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ErgodE IT Services: Delivering Trusted E-Commerce Solutions to Clientele Globally

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein

Established with a motto to accomplish customer desires, Mumbai-based ErgodE IT Services Pvt Ltd follows an agile methodology towards projects. The company makes an extra effort by maintaining flexibility with their clients business and delivers them bespoke solutions to accomplish their strategic business objectives. Currently operating in the E-commerce domain, ErgodE is equipped with modern day infrastructure, offices and warehouses that sell more than 15 million titles in various verticals in the US market.

As technology flourishes in a fast paced vibrant environment, ErgodE breaks the barrier of obsolete and keep on adding novel technical platforms in their technical portfolio in order to cater their clients’ needs more efficiently.

The company offers an employee-friendly work culture by treating their employees with honesty, respect and identifying each employee as an individual. Acting as a responsive employer, the company pride themselves to offer a professional atmosphere in the organization.

A Shining Star in the E-Commerce Domain
The main USP of the company is being in the e-commerce domain. The online network base of the company with its business partners comprising of 40 prime online e-commerce sites spread globally ensures on-time delivery of quality services. Currently operating from Texas and Mumbai, ErgodE is equipped with modern day infrastructure, offices and warehouses that sell more than 15 million titles in various verticals. It always adapts itself to the present situation and accordingly incorporates new technologies to improve productivity and the quality of service. What makes it different is their customized selection and reasonable pricing of products and unmatched customer service.

ErgodE’s products add huge value to the customer environment by offering enhanced selection, standard prices, unquestionable service and swift delivery. Not only this, the proficient team at ErgodE strategically venture with new vendors on the go to add new products in their portfolio and give bespoke choices to customers to shop.

Array of Services Offered
ErgodE’s service offerings are not confined to a particular area; the team serves in various categories of services and always tries to explore new prospects to gratify to newer categories of services and clientele. Their product offerings range from Tools, Toys, Electronics, Pet Products to books, Home and Garden, Furniture. Presently it has three main services to offer:

IT services – Starting from designing ecommerce websites and developing large-scale enterprise systems, to deploying distinct aspect of search marketing campaigns and maintenance, the IT team at ErgodE provides an array of services. The team also assists in online marketing.

Outsource Services – As an offshore outsourcing firm, the most deep-rooted part of which is based on quality, risk management and ensuring that clients achieve quick results, ErgodE is proficient in fulfilling the diverse and customized needs of every individual client.

E-commerce Services – The Company has multiple e-commerce channels from where customers can explore a variety of products and merchandise that is on display on their e-shelves. Their channels provide huge variety of products and services which allows exploring the assortment of merchandise. It extends from clothing, personal care, car tools & accessories, baby products, books, entertainment and many more. ErgodE’s E-commerce channels include – carkart.com, cutebabybuy.com, virventures.com, dealtz.com, slickpurchase.com, lightsdaddy.com, sportsdealbox.com, groceryeshop.us, ergodebooks.com, shopshiphappy.com, zabiva.com, Toytooth.com, slickmedicalequipment.com.

ErgodE’s Portfolio Excellence
ErgodE’s incredible online portals are listed below:
Dealz.com– This online store provides the entire collection of home decor supplies.

Carkart.com– This website is a one stop solution for the all-round needs of a new car ranging from electronics to parts and accessories.

Cutebabybuy.com– Customers can visit this online store with full trust that they will get the best quality products for their babies.

Petocart.com– The best portal for the best quality pet products for aquatics, birds, cats, dogs, etc.

Sportsdealbox.com– Provides the high quality sports products with reasonable price. They claim that customer experience is their main focus.

Shopshiphappy.com– It offers a diverse category including fashion accessories, travel accessories, tablet accessories, cell-phone accessories, laptop & computer accessories and lot more.

Groceryshop.us– This online store offers all kind of groceries and the services include information about supermarkets, online grocery store, food home delivery service, grocery store food coupons etc.

ErgodEbooks.com– It is an online books store delivering books across titles. ErgodEbooks.com has books for every kind of reader.

Zabiva.com– It is an online beauty and personal care store determined to reach out to people who are need of good cosmetics and personal care products.

LightsDaddy.com– Provides the best lighting solutions for the customers. With very reasonable price and best quality products this online store is in the top position.

Strategic Plans for Tomorrow
Competing with the contemporary online websites and e-commerce giants in the market and sellers in the USA, ErgodE recently launched virventures.com, a new full-fledged website and an e-commerce website that provides all kinds of online shopping needs of the customers from automotive, electronics to books, fashion clothing to baby toys and much more. Offering some of the cheapest and affordable deals on online shopping, the company is hoping to increase their client base from 20 to at least 40, in the upcoming days.

For the days ahead in business, team ErgodE is also looking forward to expand its scale of international distribution and open up more domain vertical websites, besides making plans to multiply its revenue by three times by next year in the e-commerce domain. So far, they have been successful in expanding the employee’s base to 200 in a year and promises to keep on doing as such for the next 5 years.

“With our technical resource expertise, we make our IT systems very user-friendly for our clients to use it without any inconvenience.”

Meet the Leader

Rupesh Sanghavi, CEO– Proud owner of a successful eCommerce company, Rupesh carries 7+ Years of Strong Experience in Automation, Simulation, Optimization and Development of Software in Oil & Gas, Process and Chemical Industry. Very Proficient in SQL & C# Programming, Rupesh is versed with C/C++, Visual Basic, VBA, TCL, XML, ArchestrA, InTouch, SuiteVoyager, Active Factory, InSQL and Crystal Reports. An excellent team player with good communications skills, he has worked with Industry Software Leaders like AspenTech, Wonderware, SIMSCI, and ESSCOR.

He has worked on Wonderware Automation test project that reduced testing cycle from three man weeks to two machine hours.