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Experts in Dialysis Care and Renal Disease Management: DCDC


Deep Chand Dialysis Centre (DCDC) is the leader in Dialysis Care and Renal Disease Management.DCDC is one of the most trusted institutions in Dialysis care delivery in Delhi/NCR and rapidly expanding to establish a wide network in all formats. As an epitome of trust and compassionate care, the chain of Dialysis care always strives to excel with world-class technology and expertise and aspires to bring to the community largest network of state of the art Haemodialysis facilities, dialysis centers sans comparison in India, under the banner of DCDC.

Teamed with state of the art equipment, RO system, and support on lifestyle management, up-keeping the tradition of patient centricity and care, it provides quality treatment in a shorter time without any compromises. Add to this a hygienic, homelike environment to make it the best in renal care. Along with Dialysis, DCDC also endeavors to bring forward special services to support patients in organizing their lives better.


With a proven track record of excellence, DCDC has cultivated both trust and respect amongst the patients lending itself to tremendous brand pull. DCDC has a slew of customizable solution suited to the needs of the Hospitals enabling them to focus on their core activities while leaving the dialysis part into the hands of professionals.

The DCDC Advantage:

  • Higher Inflow of patients resulting in growth in the number of dialysis sessions per month
  • Increased admissions from its partnercenters
  • Increase in cross referrals
  • Cost Savings
  • Best in Class Infrastructure
  • Increased patient care via set SOPs and Protocols including its very own
  • Zero Infection Protocol (ZIP), trained staff, latest technology and state of the art infrastructure
  • Proven track record through the maximum number of satisfied partnerships with Departments in Hospitals

India’s First Dialysis Institute

DCDC is the first dialysis institute in the country to offer home hemodialysis to patients at an affordable cost and with no initial investment Evidence from well-planned research studies clearly proves that home hemodialysis patients live longer than patients treated in a dialysis center. There is also good evidence that the quality of life of these patients is much better.

Home hemodialysis is just a call away. All one needs is to make a call and DCDC will set up everything. The company has made it mandatory for patients to keep their parent nephrologist in the loop. Monthly follow up visits to their parent nephrologist are mandatory. DCDC Dialysis Service provides a complete solution to get dialysis at home at an affordable cost.

Services Offerings

Dialysis on Wheels is a specialized service designed for patients and nursing homes that do not have a dialysis setup of their own. A specially equipped Ambulance fitted with all the medical equipment is at patients’ service to perform dialysis at the desired location in the presence of trained paramedical staff.

DCDC has exclusive partnerships with market leader Baxter India Pvt. Ltd. In providing the required consumables for PD. Apart from this, DCDC also provides round the clock medical support such as telephonic consultations, training for performing exchanges, nursing support both Incentre and at home, as well as all required operative procedures such as catheter insertions.

Nephrology Consultations & Transplant Clinics: The company provides a top-notch team of specialists for any Nephrology consultations. DCDC Nephrologists will be its clients’ friend, philosophe, and guides through patients’ entire journey of ESRD.

Preventive Nephrology: Early detection and determination of causes and timely treatment can prevent the onset of ESRD.

Home Comfort / Dialysis Spa: DCDC believes that its work begins from the moment the patient starts his journey from his home to the dialysis center for his routine dialysis session.

Incentre Hemodialysis: Hemodialysis (HD) is one of the available treatments for ESRD that utilizes a dialysis machine to purify the blood. In hemodialysis, the blood flows through an artificial kidney or dialyzer with the help of a dialysis machine that filters away the waste products.

Meet the Dynamic Leader                                                                       

Mr. Aseem Garg, Co-founder & Promoter: Aseem is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Post his MBA, Aseem has worked with The National Kidney Foundation, Singapore. NKFS has a network of over 24 dialysis centers in Singapore treating over 2400 plus patients annually and is the undisputed leader in dialysis services technology in the Asian region. Aseem was part of the internal consulting group at NKFS and reporting directly to the CEO. Aseem came back to India to embark on the path of social entrepreneurship in order to build a quality health care model in India.

In a very short time, DCDC has been able to gain a leadership position in India. Aseem has been able to attract meritorious team members because of his vision and leadership skills as well as forge important partnerships to provide growth to the company.

“With standardized dialysis protocol, well trained renal professionals, and backend technology procedures, ‘DCDC’ brings reliable, safe, effective dialysis with meticulously designed services.”