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Fueling Zacco’s Technological Innovation from India: Zacco India R&D Pvt. Ltd.

thesiliconreview-ravi-sunderrajan-md-zacco-india-rd-pvt-ltd-2018Intellectual property, for many businesses, is something more than just a thought or idea that differentiates business offerings and resources. It protects business assets that are essential for the functioning of a company’s core services and success for the long term. A company’s idea for its product or service is always prone to theft. Other firms might try to figure out the idea and then duplicate the idea to sell it as their own. This doesn’t just affect big companies; even smaller companies with a compelling and creative idea are at risk of intellectual property theft. Since 1870, Zacco A/S is helping its customers around the world in protecting their IP rights & Zacco India was created to foster technological innovation through constant R&D initiatives in areas of software development and cybersecurity.

It might seem tough to get everything atone place & this is where Zacco differentiates itself. Zacco is a modern, consultancy driven company with a 360° perspective on Intellectual Property - from patent filing, trademark registration and design protection to dispute resolution, information security and portfolio management.  The combination of Zacco´s expertise in software development, cyber security and intellectual property, offers a unique advantage when it comes to creating, establishing and ensuring the value of innovation within digitalization and product development. With 29 offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the UK and India along with a wide network of agents across the globe, Zacco is able to deliver the best-in-class solutions to its clients at a very competitive price.

Zacco India R&D acts as the centre for innovation and focuses on software product development and support from an IP 360o perspective. Zacco India R&D delivers projects in all phase right from idea and concept to release of in-house developed products in the market. Zacco India aims at fostering innovation as it feels that IP creation would be the key differentiator for Indian tech companies (including start-ups) in the near future. As organizations are rapidly adapting digitalization as the core of their business strategy, Zacco India wishes to be at the epicenter of this wave and leverage its global expertise to harness business opportunity.

In conversation with Ravi Sunderrajan, Managing Director, Zacco India R&D Pvt. Ltd.

How successful was your first project roll on? Share the experience.

Since its inception in October 2017 & starting operations during January 2018, Zacco India R&D has grown to a company of 50+ members. We have a combination of Software Developers, Cyber Security & IT Support engineers. Zacco India R&D has successfully integrated to Zacco’s culture and is able to deliver the same seamless experience and quality to the customer.

Zacco India R&D has successfully delivered many projects so far. Delivering the first project was critical and it started with providing dedicated training to its entire staff in India which was closely monitored by a Project Delivery head and Quality head from HQ.

The projects delivered for our customers in US/Sweden were in the areas of Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication (4G/5G). On the Software side, we focused on Microsoft Technologies like .NET Core, Web API, Azure and other cutting-edge technologies and frameworks like ReactJS etc.

What challenges did you face in your initial years?

There were initial challenges in creating Zacco India R&D, mainly to ensure that we in India understand the Scandinavian culture. This was very important since Zacco India R&D works on global projects. This was the reason we spent substantial sum in providing world class induction & training in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. We are extremely delighted that we are now one of the fastest growing offices of Zacco.

According to Hakan, CFO Zacco Group, “Zacco setting up an R&D centre in Bangalore, India is a strategic decision. With our operation in Bangalore we open up software and cybersecurity as an offering to companies who needs to protect their IP rights. Lot of our major customers from Scandinavia are also located in Bangalore and we wish to be close to our customers.”

Sourabh, Software Platform Manager says, “It’s really important that we keep our communication simple, clear and straightforward rather than try to impress or complicate things. While the colleagues are extremely cordial and friendly, they also maintain their privacy, and hence during our visits there and their visits to India, a lot of cultural barriers are broken and ease of working is established. While this may not be a challenge but it would certainly mean one has to be aware and maybe walk that extra mile as and when needed.”


Fostering a culture of feedback is crucial to the success of every organization. How is this true with your company?

We have a robust feedback mechanism to periodically evaluate our clients’ satisfaction index & have an automated system to seek feedback from both Internal & External customers. The feedback generally reflects on Turn-around time expectation, quality of delivery & ease of communication.

We also have tested mechanism to capture on-the-job feedback & immediately take corrective action as and when required.

As a question on sustainability, where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

Zacco India R&D being a subsidiary will continue to support Zacco A/s strategy for the future. We believe that Zacco India R&D will continue to grow in all areas of business & will act as an important center for Zacco.

Meet the leader

Ravi Sunderrajan, Managing Director, Zacco India R&D Pvt. Ltd.

Ravi Sunderrajan was a key person in building up the Swedish Software company Telelogic operations in Bangalore during 2003-2008 (350+ employees).Ravi has close to 18 years of experience in Finance & setting up MNC operations in India. His most recent position is Senior Director Finance & Operations at HARMAN INTERNATIONAL and earlier assignments include CITRIX, NXP Semiconductors & Wipro.

ZACCO’s Global vision is to secure and protect clients’ entire innovation process and intangible assets. With our technical expertise as well as experience, we want to guard our clients’ innovations and help them reach their full potential.