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20 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2015

Facilitating business growth through cloud technology: Zoom Video Communications


Video meetings are the most efficient means of collaboration in the business world. There is no doubt that video collaboration technologies provide the fastest, easiest and clearest way to communicate with colleagues or clients. Not surprisingly, video conferencing services have been adopted by small and enterprise businesses alike.

To provide fast and user-friendly tools in a competitive market, service providers must continuously innovate technologies to satisfy client expectations. Zoom has excelled at just that: building fresh, innovative products that transform meetings into collaboration experiences.   Founded by Eric S. Yuan and other experienced leaders and engineers from Cisco WebEx, Zoom started its journey as a video conferencing provider in 2011. Its goal is to become an industry leader by offering the highest quality services at affordable prices.

Meeting Customer Needs

Zoom’s team is uniquely positioned to become market leaders in the real time collaboration market as clients are increasingly seeking cloud-based, mobile-friendly video conferencing. Zoom’s cloud video engine is the key to offering the best user experience to Zoom’s clientele. The company has solutions that meet the needs of SMB and large enterprise businesses, high tech firms, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions.

Full Collaboration Suite

Zoom integrates video conferencing, online meetings, and group messaging into one simple platform. It not only exceeds the customer’s needs for a secure and high quality platform; it also helps customers avoidthe cost of deploying multiple solutions from different vendors.

With HD video and the industry’s only iOS app sharing, Zoom provides the best screen sharing and mobile experience.

Zoom’s suite of collaboration products includes:

  • Zoom Cloud Video Conferencing
  • Zoom Cloud Room Connector (for H.323/SIP room system integration)
  • Zoom Meeting Connector (for on-premise or Hybrid Cloud service)
  • Zoom Rooms (the world’s only software-based conference room system)
  • Zoom Video Webinar (up to 25 video panelists presenting and sharing with up to 3,000 viewers)

A Cut Above the Rest

With the most experienced team working tirelessly on its technology, Zoom has built its own high-quality custom video and screen sharing engine. The company also offers its clients various unique features such as mobile screen sharing, Zoom Rooms, and mobile collaboration with co-annotation.

Zoom provides various securityfeatures such as AES 128 encryption and single sign-on to protect its customers’ data.

Most importantly, the clients say it all. Their level of satisfaction with Zoom’s product quality and reliability, and the company’s commitment to customer service make it stand out among other providers. As demonstrated in the testimonials below, Zoom gives the best experience to their clients. It never compromises on their satisfaction, and that’s what makes it a truly great collaboration solution provider.

Client Testimonials

“At BAYADA, we use Zoom Rooms in our conference rooms to connect our dispersed offices acrossthe US. We also make great use of the chat feature in Zoom Video Conferencing to stay connected internally.”– Dennis Vallone, Network Administrator, BAYADA

“With Zoom we have seen a huge increase in video calling at a dramatically lower cost. Zoom’s easy-to-use platform has enabled fast adoption and it even decreased our IT support calls. If we ever have the slightest issue or question, Zoom’s support team is always just an instant meeting away. I recommend Zoom to any company that wants a true business-grade collaboration platform.”– Leo Gomez, AV Systems Engineer at SolarCity

“As a global provider of logistics and freight forwarding services, JAS Worldwide has hundreds of offices located around the world. In order to provide the very best service to our customers, our regional teams must collaborate on a routine basis. Zoom allows JAS to conduct planning, coordination, and training sessions in an interactive and highly cost-effective manner. Zoom is changing the way our global team members communicate.”– Dan Snodgrass, Global Marketing Manager, JAS Forwarding Worldwide, Inc.

“Using Zoom has easily saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses for my practice. As just one of many examples, I prepared a witness in London who is an executive in a major international corporation. Typically, I would have to fly to London, take my documents, sit down with the witness, and prepare him for testimony. Instead, the witness was able to meet with me from a tablet through the Zoom app. He was in his office in London, I was in my office in Los Angeles, and I was able to help him review the documents. The entire process took roughly three hours. It would have otherwise taken three days to do a long trans-Atlantic trip, costing about $50,000.”- Paul Kiesel, Partner, Kiesel Law LLP