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Fast, Reliable and Secure Private Global Network: Limelight Networks

thesiliconreview-robert-a-lento-ceo-limelight-networks-2018In a digital world with no patience for slow or unreliable digital experiences, the processing and delivery of your digital assets have to be fast, reliable and secure. Limelight’s powerful edge services platform is uniquely able to deliver on these expectations by leveraging its global private IP network, intelligent software,and world-class service and support.

Limelight has one of the world’s largest, private global networks, enabling you to bypass internet congestion and avoid many security potholes. Unlike other providers, Limelight has developed and optimized its own software stack to deliver industry-leading performance over any connection type with a fully-integrated suite of software services.

If you encounter a problem, you should be able to talk to a human - and a competent one at that! At Limelight, every person is committed to delivering a better experience for you and your customer, which is just one, reason its customer satisfaction scores continue to reach new highs year after year. Limelight services include:

  • Free, unrestricted access to live technical support
  • A 24/7/365 global Network Operations Center
  • An award-winning Professional Services team with extensive expertise solving complex integration challenges
  • Responsive service and support teams with proven experience helping customers successfully deliver some of the internet’s largest events

Delivering exceptional digital experiences for you and your customers

Limelight Real-time Streaming is the industry’s first globally scalable, sub-second live video streaming solution that’s natively supported by major browsers and devices. The service also supports integrated real-time data, making it possible to create interactive live online experiences.

Limelight Real-time Streaming enables organizations to stream live video from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world in less than a second, providing online viewers with the same experience enjoyed by broadcast viewers. This innovative solution leverages the industry-standard WebRTC video format and Limelight’s global edge network to deliver scalably, broadcast-quality, real-time video streaming that can be viewed in all major web browsers without the need for special software or plug-ins.

The industries Limelight serves

Media and Broadcasters:The Media and Broadcasting industry is undergoing dramatic changes in technology and business models. To stay competitive, you need flexibility in your video delivery infrastructure so you can go in whatever direction is required to satisfy and hold onto an audience. The Limelight Solution for Media and Broadcasters provides the tools you’ll need to manage and deliver live and on-demand video with the best possible user experience to a global audience.

Limelight’s solution for Media and Broadcasters utilizes a variety of video workflow capabilities to help you:

  • Reduce your internal workload
  • Simplify video publishing
  • Reduce your capex investment
  • Secure content

Software and device manufacturers:To keep your customers happy—and stay ahead of the competition and the hackers—you’ve got to get your software and device updates out in the field. It’s useless to develop cool new products, features, security updates, enhancements and bug fixes if they don’t reach your customers. Today’s digital distribution infrastructure has to work fast and reliably. And it has to deliver thousands, if not millions, of updates on a schedule that meets your business needs.

Limelight's solution for Software and Device Manufacturers meets these challenges and offers:

  • Fast, reliable operations 24/7/365
  • Reduced complexity
  • Shift from capex to opex
  • Secure delivery

Retail and e-commerce:While e-commerce was once just about duplicating the in-store experience, it now requires so much more. Online retailers are expected to deliver personalized shopping experiences featuring rich media and video on any device, wherever and whenever the customer chooses. And with consumers becoming increasingly impatient with slow websites, performance issues and downtime have a major impact on brand perception and customer loyalty. To maximize customer conversion and revenue, retailers need to deliver the best possible online experiences.

Leveraging the power of the Limelight edge cloud platform, the Limelight Solution for Retail and E-commerce provides the scalability, performance, reliability, and security you need to deliver the best online experiences to your customers, wherever and whenever, on whatever device they choose.

Gaming:When your game is released, you need a solution that’s ready to deliver millions of copies—fast. It not only needs to scale at launch, but it also needs to flex for those unexpected spikes in demand. Equally important, your gaming infrastructure should support your video and content-sharing strategy. If it can help protect you from malicious website attacks, especially during critical launch periods, all the better.

Limelight's solution for Gaming meets all these challenges and provides the following benefits:

  • Fast downloads
  • Simplified video sharing and streaming video delivery
  • Cloud leverage
  • Enhanced monetization
  • Secure delivery

Customer Testimonies

"The complexity of managing an OTT service is pretty high. Limelight’s CDN infrastructure simplifies our workflows and allows us to focus on providing more content for our customers and driving more revenue for our business."

  • Vice President, Product & Digital Operations, Cinedigm

"The team at Limelight has a genuine interest in helping Napster enhance its service and is willing to work with us on innovative solutions. We’ve had a long and positive relationship with Limelight. They are easy to work with and very responsive."

  • Senior Director, Vendor Relationship Management, Napster

"Limelight is a trusted brand and has the best CDN for handling video in its true sense with a range of transcoding and CDN capabilities to meet our complex needs."

  • Co-Founder and CEO, WorkCast

Greet the leader

Robert A. Lento, President, Chief Executive Officer,and Director:

Bob Lento was named as Limelight’s Chief Executive Officer in January 2013 and has served on the board of directors since that time. He focuses the company on driving innovation and product excellence, improving the customer experience to create customers for life, driving profitable revenue and being an employer of choice. Previously, Bob was a senior executive at Convergys Corporation, a provider of customer management services, most recently as President of the Information Management Division. His experience spans roles such as President of LAN Systems for Donnelly Enterprise Solutions, Inc., and leadership positions at ENTEX Information Services, Inc. Bob received a B.S. in Management from the State University of New York.

“Whether you’re delivering online video, web content, application or IoT data, the experience has to be fast, reliable and secure.”