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“Foxtrot, our Robotic Process Automation technology, is a solution for all knowledge workers and subject matter experts. Foxtrot is used in every industry including banking, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and even law”: EnableSoft, Inc.

/thesiliconreview-richard-milam-ceo-enablesoft-inc-17“We specialize in Custom Application Development, Microsoft Technologies, Business Requirements Analysis, Microsoft Application Development Competency, Cloud-delivered Solutions, SaaS, .NET and many more”

Microsoft solutions provide an opportunity to grow, adapt, and evolve. The technology helps to engage with customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and reinvent business models and products which include aiding you to accelerate your digital transformation and accord to the changing needs of customers and the new opportunities for tomorrow. 

Businesses of all sizes, industries, and geographies are turning to cloud services. Cloud adoption is accelerating faster than previously anticipated. Whether you’re looking at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), the predictions are the same: fast growth of the workloads placed in the cloud and an increased percentage of the total IT budget going toward cloud computing.

With the increasing demand for Microsoft solutions and cloud computing, EnableSoft was springed in the year 1995, with a goal to develop the best cloud-delivered business applications using Microsoft technology. The firm leverages proven technology toolsets and the programming skills of its development team to achieve these results in a time effective manner. In the past five years EnableSoft has delivered over 150 projects on time with assured quality. 

Start off on the right foot

Banks were buying up failed savings and loans and were relegated to entering the new account information manually.  EnableSoft was founded to solve that problem in banking and has expanded into healthcare and twelve other industries. We evolved our technology beyond working with green screens to Windows, Browsers, Excel and PDF forms while always working to make it industrial strength and easy to use.

“We serve 550 organizations including 1/3 of the 1000 largest financial institutions, 30 major healthcare providers and payers as well as organizations in another twelve industries with a single game changing technology.”

Make headway

Foxtrot was launched to enable banker analysts to script new account information into the acquiring institution’s core banking system with coding or need of support from the core vendor. The firm has become the only process automation provider to bend the efficiency curve in an entire industry. It is rolling out FoxBot technology which will multiply the power of our solution while reducing the licensing investment.


  • Foxtrot works in the presentation layer of your existing applications to integrate various disparate data systems. Maintaining business rules, Foxtrot works with and in-between Web, Windows, Excel, and even PDF forms to capture data, interpret, adapt, and respond as directed by the user.
  • Foxtrot automates data maintenance with complete accuracy, eliminating human errors and time wasted to perform data validation. Maintain data integrity by using Foxtrot to automatically update customer information, create accounts, change officer codes, update SKUs and pricing, as well as extract data from Excel, Web, or internal databases to update existing applications.

Extracted case study 


Based in Gainesville, Georgia, Pay It Forward Scholarships is a non-profit organization that provides roughly $6 million annually to fund students’ education at private schools throughout the state. The organization receives contributions from individuals, families, and businesses, which then become scholarships for children in grades K through 12, 50 percent of whom come from low-income households. Pay It Forward also has access to $58 million in dollar-for-dollar tax credits to reserve for Georgia taxpayers who donate money. The catch: The state of Georgia gives Pay It Forward that has just 24 hours January 1st of each year to enter relevant information on each of its thousands of donors into their Department of Revenue’s (DOR) online portal. 


Pay It Forward’s process for entering donor information was itself not as complicated as it was tedious. Pertinent data on each of their benefactors is collected throughout the year and stored in an Excel spreadsheet. To secure a tax credit for those donors, Pay It Forward must enter the names, addresses, social security numbers, and other data on each, one-by-one, into an online form provided by the Georgia DOR. The job involves copying, pasting, typing, and submitting a single form for each of Pay It Forward’s thousands of donors.

Because the state’s unusual stipulation gives Pay It Forward just 24 hours to enter all of this information, the non-profit has historically been forced to hire up to 30 temporary data entry workers to help with the work. The influx of manpower is onerous, growing their staff from 6 to nearly six-times that for just one day each year. It is also costly; Pay It Forward operates on just a 5 percent operating margin and much of that was spent on their day of temporary labor. “In order to get this work done, we would have to bring in temporary labor, train them on how to enter the information, manage them, and monitor their progress.” Explained Cary Sinnet, Director at Pay It Forward. 

The Foxtrot Solution

Roughly two weeks before their January 1 deadline, Pay It Forward purchased and downloaded Foxtrot from EnableSoft’s website. In the two weeks that followed, the group tested the software and wrote the scripts that act like a set of instructions for Foxtrot. Just after midnight on January 1st, Pay It Forward commenced their Foxtrot project. Working in and between the user interface of their spreadsheet and Internet Explorer, Foxtrot moved, copied, and pasted data into the online database just like a person would.

“We develop Foxtrot for situations like this and organizations just like Pay It Forward. Most small companies cannot afford to bring in temporary labor to help with routine jobs like data entry,” explained Richard Milam, CEO of EnableSoft.

"Our EPS Team will provide you with the education, resources, and solutions you may need to fully utilize your Foxtrot technology."