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30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016

Facilitating Knowledge-Sharing and Better Decision Making, Enterprise-Wide: Adaptive, Inc.


“Founded in 2002, Adaptive, Inc. provides solutions that yield consistency, traceability, uniformity and lineage for both structured and unstructured information across both Small and Big Data domains.”

Companies today are faced with an explosion of the amount, complexity and importance of enterprise information. And, without a complete understanding of how that information is created, defined, managed and consumed— otherwise known as metadata — an organization’s ability to meet external compliance reporting demands and optimize business performance is severely undermined. Adaptive, Inc. exists to help organizations realize that they do not need to reinvent themselves, rather, they can benefit from leveraging what they have in the most optimal manner to provide a knowledge management asset that facilitates reuse, analytics and compliance throughout the organization.

With experience and expertise in providing data governance, metadata management and enterprise architecture solutions in the presence of varying business drivers, Adaptive helps clients across the vertical spectrum capture their landscape in a sustainable way, with a special focus on providing data governance for data retention, data privacy, security and data compliance related capabilities.

Today, Adaptive supports the growing needs of the market by partnering with consulting and integration firms with coverage in North America, Europe and Asia; expanding into Latin and South America later in 2016. The company plans to continue focusing on providing data governance enablement for Big Data initiatives working with the major technology vendors in the market leveraging the “Adaptive Way” approach to value proposition.

Market Positioning
Adaptive is well positioned in the market due to its extensive knowledge and years of experience on how to harvest and parse metadata for complex analytics, governance and reporting. The Adaptive platform provides the capability to plug-and-play into the existing IT landscape and provides value from day ONE. The company provides an insurance policy for organizations to manage their data assets in the most optimal manner leveraging the expertise of data stewards, business analysts, and technical users.

Adaptive provides a web-based robust platform that plugs into the existing IT landscape enabling proper data governance in a timely fashion. It allows organizations to “Adapt” to their current processes leveraging complete interoperability with the Microsoft suite enabling users to “connect the dots” promoting data governance and best practices.

Creating Simplicity out of Complexity
Adaptive helps large organizations solve problems of data governance, metadata management and enterprise architectures. When any business or organization sets about building and managing ‘systems or record’ (like for financials, customers, products, staff, market events and so), they are also increasing the complexity of data warehouses, designs, models, and controls in their business. And typically the company engages with clients to first and foremost help them understand WHERE their data is stored, WHAT it means, HOW it flows (or is blocked) and putting proper meta tags to properly understand risk, privacy, retention and compliance related analytics and governance on a holistic scale. This is really what ‘metadata management’ is all about. Think of the metadata in an organization as an informal ‘system of engagement’. It sort of glues all the physical, logical and conceptual elements together. And yes, its traceable, its governable, has a definite shape and logic to it, once it is all centralized in a repository. Adaptive, Inc. is one of the few technology companies that can help clients ‘refine’ the metadata (crude oil) of business into high octane business process improvements – not just in IT but all the way up to the C-Suite decision makers.

Adaptive has a high percentage of clients in the financial services sector due to the compliance mandates that dictate end-to-end data lineage analytics and reporting. Some of its big clients are T Rowe Price, GE Capital, TD Ameritrade, Bank of America, Penn National Insurance, General Accounting Office (GAO), KPMG, Deloitte & Touche, Westjet, etc.

Client Testimonial
“With thousands of data attributes, delivered by hundreds of internal and external sources and stored in dozens of unconnected databases, we saw the need for a web-based solution that was capable of integrating the multiple business and technical tools currently in use by financial organizations.That is why we decided to work exclusively with Adaptive who has helped us migrate our Semantics Repository to their standards-based Metadata Manager.” – Mike Atkin, Enterprise Data Management Council, Managing Director.

Global Footprint
The company operates in North America (out of Irvine, CA and East coast locations), EMEA (headquartered in Dublin, Ireland) and Pune, India.

Future of Adaptive
Adaptive will continue to augment its data governance platform by automating the metadata tagging for data privacy, data retention and cyber security. This allows customers to leverage the company’s offerings to govern the complexities associated with the enormous amount of data being processed by organizations. Adaptive is focused on providing real time metadata operational capabilities leveraging what it is doing supporting “Big Data”, “Internet of Things (IoT)”, and “Machine Learning”.

Knowing the Key Executive

Jeff Goins, CEO
Jeff holds a Bachelors’ degree in Finance and Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University as well as served honorably in the U.S. Air Force. He has been responsible for developing alliances with firms on an international basis, and has established subsidiaries for the company around the world. In his twenty-five plus year career in the technology industry, Jeff has led companies to a high level of success in developing quality software and consulting solutions leveraging his Data Governance expertise.

“ We transform your metadata in to the most valuable asset that your organization possesses.”