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goTransverse: Implementing the Omni Dimensional Cloud-Based Billing System

“TRACT is a powerful Best-of-Breed Platform that can serve as the System of Record, process usage at scale and recognize revenue.”

Founded in 2008, goTransverse has a very interesting history of establishment. At the time, if you were distributing content over wireless networks, you had to have your software work across hundreds of unique device types and across multiple carriers, to get scale. Then Apple came out with the iPhone and changed the game. The founders realized one major reason that the carriers were caught flat-footed was because of the prohibitive time and cost to launch new products and services on the carriers’ legacy billing platforms. So a core group of technology and billing veterans saw the opportunity to offer Billing-as-a-Service via the cloud and formed goTransverse.

What they have today is a fully-functional, multi-tenant platform, which can handle the Internet scale of IoT companies, and monetize their unique offerings. For their clients today, they are supporting monetization of billions of usage events around the world each month.

Headquartered in Austin, the company is all about processing and monetizing usage data for existing and yet to be defined consumption models and is already having a significant impact on the creation of new products and services across a number of verticals, including telecom, transport/location-based services, utilities, industrial, healthcare and many, many more. They have positioned themselves in the market during a time where three critical trends are emerging: innovative business platforms, technology expansions and Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) offerings.

Services offered based on TRACT® Platform
TRACT® is a cloud-based, agile monetization platform, a.k.a subscription billing platform that supports the following:

  • TRACT Billing and Receivables : Supporting any revenue model from one-time purchases and simple subscriptions to complex, usage-based models. This is configured to handle large volumes of data at scale, passing only necessary information back to the company’s general ledger.
  • TRACT Customer and Order Management: This allows easy and secure access to subscriber data to address any customer requests or concerns. Role-based rules allow account representatives access to order, subscriber account, real-time activity, usage, invoices, payments and service history details.
  • TRACT Product Catalog: This flexible product catalog allows for multiple product configurations, services, terms, prices, and discounts. Quickly see all products available, not yet available, and no longer available for purchase from a single view.
  • TRACT Usage and Entitlement Management: This automates the processes of accepting incoming events, identifying the correct customer and current allowances, correctly calculating the charges and applying the charges to the customer’s account.
  • TRACT Accounts Receivable and Sub-ledger: The sub-ledgers are highly flexible and support many different complex business and accounting rules. TRACT also supports multi-currency for local and foreign currency transactions.
  • TRACT Reporting and Analytics: This is a highly configurable dashboard allowing users to readily parse, compare and analyze customer data. Gain real-time visibility into revenue streams and easily configure and pull reports on an ad hoc or scheduled basis.
  • TRACT Administration and Security: TRACT has advanced functionality to secure the application including role-based access, strong encryption, robust password policies and more.
  • TRACT Integrations: TRACT has an extensive library of REST and SOAPAPIs that integrates business critical systems associated with accounts receivable automation. Pre-integrated connectors, including leading ERP, CRM, financial, tax and global payment providers, speed implementation times and reduce risk.

Differentiating Factor
The company has three highlighting differentiating factors. First, Domain Expertise; the team has over 175-years of combined experience in billing for a majority of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. Second, their product, technology and native architecture in which TRACT is the only multi-tenant SaaS platform on the market today that can rate events in near real-time. And the third, white glove service approach in which the Customers are complimentary of the strong relationship they have built with goTransverse and cite their domain expertise in complex, usage-based billing as a core differentiator.

goTransverse target clientele includes publicly traded and privately held organizations typically technology-focused in cloud solutions, digital entertainment and media, IoT, logistics/telematics and hosting/managed services. To mention a few, their clients include Cvent, Demandware, Starz Play, LiveU, Hemisphere, IAS, VCOM, Amplifier, AGT International and SmartZip

Future Focus Areas
The company is on the way to expand their business channel to develop key relationships with industry experts and implementation consultants. They are actively building a channel with the best partners in the industry to give our clients the best possible experience and ensure every implementation is a success. They are also pursuing partnerships with the leading ERP and CRM vendors to create a best-of-breed solution that works with existing technology.

Client Testimonials
“With our operational systems and our TRACTbilling platform, I can tell you how much money we are making by the hour, as opposed to waiting until the end of the week and running reports.
That’s powerful.”
– Jud Harris, CTO, Amplifier

“Due to the high level of technology and complexity involved, we needed something far more intricate than just a click and buy e-commerce site. goTransverse’s TRACT has been helping us implement the back-end of our customer portal”
– Shayne Proskow, Manager of Sales Operations, Hemisphere

With TRACT supporting IAS’S services, “We have been experimenting with the mobile devices for reporting events, allowing drivers to self report, In the transportation business. we are constantly playing with new technologies. Mobile means more timely, more accurate data. Our objective is to help our customers: the more orders they can issue and get accepted through their system, the more money they make. If you can improve timeliness and accuracy, we’re all better off”. Says,
– Ed Schriger, Vice President of Product Management, IAS

“The goTransverse team is exceptionally talented and TRACT is one of the best software solutions I’ve ever seen.”
– SamerGhanem, CTO, ATG International

Meet the Key Executive
James Messer, CEO & Founder
James has spent the past 25-years focused on the telecommunications and IT industries. He served as Vice President of Sales for LHS Group and later served as Vice President of Sales for Sema Group plc, which became the world leader in communications software and solutions after the acquisition of LHS. Related to B/OSS, James also served in senior management positions for CSG Systems, US Telecom ATS and TechnoCom Wireless-a leader in wireless location-based services. Additionally, James also served as Vice President of Federal Programs for Schlumberger, and served on the staff of U.S. Senate Leader Bob Dole focusing on telecommunications, IT and foreign policy.

“If you can measure it, we can bill for it”.