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Get Dynamic Protection from Unknown Attacks through the Combination of Stormshield Technologies


Could is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”

 Stormshield, a fully-owned subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, offers innovative end-to-end security solutions worldwide to protect networks (Stormshield Network Security), workstations (Stormshield Endpoint Security) and data (Stormshield Data Security). These next-generation trusted solutions, certified at the highest level in Europe (EU RESTRICTED, NATO and ANSSI EAL4+), ensure the protection of strategic information and are deployed through a partner network of distributors, integrators and operators in businesses of all sizes, government institutions and defense organizations worldwide.

Integrated Cloud Services

The democratization of the Internet has created the ideal environment for migration to the cloud and the advantages (availability, agility and scalability) that come along with it to increase productivity. However, with its infrastructures and outsourced software, the cloud shakes up the long-established methods of protecting information in a corporation. For a CISO, keeping control and track of incoming and outgoing flows can quickly become overwhelming. What if collaborating securely with confidence in the Cloud has now become possible? With Stormshield, it has and in the simplest way.

Stay in control – all the while benefiting from the advantages offered by the Cloud

The company has to maintain confidentiality when it comes to sensitive information about its employees and clients – and keep an eye on the integrity of its files and the ways in which they are used. Thanks to the Cloud, the company has become more agile and flexible. The Cloud allows the Company to create new services aimed at employees, partners and clients more quickly. The scalability of these services goes hand-in-hand with the Company’s growth, without forcing it to regularly or excessively invest in new hardware or human resources.

Secure your infrastructure with Stormshield Network Security for Cloud

In order to allow corporations to deploy a virtual infrastructure in the cloud securely while maintaining full control, the feature-rich quality of Stormshield Network Security solutions can be found in the Stormshield Network Security for Cloud application dedicated to Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure environments.

 Security Packs: Since protection requirements are as unique as the organizations that define them, Stormshield has designed simple and competitively priced security packs that meet specific use cases. These packs guarantee the continuous update of the protection systems deemed essential for conducting your business, and also include product hardware maintenance, software patches and upgrades, access to technical support through its partner network and the availability of the Stormshield Security Watch area.

Stormshield Training

Stormshield Network Administrator Training – CSNA : Focuses on learning how to  use and install Stormshield  Network products within typical architectures. This three-day course prepares trainees for  the CSNA exam.

Stormshield Network Expert Training – CSNE : Focuses  on integrating Stormshield Network products into very complex architectures and resolving configuration issues. This four-day course prepares trainees for the CSNE exam.

Stormshield Network  Troubleshooting and Support Training – CSNTS : Intended for partners/clients who want to master SNS products at an advanced level. This three-day course prepares trainees for  the CSNTS exam.

Event Analyzer Training : Intended for partners/clients in charge of network supervision who want to master installing and using the Event Analyzer product. This two-day training does not lead to any certification.

Recertification kit : Those individuals with recognised network/security expertise or those who have Netasq v9 certification can access an online SNS recertification kit.

Network Protection: Because a security solution represents an investment for several years, Stormshield Network Security  products offer the requisite modularity and features for keeping abreast of future changes in the information system. In a “Bring-Your-Own-Everything” world, it has become even more of a challenge keeping users in check while developing an agile corporation that moves with the times.

The only way for security to be effective is when it is seamless for both users and administrators.

With modern threats bypassing conventional protection systems as routinely as they do, a new approach to security is imperative. Stormshield Network Security solutions are built upon the concept of Multi-layer Collaborative Security. This holistic model, based on the active collaboration between the security engines on its various solutions marks the future of information system defense in depth. As trusted vendors, Stormshield deploys technologies that have been certified at the highest level in Europe (EU RESTRICTED, NATO RESTRICTED, and ANSSI EAL4+). The awarded certifications and qualifications guarantee an adapted level of protection for the strategic data of even the most sensitive corporations and organizations.

Meet the Executive Duo

Pierre Calais, CEO: After several years as the COO, Pierre Calais has been promoted in August 2015 as the CEO of Arkoon-Netasq. As someone who has always been intrigued by information technology in general and the gamble of information security, he was previously an engineer with Bull and subsequently Dassault Electronique, before going on to be a project manager with Cadence Design System. This was followed by a period of time as a manager at EMS Documentum, then as a CTO (Zencod). Prior to joining Netasq, initially as Vice President Engineering and Operations and subsequently as COO, he was the CEO of NetSecureOne.

Pierre Calais has a Masters in Physics and its university applications and holds a DEA (French equivalent of a Masters) in Microelectronics and Micro computing from Paris Diderot University.

“We are the next generation end point security system.”