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Find Your Source of Financial Balance with brightpeak financial, a Company That Reflects Your Values


"Because life is more than money and also a lot about money”

Brightpeak financial is a division of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, a membership organization of Christians founded more than a century ago, which is based in Appleton, WI. The company exists solely to help young Christians grow stronger financially so that they may live with confidence and generosity. brightpeak is a faith-based not-for-profit organization, with a mission to educate and empower the next generation so that they can feel confident about their finances. brightpeak continues to prosper with a belief that stronger families create stronger communities and a better world.

An overview of the brightpeak products 
brightpeak offers straight-forward financial advice paired with simple solutions like term life insurance and retirement plans, to help customers plan for tomorrow and enjoy today. As a division of Thrivent Financial, the company offers paid benefit membership products: Term Life insurance, Disability Income Insurance and an annuity product called a GRP, or Guaranteed Retirement Product. brightpeak also offers a Savings Rewards Program, Student Loan Refinancing options and a few different offerings in the marriage space.

  • Emergency savings account: In case of an emergency like major car or home repairs, unexpected medical bills or losing a job, instead of relying on credit cards and personal loans, the best way to keep your head above water is an emergency savings account. brightpeak combines their Savings Rewards Program with Thrivent Federal Credit Union’s Emergency Savings Share Account to create an emergency savings account that rewards you for saving! There is no fee to open or maintain the account and you’ll get cash rewards for hitting certain milestones.
  • Term life insurance: The company’s Term Life Insurance is a simple, secure and affordable way to take care of loved ones financially in case of an unexpected death. It is customizable, trustworthy and at guaranteed rates.
  • Retirement plan: brightpeak’s Guaranteed Retirement Plan, a fixed annuity, provides a guaranteed stream of income when you retire until the end of your life. A fixed annuity is a contract between the Customer and the insurance company that allows him/her to contribute money every month over time and receive fixed payments (kind of like a paycheck) when he/she reaches a certain age in life. The plan is stable, safe and secure.
  • Student loan refinancing: brightpeak also sells Thrivent’s Education Refi Loan. This resource consolidates both federal and private student loan debt into one loan with the convenience of one monthly payment, leaving the customers with the ability to lower their interest rates as well as their payments.

Faith and bonding sets them apart from their competitors
“We’re for the people who want transparency and honesty in a financial company. We’re for the people who work hard for their paychecks and need their money to go to work for them. We’re for the moms and dads who put their families first, and want to balance simplicity with effectiveness in their finances” said brightpeak. Simply put, they are here to change the game of financial services. The company is one of the only organizations to blend faith, finances and social responsibility, resulting in changed lives, stronger communities and a better world.

Being a part of brightpeak
“I like that brightpeak’s core values align with my personal values, which is to help others in need. We are here to help.”
– Geo Yaurincela, membership services

“I love being surrounded by really smart, fun people who all feel strongly about our mission – it creates an awesome energy in the office.” – Katie Switzer, product development

Customers feel the difference
“At brightpeak, we are for everyone.” The company takes pride in being approachable, trustworthy and most importantly, real. Some of many happy clients say;

“An emergency forced me to use this account sooner than I had anticipated, but I intend to build it up again. The process of transfer to an outside account was smooth and problem-free. Thank you.” – Paula, West Virginia

“I felt empowered to start an account that truly rewards and encourages savings in a manner that I haven’t experienced before.” – Lynda, Arizona

“Staffs are friendly. Once it is set up you don’t have to think about it, but you gain confidence knowing that you are building your nest egg.” – Monica, Colorado

Knowing the Key Executives

Pam Moret, Founding CEO – Pam founded brightpeak financial, a not-for-profit division of Thrivent Financial dedicated to helping Christians gain financial strength based on one simple belief, a belief she kept written on a post-it on her computer monitor: young families need this. When Pam retired in the spring of 2015, she passed the torch on to Lisa Steffes.

Lisa Steffes, Current CEO – A visionary, strategic thinker with 20+ years of senior leadership experience in the financial services industry. Lisa came to brightpeak with a vision to take the company to the next level by making it a game-changing, rock-solid digital community for the next generation of Christians.

“At brightpeak, we are for people, not 'big clients'. We pride ourselves on being approachable, trustworthy and most importantly, real.”