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Facilitating World Class Solutions for one and all : K2B ONLINE PVT LTD

Founded in the year 2012, K2B Online Pvt. Ltd. is a smart solutions organization leveraging cloud and mobile technologies, based in Hyderabad, India, is led by Venky Rao, bringing more than two decades of experience working across the globe as a senior executive in Fortune 100 companies including Cisco and companies varying in size from startups to Billion dollar in revenue.

The company’s cloud and mobile technology based products offers corporate customers the ability to get the world class enterprise level solutions at a much lower TCO and faster deployment for business and employee performance management, project and team collaboration, Corporate Intranets for employee engagement, customer engagement for retailers without the traditional capital expenses in deploying these IT solutions. In addition, the products are enabled on the mobile devices making it convenient and easy for businesses to rollout these solutions even when employees are on the move, not needing to procure computers and other related expenses. The company’s solutions are also designed to address the interest of public enterprises like railways and transportation companies and government-to-citizen services for the ever growing Smart City Citizen services.

A class apart from others
K2B has come up with groundbreaking Solutions and Offerings which are more advantageous and different from that of its competitors in the market. The Product Offerings of the company are-

• TeamsBond – A cloud and mobile based online team and project collaboration solution that integrates the calendaring and instant messaging solutions in an easy to use app. It also provides businesses an opportunity to create a “smart Intranet” for their employees, partners and select customers accessible on the go using their smart phones and/or computers.

• Mytriks – A Mobile and Cloud enabled Business and Employee Performance Management solution to identify, measure and track the progress against stated goals. It aligns individual actions with larger organizational focus areas in objective manner. Mytriks can be used in organizations to instantly track the performance from CEO to each individual team member in rea time. It provides ability for individuals to share their performance reports with their mentors and other team members. It is also integrated with TeamsBond solution for improved team collaboration, and provides an easy-to-use simple interfaces with personalized dashboards and reports. With integrated calendar, notification and reminder mechanism it helps users to keep track and improve the performance on an on-going basis. Users can access the solution using either computer in their offices or their smartphones while on the go.

• SmartEngage – A Mobile and Cloud enabled Customer engagement solution for multi-channel campaign management, loyalty and gift programs by enterprises that also help in improving customer engagement, conversion, retention and business interactions. “Our product divisions focus on creating products for the emerging smart world and applying consumer social technologies to the business world. They include cloud based team collaboration apps for businesses, cloud based business and performance management solution, cloud based customer engagement apps and lifestyle apps for consumers. Our advisory services span Strategy and Business Innovation, Business Performance Management, Technology Management and Digital Enablement using Cloud and Mobility, Leadership Development and Governance”, adds the CEO of K2B, Mr Venky.

Differentiated Services mapping the road ahead

“Our solutions utilize highly scalable and secure amazon web services cloud infrastructure and available both as SaaS and on premise solutions”, says Mr Venky. With a highly motivated young team mentored by seasonal executives with innovation and customer success as priorities, the team at K2B owes its success to its solid thought leadership and innovation experience that helps apply technology to solve important business problems both in case of small, medium businesses, corporates and public sector. The company whose Revenue odel is based on Licensing looks forward to leverage the IP and the platforms to build focused market places, in the days ahead.

Knowing the Key Executive

Venky Rao, Founder & CEO
Mr Venky has worked with companies of different sizes and across functional disciplines leading teams across 4 continents since 1992 and is a recognized business and technology thought leader who takes active interest and invests in advising and mentoring young teams in their journey to success.

The leader of K2B practices Inspire – Innovate – Involve as his leadership style, and Information – Insight – Influence for his management actions and before founding K2B, held technology and CxO management positions in technology, strategy, innovation and leadership development at Cisco, Satyam(now Tech Mahindra) and UST Global.

Having attended executive management programs, the alumnus of IIT, Kharagpur is a renowned public speaker who has shared thoughts at global forums including World Economic Forum i100 and is listed in the global Knowledge Leadership map, besides being an Honored Member in Continental Who’s Who, with a commendable contribution to the book “The Future of Innovation” published on innovation strategy.