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Global Pioneer in Post-Sale Supply Chain Management and Optimization: OnProcess Technology


“Supply Chain Empowerment for the Digital Age”

When OnProcess Technology was founded in 1998, no one except it was addressing the huge issue of companies not being able to recover broken or unwanted products and parts from the field with enough speed and volume. This problem was costing companies hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars every year.

After a time, OnProcess saw that, to drive even greater savings and efficiencies for clients, it also needed to examine upstream issues, including customer support and dispatching of parts and services, because they all impact each other. So it expanded its services and became the only company completely focused on optimizing the entire, end-to-end post-sale supply chain, and it developed specialties in six key vertical markets where the health of their post-sale supply chain can make or break a company’s profitability and customer relationships: broadband, manufacturing, mobile, medical, logistics and technology.

OnProcess is an extremely client-focused organization with a history of innovation and a culture of empowerment. These qualities enable it to attract and retain the high-caliber employees needed to deliver world-class services and superior clients results.

Stand-out Differentiators

  • Post-sales supply chain expertise, tuned to key verticals. OnProcess is the only provider solely and completely focused on optimizing the post-sale supply chain, and it combines that expertise with in-depth vertical knowledge to deliver superior results for clients.
  • OPTvisionSM, the only real-time visibility, predictive analytics and alerting platform that delivers new-found, actionable insights.
  • Analytics-based process improvements. Not only does OnProcess surface a massive number of critical data points that, in some cases, the clients never had access to, it knows how to use that ‘big data’ to drive game-changing business outcomes and ROI.
  • Client-focused business. OnProcess is completely driven to help clients realize dramatic and continual improvements in efficiencies that drive significant gains in profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Outcome-based approach. It is a big advocate of structuring engagements around mutually aligned interests, where providers share the risks and rewards with clients.

Supply Chain Management at its Best
OnProcess has five managed services offerings aimed at unifying and optimizing the siloed post-sale supply chain, saving clients tens of millions of dollars annually while delivering superior experiences for their end-customers. Here are the services:

Revenue Enablement – proactively reach out to customers to fix broken orders, assist with product/account activation and educate customers in order to minimize remorse returns and increase cross-selling.

Triage / Customer Support – improve customer experience at every point of interaction, expediting problem-solving with more first-contact resolutions, and saving higher-value tech support resources for escalations. From managing entitlement to using remote monitoring and machine-enabled IoT analytics to provide proactive and preventive support.

Service Fulfillment – manage dispatch of parts and technicians to optimize service networks and inventory, and rapidly close out service events, meet SLAs, and improve customer satisfaction ratings.

Reverse Logistics – facilitate, track and expedite the return and replacement of assets from the field or customer, and the movement of defective parts through the repair channel and into inventory.

Transportation Order Management – manage everything from shipment transportation and dispatch, to tracking in transit, carrier onboarding and invoicing, and customer billing, as well as transportation logistics helpdesk.

OPTvision ties these services together and provides real-time end-to-end visibility while using analytics to drive insights and trigger alerts when actions need to be taken to address urgent issues.

The Future Sight

  • OnProcess is investing heavily in service products that drive efficiency into its clients’ post-sale supply chain business and drive even better customer experiences.
  • It is focused on helping clients with digital business transfor­mation initiatives, leveraging automation and analytics tech­nologies to enable much greater efficiencies and competitive edge.
  • Helping clients leverage Inter­net of Things (IoT) data to drive better customer experiences and lower post-supply chain costs.
  • Investing in OPTvision with additional robust analytics and IoT integration. Delivering deeper insights to help drive efficiency into client service events and improve customer experiences.
  • Continue to move towards outcome-based business models that focus on sharing risks and outcomes.

It is all about the clients!

Rogers Communications
Rogers Communications, Canada’s top wireless provider, needed to speed advance exchange returns. They believed they’d have more success if they stuck to their core competency –repairs and refurbishment – and engaged experts to focus on returns. So, for the first time in Roger Wireless’ history, they decided to outsource Advanced Exchange asset recovery. They chose OnProcess because of its expertise and record of success.

“OnProcess uncovered holes in our data and processes that we didn’t realize were there, and fixed them in ways that boosted our number and velocity of returns,” said Paul Maitre, Manager of Production Planning and Asset Recovery, Rogers.

Rogers’ results:

  • Accelerated return velocity by 5%
  • Decreased non-returns by 5%
  • Avoided $400K in refurbishment costs, Projects $1M per year
  • Leveraged new visibility to improve upstream processes

Meet the Master

Michael Wooden, CEO: Michael has been leading, growing and building global enterprise and start-up services businesses for more than two decades. Prior to joining OnProcess Technology, he was Convergys Corporation’s Chief Commercial Officer, where he owned the customer interface and had P&L responsibility across divergent sales channels and marketing functions. Earlier at Xerox, Michael was the SVP of Sales and Marketing for the BPS division, where he headed strategy development, alliances and the creation and expansion of new outsourcing services. Earlier in his career, Michael was VP of Corporate Development at APAC. Michael has a Bachelor’s Degree in Comprehensive Sciences from Ashland University and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from Old Dominion University.

“We help many of the world’s leading brands optimize post-sale efficiencies, improve revenue and profitability, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.”