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Flexible Solutions Tailored to Your Specific Needs: InMoment

thesiliconreview-andrew-joiner-ceo-inmoment-17InMoment is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform that helps brands leverage customer stories to inform better business decisions, and create more meaningful relationships with their customers. Through its Experience Hub, InMoment provides Voice of Customer (VoC), Social Reviews & Advocacy, and Employee Engagement solutions, as well as strategic guidance, support, and services to nearly 400 brands in 95 countries.

Optimizing the customer experience

InMoment’s Advanced Analytics—including diagnostic, text, and predictive—are tuned specifically to the unique nature of customer data. This allows you to transform raw information into actionable intelligence that drives every area of your enterprise. It has spent years in tuning the analytics to meet the unique customer experience needs of specific industries.

Through its highly accurate, fully integrated predictive, prescriptive, and text analytics, InMoment ensures that you get the most from your customer data. And also it keeps you updated every step of the way with real-time alerts, custom dashboards, and flexible reporting.

Better insights from the CX data

InMoment has the analytics solution you need to extract more meaningful insights from your existing data. And can implement it quickly and easily—leveraging your existing data, regardless of what vendor is collecting it. Every component of its advanced analytics engine works in unison with the company platform to deliver actionable intelligence. No matter the source, InMoment can give you more, and better, insights from your CX data.

How you listen matters

Unstructured feedback in the form of comments is invaluable in understanding and connecting with customers. Active Listening applies text analytics in a unique, patent-pending way to get more actionable data and make the feedback process a more engaging, positive experience for your customers. When you show customers that you truly care enough to really listen, and encourage them to tell their stories in their own words, both the quantity and quality of comments will increase. More detailed stories allow you to understand exactly what you’re doing well and what needs improvement. In well-intended attempts to “dig deeper” with customers, it’s easy to slip into interrogation mode. Active Listening recog­nizes that giving feedback is an important part of customers’ overall experience with our clients. The friendly nature of Active Listening helps make feedback a positive experience in the relationship between your brand and your customers.

This is how it functions

Strength Meter: The strength meter rises as the customer types, providing a visual cue that gently encourages them to tell more of their story.

Follow Up: Follow Up presents additional questions in real time to invite customers to share additional detail. For example, if a customer says, “The staff was great” follow up will ask something like, “Can you tell us more about what made the staff great?”

Drill Down: When customers mention a word or topic such as a new product, or area of concern, Drill Down presents specific questions to gain deeper understanding. Drill Down can also trigger off of scores to get to the bottom of what a customer experienced and why they gave a particular score.

Comment Reminders: Comment Reminders will appear if a customer leaves a comment too short to contain any insights—or no comment at all—to increase the amount of actionable feedback you receive.

It is all about employee satisfaction

Employees want to share their concerns with you, but annual and semi-annual employee surveys don’t tell the whole story. Employee Engagement involves more than just “happy employees”—it’s having a heightened level of ownership and accountability in your customer’s experiences. InMoment provides a variety of feedback options from periodic queries to real-time check-ins, ensuring a comprehensive and ongoing understanding of what your employees want to share. Employee-based text analytics tuned specifically to the language of employee engagement automatically surface the most important insights. Privacy controls keep employee feedback anonymous while getting actionable insights to the right people within your organization.

Customer Testimonials

“InMoment’s analytics prowess and collaborative approach enable us to tap into the wisdom of our customers to create a win-win-win experience. Our employees win because they’re armed with the feedback they need to perform at the top of their game. Our customers win because we’re able to react and strive to exceed their expectations. With effective, engaged employees and loyal customers, our business wins in the form of real bottom line success.”

— John Wompey, Foot Locker, VP of CX and Connectivity, North America

“Employee engagement is a critical piece of our CX strategy. We’ve seen that when employees get feedback directly from members, they’re more motivated to provide a better experience. In fact, we’ve made several changes based on customer feedback that have simplified processes for employees, and in turn, our employees feel more empowered to make better decisions for members.”

— Ralph Cumbee, SVP, CXO Solarity Credit Union

Events to inspire

Feb 26–Mar 01, 2018 — Salt Lake City, Utah: You know about customer experience insights. They’re the lifeblood of your CX program. But an insight is just a building block. You need intelligence to drive progress and innovation. InMoment’s CX Elevated Conference to learn how to add creativity, action, and the ability to predict the future to move from insights to true CX Intelligence.

The Leading Light

Andrew Joiner, CEO: Andrew Joiner brings extensive expertise in building global, market-leading, high-growth SaaS organizations. Prior to joining InMoment, Joiner served as worldwide head of the HP Software’s customer experience business, a $250 million independent software business of Hewlett Packard. Before that, he led the high-growth business unit within HP Autonomy, a $1.1 billion market leader in providing unstructured data applications and solutions, focused on customer experience and marketing technology. Joiner was acquired into Autonomy via ZANTAZ in 2006 having served as founder and CEO of Singlecast Technologies, a pioneer in unstructured data classification.

“We have the analytics solution you need to extract more meaningful insights from your existing data.”