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SR 10 Fastest Growing IoT companies 2015

Fältcom: Providing the most sophisticated IoT Solutions in wireless device connectivity and security

“Established in 1998, Faltcom provides solutions beyond the ordinary, all based on the customer’s reality”.

The “Internet of Things” is the new enterprise buzzword that is transforming the everyday physical wireless objects that surround us into an ecosystem of information. As it is the gigantic hub of devices storing and sharing zillion Gigabytes of personal information, Security must be the foundation bricks for IoT. Faltcom is one such company which transformed from manufacturing a niche product into to a company offering the best in class wireless device and security services.

Headquartered at Umea, Sweden, Faltcom’s initial products were elevator phones for Emergency communication in elevators. Later, the company started to develop a wireless IP router called MIIPS, Mobile Internet IP Server, aiming to create wireless connection to elevators.

Marching ahead into internet technology, Fältcom’s IoT technology created interest in other markets, such as public transport, industrial automation and security. Fältcom delivered it’s first cloud-based solution with real-time positioning of buses for Copenhagen. In 2003 Fältcom launched MLAN, a solution for wireless Internet in cars, nowadays called “Internet Onboard”. 2006 Fältcom delivered IoT solutions offering device management and a number of connected services to companies and municipalities with fleets of vehicles and the public transport sector.

Today Fältcom is Nordic leader in delivering IoT services and solutions for public transport. They have been working with M2M and IoT since it’s inception and have a vast experience and proven solutions. The evolution of IoT and M2M has just started and as they are working with open standards and a future-proof technology that is applicable in many verticals.

Product Offered by Fältcom
MIIPS is the Fältcom’s IoT platform of numerous possibilities. The platform consists of four parts that can connect to a vehicle, a building, or a system, among other things.

MIIPS C Unit is Fältcom’s proprietary mobile IP server, it is the hardware that connects to a building, vehicle or machine on the network. Different models are available depending on the context. However, all versions combine robust, maintenance-free design with reliable and open software and application. MIIPS C Unit can communicate via fixed line and most known mobile network standards. And with Linux as a base, they are future-proof and open to app development.

Fältcom’ Cloud Services
Fältcom Cloud Servers monitor all connected MIIPS devices, store the data and statistics they generate and make it available for control and analysis via a cloud-based interface. Over 30,000 devices are connected with the MIIPS Platform worldwide. They have to be able to reach servers 24-hours a day, year round.

That is why their server solution has redundancy at three levels:

  • Server level: Complete data is available on two different server types
  • Geographic level: Their communication servers are mirrored in at least three different physical locations
  • ISP level: If one ISP goes down, client can always reach the server via another

Customer Control Portal
The Customer Control Portal gives full control over all MIIPS Units, all apps and services and any external devices connected to them. Portal is cloud based so it can be accessed from anywhere, from both the computer smartphone or tablet. The interface that control and monitor devices is both intuitive and powerful.

  • Round the clock monitoring of units’ status and connectivity with automatic alerts via email, SMS
    Control of connected devices, apps and functions
  • Remote update and setup software, storage and configuration
  • Overview of connected devices and positioning on the map
  • Statistics and analysis of the collected data and use

Fältcom Back office
Fältcom Back office is round the clock monitoring of the systems and the connected devices. Automated systems and on-call for their servers allows them to quickly detect if something unexpected happens and can be put into action. During the daytime there is a personal support is ready to help if needed. They also put a lot of time on developing and updating the platform. New features are added regularly.

Offering Uniqueness
Since its inception, the company has been credited for giving exclusivity with its core offerings. Their products range differs from others, as it offers a comprehensive solution for reliable communication with the highest level of security. It’s open IoT platform allows almost any equipment to be connected to the internet. The platform comes with many common functions already available that can be used by just installing a new app. The clients can integrate their existing applications or add new functionalities when needed. Unlike the competitors with narrow systems that give less choices of functionality, Fältcom’s system is scalable and built on open standards. They provide a future-proof solution which is cost-effective and capable of handling a multitude of standard functionalities.

Future Road Map
Presently, Fältcom is focusing on expanding in the market of public transport in the UK, Europe and USA. They truly believe that as the internationalization of the company increases, the complexity of finding the right partners and the right packaging for their technology and products offerings is doubled

Fältcom’s Prospective Clients
Serving the large companies within the bus and train sector and major enterprises within infrastructure and security, Fältcom installed over 160000 units worldwide. In so many years, the company’s has earned potential clients such as Nobina AB, Skånetrafiken, Volvo Cars, Komatsu, Swedish Transport Administration and New York City Department of Transportation. The clients in return are very much satisfied with the quality, scalability and reliability of the system and the way company is helping them to work more efficiently to save costs and resources and improve customer experience and earn ROI within 1 year.

Meet the Key Executive

Mikael Långström, CEO
At Faltom, Mikael is responsible for carrying major business operations. Holding an M.Sc degree from Umeå University, Mikael has Broad competence in Mobile Communications, Telecommunications and Solutions Marketing. He was appointed as CEO of Fältcom in 2006.

“we take full responsibility for our solutions, from concept to finished product, all with top IT security in focus”