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10 Fastest Growing Software Companies 2016

FitnessForce: A Uniquely Positioned Company in the Fitness Industry


“Based on our strong knowledge & understanding of the fitness industry, we are able to foresee and solve problems for our clients.”

A company with notable and in-depth knowledge of the fitness industry that is reflected in the functionality of its unique software, FitnessForce Club Management Software (Grip Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), credits itself in creating a software design that is tailor-made to excel the growth of the gym business. FitnessForce’s inimitable product design, user interface & continuous innovation stem from their strong domain knowledge of the fitness industry, which comes from their long standing association with over 2000+ top fitness brands.

Continuous research of the fitness industry over the last decade has allowed its founders to customize and tailor make the software to suit the needs of the gym businesses and that’s how FitnessForce came into being in the year 2008. Continuous innovation through technology allowed them to design automated solutions, providing ease and speed. The use of technology also allowed them to design intricacies in features based on a business logic that adds tremendous value to the gym business.

Today, the company takes pride in offering the depth of their domain knowledge of the fitness industry for the past decade interpreted in a design that is based on high end technology and innovation that adds tremendous business value to gym businesses and fitness centers.

…And this is how it Works
FitnessForce is easy, efficient and economical web-based software that helps gym business manage all their activities at anytime from anywhere. It help gyms meet their business needs without any hassles. A CRM software, with Sales, Marketing, Billing, Calendar, Dashboard and many such business oriented features, the FitnessForce software has a ready to go user friendly design which does not need any technical knowledge by the user.

Its dynamic features are carefully crafted for the fitness industry, which in return ensures ease of work along with in-depth business analysis that helps clients to scale up their operations and charter business growth like never before. This cloud based CRM software ‘Works on SAAS model’ and is a one stop solution for entire gym business.

Winning the Trust of Clients

The company adds value to its business by offering ‘Transparency’, which has helped them to earn clients trust and loyalty for the past decade. The core value of transparency is reflected in their unique performance portal. The team at FitnessForce strongly believes in continuous innovation and they often invite clients to request new features on an open platform created especially for client interaction, they can also up vote for a feature requested by another client or share their views on the same.

The company offers its ranges of services to small and large gym businesses, studios, fitness centers nationally as well as internationally. FitnessForce today takes pride in having 2000+ clients in over 12 countries which includes top brands like Talwalkars (India), Anytime Fitness (India), Snap Fitness (India), Fitness360 (UAE), Golds Gym (Saudi Arabia) etc.

The Tough get Tougher!

A common saying ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ stands true in case of FitnessForce as the company grew stronger even with challenges coming their way and looked at it as an opportunity to enhance the skills of their team. The gym industry is an unorganized sector with high levels of attrition in terms of trainers, sales staff, receptionist switching jobs, this requires their team to be on alert and continuously provide guidance & software training to the new applicant at the gym.

“In order to solve this issue, we are actively focusing on customer self service. We have launched a support portal with over 200 articles and 30+ videos that allows for easy self-learning. Recently we have also designed an in app messaging service that acts as a buddy and teaches the clients to learn about how to use a particular feature while they are working on the software.” Says Hadi Curtay, Founder & Director.

Shaping up the Future!!

The company currently focuses on 2 major areas – one is continuous innovation and moving rapidly towards mobile based technology with the FitnessForce mobile app along with the online payment service and the second is increasing the width and depth of their product line by continuously introducing new products.

Secondly, FitnessForce will be launching a new product line called ‘StudioForce’ that will be tailor made to suit the needs of small & big fitness studios and clubs starting at an extremely affordable price point of Rs.1500.

Knowing the Leader

Hadi Curtay, Founder & Director– Hadi offers FitnessForce a technological backbone with his trail-blazing skills and experience with the software. Prior to founding FitnessForce, Hadi had worked on a handful of projects, crafting software meticulously tailored for each company’s management. Curtay’s construction of Grip Technologies for Fitness Force is perhaps one of his most notable accomplishments.

“We are spread across the globe and now our focus is to enhance the depth of our operations in these countries.”

This is what their clients have to say!

“I cannot even imagine Administrating Talwalkar’s with over a 100 gyms Across India without FitnessForce”.

– Prashant Talwalkar, Managing Director, Talwalkars.

“You pay a monthly fee which is less than the salary of a receptionist.”

– Kaizzad Capadia, Director & Founder, K11 Academy of Fitness Science.

“We are very happy and most important, the support staff of fitnessforce is really awesome ..!!!”

– Abhimanyu Sable, Director and Founder, ABS Fitness & Wellness Club.

“If you really want to avoid any fraud or stealing happening at your gym Go for FitnessForce!!!!”

– Rizwan Sayed, Director & Founder, YFC.

“FitnessForce has helped us reduce our client cost and double our revenue.”

– Brinda Vikram, Director, Snap Fitness.

“We keep our clients posted with the status for a feature request made until its release and post updates on social media too thus making the future road map clear and visible !”