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10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2017

Fortify Provides A Complete Managed IT Service with an Emphasis on Security by Leveraging Industry Best Practices and its Technical Expertise

thesiliconreview-jeremy-murtishaw-ceo-fortify-17The security threat landscape continues to change and present new challenges. Given the rapid advancement of Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices and increasing dependence of businesses on technologies, we can only expect to uncover more calculated attacks, on a wider scale. With so many security products on the market it is difficult for a business to understand which products are appropriate for their unique needs; Fortify was founded to help companies of all sizes improve their information security posture with best of breed products tailored to their specific business needs.

Fortify brings solutions that don’t just meet the needs of customers and their businesses, it seeks to exceed them. Founded in 2015, it is based in Point Roberts, WA. With a fun atmosphere at the office, the staff consists of 21 humans and five dogs.

In colloquy with Jeremy Murtishaw, CEO

What are the most challenging aspects of software security impacting businesses today, and how does Fortify overcome those challenges?

SMB’s don’t necessarily have a dedicated IT staff and few have any IT security resources. One of the biggest challenges we have seen is that companies may be using software or cloud resources which are not properly configured, therefore exposing themselves and their data to unnecessary risk. Fortify provides a complete managed IT service with an emphasis on security. We ensure that our clients systems have the appropriate security configurations, backup systems and recovery procedures in place, ensuring that there is continuity in the event of an issue.

Information overload is another risk factor for businesses today. There are so many different security product categories with so many different but similar products, how do they know which one is right for their specific need? It takes a lot of time to understand what each product is intended to do and the nuance between each. That’s why we take the time to work with each of the vendors to really distill the differentiators and come up with our best of breed recommendations.

Why is it paramount for companies to take apt security measures?

Security needs to become part of the culture of every company. It needs to be woven into the fabric of all projects being done –not just IT projects. Security can be a highly technical and you need to actively train your staff and test them continually to ensure that they are always vigilant. One lapse in security could cost a company enormous amounts of money, tarnish the reputation, or even cause it to shut down. 60% of small companies that suffer a cyber attack are out of business within six months.

There is a persistent threat. Between January and September 2016, ransomware attacks on business increased from once every 2 minutes to once every 40 seconds. 71% of organizations targeted by ransomware end up infected. Criminals are indiscriminate about their target. Companies of all sizes need to take this seriously or become the next victim.

Discuss your first project.

Our first client was a dental office who was hit with ransomware. Their previous IT staff had ensured them that they had backup systems in place and would be able to recover their data. Unfortunately, no one ever validated that the backup software was configured properly or was doing its job, and their workstations weren’t being patched. When the ransomware hit, their previous IT Company paid the ransom but was not able to recover any of the data. We were brought in and we successfully recovered more than 9 months of their patient schedules and all the data including their imaging files. This allowed them to continue their operations without any interruption.

As part of the recovery process, we installed new backup software and recovery processes which included validating the backup on weekly basis, implemented new Virus & Malware protection software, automated patching for all their machines and monitoring of their systems.

What are the greatest assets of Fortify?

  • Our passion for cyber security
  • Our unwavering commitment to our customers
  • Our talented team of engineers
  • Our commitment to providing the best working environment for our team
  • Our mission to be the best Managed Security Service Provider in the industry

Future Outlook

Fortify just released its Fortify Phishing Protection (FP2) to the market. FP2 is an agentless security tool which detects, stops, and remediates malware with all the sophistication of an enterprise product but without the high cost and complexity. When combined with the company’s virus/malware software it establishes a solid foundation of security for all endpoints. Driven by its mission to become the best Managed Security Service Provider in the industry, Fortify’s team strives to move forward every day, continuously improving its products and services. It aspires to expand its services offering beyond North America into Europe and Asia.

Admire the Multitasker

Jeremy Murtishaw, CEO: Murtishaw is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. His background includes work as an Enterprise Architect, Network Architect and Security Architect for many Fortune 500 companies including Intel, Disney and Microsoft. Mr. Murtishaw was the co-founder and CIO at InvisiCorp, Inc. where he led the technology development teams and developed the security systems and fraud prevention protocols. He was the founder of CyPace, Inc. and served as the Chairman and CEO while leading the development of the healthcare industries first and only Intrusion Detection and Prevention system which interacted directly within Electronic Medical Record systems.

"Protecting the viability of our customers businesses; that is what inspires us, drives our work and pushes us to think outside of the box."