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SR 10 Fastest Growing IoT companies 2015

ForeScout Technologies: A Rising Star in Network Security

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”Jack Welch

To fight cyberattacks, now more than ever, businesses and governments are looking for IT security partners who can properly safeguard their operations in light of three keytrends:
1) increasing numbersof personally owned devices in the workplace, 2) the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon, and 3) the nearly continuous string of high-profile data breaches occurring around the world.

ForeScout Technologies Inc. is gaining widespread favor in enterprises the world over because its solutions are giving IT pros the tools to manage these three trends. In fact, ForeScout has more than 2,000 customers in over 60 countries improving their network security and compliance postures with ForeScout solutions.

The company’s flagship product, ForeScoutCounterACT™, provides IT security managers with the ability to see and control corporate-owned, BYOD and IoT devices, as well as rogue endpoints on the network. Leveraging ForeScoutControlFabric™ Architecture integration modules, CounterACT can share contextual information with other security and IT management systems, thereby reducing the problem of disconnected systems and information silos. Additionally, ControlFabric opens CounterACT’s real-time control and automated remediation to IT systems that were previously limited to collecting, generating, analyzing or storing information, thus enhancing the value of those investments.

A “Visionary” Company
Headquartered in Silicon Valley and founded in 2000, ForeScoutintroduced its first product in 2001. By 2009, the company was named a “visionary” by Gartner, and every year from 2011 to the present day, Gartner has designated ForeScout a market leader for network access control.

An Open, Agentless Solution
Agent-based security systems from leading security vendors are readily capable of detecting authorized laptops, smartphones, tablets and other endpoints. But they are blind to unauthorized, agentless systems that attempt to access networks every day—devices belonging to employees, contractors, customers and hackers. These may be everyday computing devices or USB memory sticks, industrial equipment, wireless access points, smart printers and rogue wiring devices. In other words, agent-basednetwork securitycan miss any number of endpoints that can impede operations or steal vital information.

In contrast, ForeScoutCounterACToffers the unique ability to see and control authorized and unauthorized devices the instant they connect to the network. ForeScout obliterates blind spots and does so without requiring software agents or previous device knowledge. In addition, ForeScout differentiates itself by offering open interoperability with network infrastructure, broad operating system support and a wealth of integration modules for third-party security and systems management products.

Satisfied Customers Spanning Multiple Industries
ForeScout has countless success stories attached to its profile. Targeting large enterprises and government agencies, the company has earned the trust of numerous compa¬nies in following sectors: financial, government, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and higher education. The company’s specific customers are some of the largest financial institutions and Federal government agencies, with several major contracts landed in these sectors in the second half of 2015. The company also serves numerous software companies and other Global 2000 enterprises. Here are a few samples of what ForeScout customers have to say:

“ForeScoutCounterACT’s agentless approach was key, as was its ability to give us full visibility into all devices, including medical devices connected to or attempting to connect to our network.”
– Michael Pinch,CISO, University of Rochester Medical Center

“With ForeScout, we did not have to take a piecemeal deployment because it was not inline, had agentless options and worked with our wired and wireless implementation.”
–Ken Pfeil, CISO, Pioneer Investments

“CounterACT delivered value from day one. As soon as it came online we saw our 2,000 endpoints light up on the screen. From there, it only got better as we automated the management of these endpoints and created reports and audit trails generated at the click of a button.”
– Brian Meyer, Information Security Officer, Meritrust Credit Union

“We call CounterACT the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of our information security department, as it facilitates multiple, automated security checks and compliance controls in the most efficient way.”
–Ali KutluhanAktas, Head of Information Security/Risk Management at KKB

“When it’s late at night, or when my staff is sleeping, CounterACT™ is working with our other security solutions to take immediate action on threats. You can’t put a price tag on that type of automation.”
– Michael Roling, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Missouri

See. Control. Orchestrate.
ForeScout Technologies is uniquely positioned to help enterprises fend off cyberattacks. The company’s solutions provide essential information about devices on the network and offer an extensive range of automated controls that limit device access and remediate compliance issues while preserving the user experience and keeping businesses running to the maximum extent possible. It’s no wonder so many organizations the world over are deploying ForeScout solutions.

“Since the adoption of BYOD and the early adoption of IoT, we have experienced unprecedented growth.”  Mike DeCesare, ForeScout CEO