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Gain control of your data growth while increasing performance: infinite io

silicon-review-mark-creeEighty percent or more of all stored data is written once and never accessed again. Inactive data in the typical data center doubles every twenty-four months or less. A recent study found that ninety-percent of all data that exists in the world today has been created in the last two years. During 2017 alone, approximately $27 billion will be spent on new file storage for data that will remain inactive forever.

Founded in 2014, Infinite io has built a game-changing new solution to automatically control and manage the massive growth of inactive data that consumes the majority of most IT storage budgets while dramatically increasing the access performance of data that is actively used.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, infinite io has liberated data storage intelligence from the traditional closed “big-box” storage system. Its network-based storage controllers intelligently place data on the most optimum media reducing storage cost by as much as eighty percent while performance-enhancing data that is actively used. Its network-based controllers are the first to allow IT managers to seamlessly integrate new storage technologies such as flash memory and cloud with no changes to applications, network file paths, file systems or the user experience.

infinite io: Accessing and Storing Data Will Forever Be Changed

With the advent of gigabit internet connections, flash memory, and cloud storage, accessing and storing data will forever be changed. Say goodbye to traditional stand-alone storage systems. Solutions that have not been built from the ground up to take advantage of this tidal change in technology will require complete vendor lock-in and/or changes to network addressing, file access points and applications just to incorporate the cloud. infinite io natively incorporates the cloud into existing applications and storage transparently - no changes required.

The Instrument of Change

Infinite io installs transparently as a network switch and intelligently migrates inactive data to low-cost cloud storage. Data is constantly migrated to the cloud based on intelligent policies. Not all data is created equal, so placement on low-cost storage is done with much more intelligence than just last access date. With infinite io, you decide what’s important for a change, not your storage vendor.

Install-us in a passive mode and we’ll use industry standard storage costs and information we collect from your environment to calculate expected savings. We also discover and display data activity, allowing you to pinpoint the inactive and active data sets. When ready, turn on active mode and we’ll make active data performance lightning fast by off-loading metadata requests and allow your existing storage to serve data out of a significantly reduced footprint. Reclaim your IT storage budget and get the best of both worlds for a change –performance and reduced capacity expenses.

NSC-055s Metadata Accelerator

Outperform an all-flash array with your existing storage. The NSC-055s Network-based Metadata Accelerator enhances the performance of existing storage by off-loading metadata processing. Being as much as 10x faster than the fastest all-flash storage array processing metadata, our customers typically experience a significant reduction in workload processing times. Processing costs are reduced and users experience improved response times.

NSC-110 Network-based Storage Controller

Today, visibility, mobility, and automation are missing across different storage tiers in data management. When you can’t see what data is active and what data is inactive, a lot of inactive data ends up staying on expense storage. Our NSC-110 Network-based Storage controllers contain an in-memory metadata map that knows the state and location of all data. This rich data store makes it simple to automatically place data on the most cost-effective tier.

Transparently migrate inactive data off your existing storage to low-cost cloud our object storage. The NSC-110 Network-based Storage Controller also off-loads metadata processing while continuously migrating inactive data to a cloud or low-cost storage tier without requiring a slow gateway, stub files, or a complex new file system. With the NSC-110 all migrated data keeps its always on profile and appears local for instant recall. Get the best of both worlds with our controllers: Active data performance is significantly improved and inactive data storage costs are dynamically reduced.

Clientele Reviews

 “infinite io has taken bottoms up and radically different approach to cloud integration." - Tom Simpson, CTO, Cincinnati Bell

“Being able to seamlessly cloud-enable existing applications sets infinite io apart from the field.” - Mike Clifford, COO, Redbird Flight Simulations

“After the installation of infinite io, our users experienced a significant improvement in application performance.” - Brett Morrow, Senior Systems and Storage Analyst for AceInfo at the National Severe Storms Lab

About the CEO

Mark Cree, CEO, and Founder: A veteran of routing and switching technology, Mark most recently worked with high-performance storage solutions. As the CEO of Storspeed, Mark had several patents filed related to storage caching. Mark led Cisco Systems entry into the storage networking market as the General Manager of Cisco Systems Storage Router Business Unit. Mark joined Cisco Systems through the acquisition of NuSpeed, a company he founded that delivered the first commercial iSCSI storage over IP product which became the foundation of a multi-billion dollar market. Between 1989 and 1995 Mark was part of a team that delivered one of the first IP routers and firewalls at technology pioneer Network Systems Corporation (NSC). Mark holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas and a BS in MIS from the University of Minnesota.

“We’re a team of experienced technology professionals that have a track record of introducing market-defining solutions in security and packet inspection, storage networking, network routing, and storage systems.”