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Advertising is perhaps the most important aspect of running a business. However good or effective a product or service might be, it would be of little value if people are not aware of it. With the current globalization and the explosion in internet usage, smartphones have grown to become the largest platform which advertisers can use to expand their outreach and increase viewership for their advertisements. Internet-based services have been able to maximize the size of their audience using strategic and well-placed commercials on people’s cellphones.

GoGoChart is one of the world’s leading advertisers for the mobile platform. Founded in Hong Kong, GoGoChart is an award-winning performance driven mobile technology company that empowers businesses and their apps to gain additional users, maximum exposure and increased revenues. Since 2015, it has helped more than 2000 mobile apps worldwide with amazing results. Key services include AppStore Optimisation (ASO), Campaign Management Platform (CMP) for Apple Search Ads, Google ads and Facebook ads.

In January 2019 GoGoChart was certified by Apple for Apple Search Ads, and launched the all new Campaign Management Platform, allowing SMEs to manage ads quickly, effectively and drive up performance results.

In conversation with the visionary behind GoGoChart, Daniel Lo

Q. What were the initial challenges in launching your company?

As the founder of a startup in Hong Kong, costs are very high and support is limited, back then when I first started, we had zero support or funding. So I had to learn it the hard way, by failing!

Starting a business faces many obstacles, some of which include proof of concept, fundraising, scale, business development, tech development, client expectations, team building and the founder’s own state of mind. Not to mention personal issues like family and peer pressure. The key is learning to embrace failure, it’s when you experience failure and learn from your mistakes.


Q. Can you please give a brief explanation about your offerings?

a.) Apple Search Ads Management/Google UAC Management/Facebook Ads Management:

It is a premium full-service ad management solution for Apple, Google, and Facebook ads; a fully customized and localized solution for each geographic location.

b.) Playable Ads:

GoGoChart offers fun, interactive, and 3D playable ads with original UI and animation for game publishers to promote their games.

c.) App Store Optimization (ASO):

ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results, including app name & description, icon, screenshots, and video. We also cover best practices in image/video creative A/B testing to make sure our client gets the highest-performing assets.

d.) Location Wifi Traffic:

We offer free WiFi service locally to the public without asking for any personal authentication. Anyone with a smartphone can simply select the free wifi hotspot and enjoy internet serving without any costs. Our clients place their ads on-screen after successful registration and this creates exposure to our client’s product. We have over 4000+ wifi hotspot locations all over Hong Kong, i.e. Link shopping mall, Hong Kong Jockey Club branches, etc.

e.) Influencers Marketing:

This is an effective marketing model for the South East Asia market, which is suitable for both building awareness and gaining more users at the same time. We tailor match our client’s product with locally popular influencers to promote their product, by live streaming videos. We have received significant feedback from both increased product installs and brand awareness.

Q. If you had to list five factors for your success, what would they be?

Focus: Because you cannot afford to waste time to do everything, do one or two things you’re really good at, and try your hardest to capitalize on the market!

Learn about cash flow: Even if you have a great CFO, as CEO you should always learn about the importance of cash flow since all businesses really depend on cash flow to grow.

Team: Learn to cultivate your team, learn to work with your people, learn to love them, create a purpose for the company that makes them feel they belong to it.

Network: I regret not doing as much, the right networking helps to grow new opportunities and potential investors. Especially for those who are actively looking for funding.

Look after yourself: This is especially for those single founder CEOs, you’re lonely, like many other CEOs, but you’re working all the hours day and night, so look after yourself, eat well, sleep plenty and exercise regularly.

Q. What do you think is the next big thing in technology?

AI-powered and data-centric platforms are areas that I feel will grow massively; this is because technology is getting more mature and users are now more acceptable to allow AI to power their daily search activities. This, in turn, enables millions of users to improve their daily activities that range from online shopping, health insurance to investment. Another area with huge potential is cybersecurity, with the growing number of search platforms, personal data protection will be crucial in gaining users’ confidence.

Q. Do you have any products ready to be launched?

We have launched a Campaign Management Platform named Project X. It is an AI-driven advertising campaign management platform for all small-medium businesses that wish to acquire users/clients online. Businesses can place an ad in the App Store within 3 easy steps and less than 60 seconds – 1, select your app. 2, set your budget and target cost per install. 3 select your target country. Our advanced bidding system will help you do the rest. This is a first of its kind in the industry that truly innovates and drives performance for SMEs. Any business can take advantage of Project X with little or no cost and enjoy the full benefit of comprehensive advertising technology. Project X would definitely help SMEs to save time, money and resources.

About The Founder of GoGochart, Daniel Lo

Daniel has over 7 years of digital marketing experience in e-commerce, web, and mobile app marketing, Daniel consulted for Fortune 500 clients and helped over 2000+ products globally.

Prior to founding GoGoChart, Daniel has spent 15 years in the UK where he grew up and received a degree in Marketing. He is also active in the startup entrepreneur community and regularly speaks at various university MBA & EMBA programmes including UNSW, CUMBA, HK PolyU, HKUSpace, CityU.

“We empower our partners and their apps to achieve maximum exposure within the App Stores.”