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Froogal: Building the Bridge between Brands and Customers at Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

thesiliconreview-jeevan-chowdary-m-founder-ceo-froogal-2018Today’s business environment is constantly changing making it a dire necessity for companies to have a sensitive awareness of the situation and act fast to meet customer expectations. Customers now have a plethora of choices to choose from whether they are shopping at a specialty retailer, a mass merchandiser, or on a computer or mobile device. This makes it even tougher for firms to differentiate their brand in such a crowded space. This is where loyalty programs can offer a great solution to stand out from the crowd and continue to grow over the long term.

In a time when rising customer expectations have forced businesses to think on their feet and expand their services beyond the traditional shopping experience, Froogal helps companies to develop loyalty programs that can drive repeat business as well as build a community of loyal brand advocates.

Loyalty Programs to Make Your Life Easier

Froogal was established to address a need - a need to make loyalty easily accessible to all customers and readily available at every business. It drives revenue for brick-and-mortar businesses by collecting critical customer data, then using it to deliver automated, personalised marketing campaigns that drive real ROI. Incorporated by a team of highly passionate and goal-oriented technocrats graduated from IIIT, Hyderabad, Froogal has a huge expertise in technology and hands on marketing experience. “We’ve entered into an era of customer centricity, and yet there are millions of brick-and-mortar businesses across the globe that don’t have access or idea to understand their customers and act accordingly to retain or engage them”, the company said.

Froogal: Much Needed Solutions and Services

Froogal focuses on knowing and retaining every customer and ensuring customer loyalty. With its advanced features and capabilities, Froogal acts as an intelligent tool for a CXO of a business automating most of their marketing needs.

Froogal Ascend

  • Customer Loyalty & Management: Froogal Loyalty Engine is an advanced system where any merchant can offer rewards based on the loyalty of customer and create emotional experience to retain customers.
  • Customer Experience Management: Froogal helps merchants to collect feedbacks from their customers from and across every channel and can do 1-on-1 responding, automate replying back to customers’ feedback while offering them incentives to bring them back.
  • Customer Analytics with predictive and data-driven insights.
  • Engagement marketing with advanced automation techniques via SMS /Email /Push Notification and etc.: Merchants can run and automate all the digital campaigns based on customers’ purchase behaviour, interests and preferences to win back customers while driving revenues at a great ROI.
  • Offer Engine with mobile marketing and referral marketing tools.

Froogal Seamless

By helping businesses adopt an omni-channel marketing strategy, the company creates an ecosystem for them to enhance their sales channels across web, mobile etc.Now it’s veryeasy for any business to start selling their products and services online thereby giving a seamless experience for customers.

Froogal Consumer App

Froogal Consumer App is “World’s #1 Digital Loyalty Wallet”. It helps consumers digitize all their reward cards at one place, while also allowing them to go cashless with many other value added features.

In conversation with the thought leaders, Jeevan Chowdary M and Harshit Harchani

How is your company positioned in the current market scenario?

Froogal is a SaaS based Company falling into multiple domains that creates a one stop solution for all your marketing and operational needs. We are into CRM & Data Analytics, Automated Marketing Tools & Business Intelligence Tools.We build both B2B & consumer focused applications to enhance and ease the customer experience and improve the revenues of the businesses.

Since our product falls into B2B2C model, we have to study upon both trends in the market with respect to Business positioning and Consumer positioning of our product. We are doing a watch on different industries, starting from design to strategy and are also tightly connected with customers in taking up continuous surveys, understanding feedbacks, and improvising the product continuously.

How does your company approach product and service innovation in order to withstand the competition?

We kept innovating Froogal by taking continuous feedbacks from our customers on real-time usage of the product and also by studying different technology and market trends. We learned best from our customers that it’s not just about building great products. Great Success will come through Great Delivery and Service!

How do you maintain your customers’ trust and loyalty?

We have focused on many internal automations that really resolves most of our customer needs. Being a B2B SaaS product, service plays a very key role in getting the retention apart from the innovation. We have a dedicated customer success team, who will make sure our customers are getting the maximum potential out of the product and face no trouble while using the product.

Who are your target clients?

Froogal is expanding its business operations in India and across the globe from financial year 2019. The company will target businesses operating in brick-and-mortar format in the following sectors: Food & Beverages, Beauty & Wellness, Apparel Stores, Retail, and Auto Repair Centers.

Froogal has all the potential to supercharge its clients’ business by 200% and drive their revenues with a great ROI. Presently, the company is getting ready to expand its presence across other cities in domestic and international expansion. BiryanisTM, Barbeque Pride, Cream Stone, Over The moon, Swagath, are some of the companies that have worked with Froogal and turned successful.


Knowing the Team behind Froogal’s Success

Jeevan Chowdary M, Founder/CEO: An alumnus of IIIT Hyderabad (B Tech), Jeevan Chowdary M had the zeal and enthusiasm to run his own company and the itch to find a real-time solution for many issues and improve the customer experience with multiple business innovations under the umbrella of technology from a very young age. Hailing from a technological background, the knowledge helped him to see the obvious issues faced by many businesses in this generation; he used it to the full potential to improve and ease customer experience. He then started Froogal in order to improve and ease customer experience, which led him to become the Founder & CEO of Froogal.

Harshit Harchani, CTO: Amidst his calm and composed exterior, Harshit happens to be a genius of a human with hands-on knowledge of technology and a keen interest to be updated with every new trend in this field. He is the backbone that holds Froogal together. He also happens to be the Alumni of IIIT Hyderabad (B. Tech CSE).

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“Our vision is to address the pain points faced by millions of brick-and-mortar businesses across the globe and turn them successful through digital transformation.”