Top 20 Mobility Companies 2015

Genesis of a Versatile Federation within the Mobility Expansion Carrot Consultancy Services


Mobile application development is becoming ‘crowd pleasing’. There are numerous innovative styles that allow companies to do more, achieve more. Our mobile phones have now become tiny pocket computers, for which products and applications are being developed. This is a highly competitive market whose products will enable companies to cost-effectively move their businesses ahead of the competitors. Modernization in the world of mobile phones is the outcome of the demand and desire of common people, driving organizations and technology to revolutionize. With this in mind, Avinash Naimpally, a first generation entrepreneur, founded Carrot Consultancy Services in 2002, at Mumbai, India. Technology is the passion that leads to innovation. “I was always inspired to do the everyday, mundane tasks in the simplest of ways,” states Avinash.

Carrot is a product development, engineering, and consulting services company, serving technology startups as well as mid-size to large corporations. This is achieved by creating bridges between various technologies and seamlessly integrating them to maximize business benefits. The firm began as an offshore development center for clients in the U.S. and Europe, catering to Web applications and Web services widely. Carrot has maintained a strong presence in the financial (Hedge Funds), pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors. Going forward, they have shifted their focus to the mobility forum, primarily by designing applications for Android and iOS platforms. The firm has been involved in development of applications and technical consulting services for three years.

“We have already contributed applications to a few organizations, and look forward to linking with them, too, in order to increase our customer base,” affirms Avinash. As the saying goes, ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Carrot is in the process of developing mobile applications for enterprises and for individual users. This will create a massive customer base covering the B2B and B2C platforms. As of now, the startup firm is looking for tie ups with other product organizations that have well-established set-ups and sizable client bases.

Mobile handsets are becoming cheaper and service providers are making data plans affordable.This enables the whole world to ‘go mobile’. However, if field staff continues to record data the old-fashioned way, through hand-written forms, perhaps through data telephoned into the office at the end of the day, etc.,there is a significant drag on the business process. On the other hand, it will cost a small fortune to develop a custom mobile app to capture field data that is pluggable into an existing enterprise system. Carrot is developing technology that will speed up and simplify how data moves from one place to another.

“We are an up-and-coming mobile application development company. We have already served in the Web space and now we are more focused on the mobile world,” explains Avinash. Carrot is aiming to stand as a ‘touchstone’ across diverse sectors and verticals in the industry.

Just Around the Corner
Carrot’s new mobile product, Formmit, has been in design for over 6 months. Currently operating on Android, this flagship product, which simplifies and organizes the transmission of data, will soon be available in the iOS and Windows Mobile environments as well. This superb product is expected to be ready for its beta customers by the end of March 2015.

Formmit streamlines data flow from the field. It allows the users to create custom data collection forms that can collect just about any kind of data, create workflows, associate user rights, and much more, in a matter of minutes. What’s more, the user does not need any development experience. Even a novice can set it up and get going. “Using Formmit, the user will be able to send data from the field into applications back in the office in ‘real time’,” says Avinash.

Pharma and FMCG companies need their field staff to report their daily data collected in the field into their internal enterprise applications. Formmit can seamlessly integrate this, making lives easier.
All the data collected from the app gets stored on the Formmit Cloud server. Companies can then pull the data into their enterprise application using the Formmit Client API. Formmit puts this capability in everyone’s hands with an app that can be plugged into an enterprise’s existing system. Organizations that do not have enterprise applications can access the Customized Reports to view and download data and analyze it offline. Users can also delete the data from the server once the data is consumed.

Non-business use of Formmit would be equally as functional. Anyone can upload information, make notes, transmit copies, from wherever they are, using this mobile app. Perhaps you make a purchase at a store and want to keep all the pertinent purchase information in one place. Formmit lets you upload the information, and keep it for future reference and analysis.

Formmit is all you will need to capture any data, anywhere. Data collection becomes easy when the forms are at your fingertips – literally, with the Formmit mobile app. You can collect data wherever you are, keep it organized, and integrate it with your office or home base.

And the technology is in constant development. Right now, it is a one-way system, sending data from the mobile environment to the Cloud, and from the Cloud to the business or home environment. In the future, this could expand. The possibilities are endless, developing, and innovative.

“We wanted to introduce an application that can be used for creating custom forms for capturing data. We came up with the name of Formmit. It sounds like – “form it”, create a form. We see it standing true to its name and usage,” says Avinash.

“We already have a set of almost 150 features that we plan to introduce in the next six months, and we will soon have separate product flavours to suit different needs and workflows specific to industries”