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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2016

Fragma Data Systems: Meet the specialist in delivering cutting-edge Big Data and Analytics solutions to bouquet of clients

silicon-review-varun-kumar-reddy-bobbala-fragma-data-systems“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.” – W. Edwards Deming

In just one year of its establishment, Fragma Data Systems Pvt Ltd has carved a niche for self in Big Data and Analytics industry that others can only desire. Founded in 2015, the company specializes in delivering end-to-end solutions right from infrastructure set-up, data gathering, cleansing and bringing the data to life with the help of certified associates, who can design, implement and deliver industry leading solutions with a quick turnaround time.

People at Fragma Data Systems interact extensively with clients to understand requirements and objectives to customize solutions with apt technology stack and by delivering the solutions at the promised time.

Currently operating from Bangalore & Hyderabad, they are open to newer locations based on the availability of Talent pool and business opportunities.

……and this is how Fragma Data Systems was born
Established its wings of foundation in April 2015, when the founders saw a huge opportunity as adoption of Big Data Analytics was flourishing in big companies across major verticals. Started with merely 3 people, in one year the company owns 16 employees. They are partners with the big names in the Industry like Microsoft, Enterprise Hadoop Framework providers like MapR, cloudera, HortonWorks to ensure that their clients get the best solutions in the Industry.

Today, Fragma Data Systems makes a difference in their approach by offering ‘client friendly solutions’, as their solutions have the immediate effect of value addition to their clients, be it in terms of business growth, saving time in implementing their go to market strategies, reducing operational risks or cost reduction in implementing alternative open source solutions while achieving the objectives.

Solutions offered
Fragma serves as a strategic partner to their clients where they consult and deliver Big Data and Analytics solutions.

Fragma’s Big Data solutions are: Building Data Lakes, Real time Data processing applications, NoSQL data stores, in-memory low latency BI tools, Real time search engines etc. These solutions help their clients to have a unified data store across their organization that act as a single source of truth, enable their BI teams to perform real time adhoc querying and analysts to quickly validate models.

Fragma’s Data Analytics Solutions are: Predictive Analytics, Customer Analytics [Customer Segmentation, Customer Churn], Text Analytics[NLP], Recommendation engines, Fraud Detection, Pricing Elasticity, Real time Visualizations and Custom Interactive Dashboards for exploratory data analytics. Through the application of predictive analytics for item recommendations, predicting customer churn, analyzing buyer sentiment, and identifying secondary markets among many others, they are able to greatly increase sales and customer engagement.

Overcoming Challenges to attain success
With respect to customer acquisition with a small sales team while Bootstrapping, Talent acquisition for start-ups with Risk coefficient linked to higher pay figures and other marketing & strategy implementations are some of the common challenges faced by the start-up ecosystem.

But overcoming these challenges has given them a tremendous confidence in facing newer ones and also in planning of their Risk management systems to cave in some of the future challenges that they have learned watching their peers.

Future road map
Presently, the management team at Fragma Data Systems is focusing hard to penetrate deeper into BFSI segment, by enhancing their Data Science & Engineering teams along with their Sales Team and Partner Network.

For a blooming future ahead, the company is diversifying their solutions across industry with the next big sector of Health care industry analytics and other consumer facing industries like Retail & Telecom who have an enormous amount of data to manage and analyze.

Client Speak
“Fragma quickly delivered a big data solution from our requirements and data. They provided us end to end importing of our data through to visualisation.” – Peter Deed, Nimbus Journey Information, UK.

“We digitize the traditional operating model of a company, gather the data sources and help them in gaining operational efficiency by analyzing their data.”

Serving a gigantic client base
Over the year, the company has only strengthened its relationship with national and international clients. Most of their current & prospective clients are from BFSI sector and are focusing heavily on Increasing Retail Customer revenue share and margins for the next source of growth. Their clientele want to leverage the potential of Big Data analytics for their business transformation from Traditional strategies to Data driven decision making.

Fragma Data has majority of its clientele in India, the 2nd largest populated country in the world with High Consumer demand, giving them an opportunity to solve variety of business problems their clients face. According to Mckinsey Global Institute Report and Gartner’s IT Trends for the year, Big Data Analytics is the key tool for many industries to grow their business in the coming years. Some of Fragma’s esteemed clients include Bajaj Finance, Nimbus Journey Information & Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles. Few more Big Names in India are in the pipeline.

“Fragma architects and builds systems to crunch data and deliver actionable insights to our clients. Our clients are now data driven more than ever, which has made our organization a valuable partner in their journey for growth.”

Knowing the Key Executive

Varun Kumar Reddy Bobbala, Director & CEO- Varun started his career at Goldman Sachs where he worked on building low latency Trading Systems using in-memory databases, building up frameworks for crunching Big Data with high availability and fault tolerance systems. An alumnus of IISc, Bangalore with an M.E in Database Systems, he has worked as a solution consultant primarily responsible in building and delivering end-to-end Big Data Technology Stack solutions.