created by a series of disjointed tools, both on the information technology side as well as the human factor. There is always a risk in producing another tool in the healthcare market-there is a comfort level to existing processes and a major distrust of technology solution providers.   

The team is focused on a major pain point for providers to overcome the negative effect of adding another tool into their daily operations. The level of provider adoption, user satisfaction and ROIs realized has gone beyond their dreams. The amount of trust that some of the largest organizations in our industry have placed in us, is truly humbling and reassuring.

Honesty, Trust, Stellar Service and Hard Work are company’s ultimate vision were they striving hard to accomplish it. The entire company is committed to make positive changes in patients’ lives; they serve- transforming them to a family with a single mission. “Our products separates us from the herd, our unparalleled customer service is the engine behind our growth that is primarily driven by the word of mouth.”

Right around the corner

We are hoping to bring a paradigm shift into how healthcare is managed and patients are treated as our ultimate goal-Introducing the latest product CareEmpower, one of the most sophisticated products in the population health. CareEmpower is scheduled for the general release in May of 2017.

It wasn’t easy after all! 

When the organization grows, if one is lucky to see the organization going through the hyper-growth stage; there are ton of challenges associated with finding right individuals, identifying duties and developing policies and procedures and maintaining goals that were much easier to manage within a smaller team-“We self-funded the company, an effective bootstrapping operation that’s’ the first lesson we learned when we did not have access to a large sum of capital- As an entrepreneur, one should consider on checking the pride at the door while entering the office as for every hundred NOs there is one maybe. It’s only hard work and the eternal stamina to fight and refuse to quit that will make a company successful.” says CEO.  

Expert says “As healthcare providers, we no longer can operate in silos. We are looking at a new care delivery system where payers and providers must collaborate to better manage and monitor care for complex patients through the continuum of care.” Health BI Chief Strategy Officer 

Meet the Wit

Koorosh Yasami, CEO/President: Yasami holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science graduating summa cum laude from Arizona State University. He brings over twenty-two years of management, product development, public and private sector experience to Health BI. Before becoming Health Business Intelligence Chief Executive Officer, Yasami served as a CIO, Vice President and Product Architect and owner in various industries.

He has more than twenty years of healthcare and public sector experience in the areas of healthcare administration, software development, productivity improvement, management consulting, revenue maximization, security, analytics and reporting. 

Prior to joining Health Business Intelligence, Yasami served as the senior director of business intelligence and architect for United Health Group. Koorosh held a CIO position in an innovative mobile security startup when he succeeded in increasing the quality of product delivery while reducing cost, making the company profitable.

"We take pride in bringing the best practices, innovative approaches, and the latest technologies into the healthcare industry."