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Five Pack Creative: A Mobile App Development Company focused on Custom Development, Developer Training and Mobile Staffing Services

thesiliconreview-kevin-legg-co-founder-five-pack-creative-17Smart phones have become an essential and an inseparable part of mankind. Designed to simplify daily routine, we use our phones to wake us up in the morning, connect with people via social media, listen to music, read the news, watch videos, check emails, and more. As reliance on our devices increases, so does the demand for new integrated technologies. With billions of people across the world owning smartphones, everything procured on the web has moved to mobile – creating a more personal experience. As a result, developers who create mobile applications have seen an increase in competition, but not necessarily in quality. This was the reason for building Five Pack Creative, a company composed of highly talented mobile developers dedicated to producing high quality, amazing and unique mobile app experiences.

Founded in 2008, Five Pack Creative is a mobile app shop composed of passionate and talented team members with rich backgrounds in development, design, and quality assurance. Rich with knowledge, experience, and versatility, Five Pack Creative produces quality iOS and Android apps for Fortune 500’s and startups alike.

Dawning of the company

Kevin Legg, along with Jerry Beers, co-founded Five Pack Creative (FPC) in Frisco, Texas, with an objective to provide development expertise and quality service to the mobile software space. Since its beginnings, FPC has helped numerous customers turn their mobile app ideas into reality. Their full service approach, swiftly provides all the pieces of the mobile app puzzle: from strategy and design to development, testing and App Store delivery.

Five Pack Creative is also flexible in its operation, and as such, they can easily customize its approach by augmenting established teams to help its clients. This has allowed Five Pack to help many companies scale their teams to meet their specific market demands and accelerate progress in their industry. With rapid growth in its mobile staffing and custom app development services, FPC has added iOS training to their list of services by way of ALT-U, a program designed to train the next generation of developers. They also have their own product, the Hours Time Tracking app, designed to take the pain out of tracking time.

Products, Services, and Clients

Five Pack Creative’s Hours Time Tracking utilizes a simple visual interface designed for making time tracking enjoyable, and most importantly, easy. The Hours iOS application and web-based application has helped the company track, collect and analyze data for varied projects and numerous clients. When Hours was released, it eventually became the ‘#1 grossing business app’ in the App Store and has been featured by Apple on multiple occasions. FPC’s team of developers, designers and quality assurance analysts has created a wide range of products, including media, business, and entertainment apps.

Some of FPC’s clients have included:

American Airlines – It was Five Pack Creative who helped American Airlines re-write their iPad app, as well as update their iPhone and Apple Watch apps. – Known as the #1 dating site in mobile, FPC started the project to bring the site from iPhone to the iPad. Later they helped the Match team bring a fresh design to the iPhone.

The United Way – Five Pack Creative built the United Way Born Learning App, which is targeted at helping with school readiness through assisting families with early childhood education in “everyday moments”.

Playback – Created by MultiTracks, Playback allows users to create personal mixes of songs seamlessly on their iPad and iPhone. The app also functions like a song mixer as it allows users to mix and edit individual tracks.

The Future

In the coming years, Five Pack Creative has new and exciting plans for their ALT-U iOS training program, including live, online training. ALT-U classroom training is great, but not everyone can attend 5 consecutive days in a classroom. To make the training available to more people, FPC plans to add even more features to ALT-U that will help students learn to create their own quality mobile apps. The company believes in creating unique products that provide maximum satisfaction and service to customers in their daily life. “We expect that by solving our client’s problems with innovation and technology, our growth will continue to accelerate in the years to come,” says Kevin Legg, FPC co-founder.

Meet the Mastermind

Kevin Legg, the Five Pack Creative co-founder, started his career at CITGO petroleum as a Software Analyst. He quickly moved into management roles while also completing his Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He then moved to a pure software development company called Tax and Accounting Software (TAASC), later acquired by Intuit.

Kevin met FPC co-founder Jerry Beers while working at TAASC. The two would continue working together in various roles at both Intuit and Sage. After managing development teams at Intuit in the professional tax and accounting spaces, Kevin took on the challenge of making a major technology upgrade to the Sage Peachtree Accounting product line as Director of Development. One of the final roles at Sage for Kevin was Sr. Director of Applied Innovation where one of his responsibilities included running the innovation lab (or iLab) with the goals of finding new markets, products and technologies. As part of the iLab’s research, Jerry and another Sage employee ventured to San Francisco to attend Apple’s WWDC conference. It was at this event where Apple announced the opening of the iPhone platform to developers. That announcement led Kevin and Jerry’s passions towards mobile and would eventually make Five Pack Creative’s success possible.

"Our developers love to work with different teams to help create, improve, update, or fix mobile apps."