50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2016

Granting Access to Laptops and Tablets Anytime, Anywhere through Automated Kiosks: LaptopsAnytime

“Headquartered in Dallas, TX, USA, LaptopsAnytime has introduced Universities, libraries, Hospitals to the digital era.” 

With the vision of giving back to the community via convenient on-demand access to full-function laptop computers and tablets, Matthew Buscher and Jonathan Ruttenberg co-founded LaptopsAnytime in 2008. It is a full-service turnkey provider that enables a facility to automate the dispensing of laptop computers and increase 24/7 end-user access to technology while reducing staff involvement. The company dispenses devices and employs security protocols (ID card and/or badge) and custom software integration with ILS, Student and Other Local Database Systems (e.g. Active Directory/LDAP) to minimize liabilities. Its focus on self-service and automation gives it a unique position in the market compared to semi-automatic or staff-intensive programs. With more than 1,000,000+ checkouts per year in 28 states and 4 continents, LaptopsAnytime is a leader in providing automated laptop dispensing kiosks.

Automated Checkout kiosks
LaptopsAnytime builds kiosks in multiple configurations (6-, 12-, 18-, 24-, and 30-bays) to manage laptops (and tablets) from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple and Google. Their Individual kiosks can handle more than one device type per local need. Systems are designed to accommodate heavy usage, i.e. thousands of checkouts per month.

Clientele and target area
The company’s big clients include Major Universities, Community Colleges, Public Libraries + Fortune 500 Companies. Their target area is mainly public and private settings where technology access is at a premium and it is inconvenient for all end users to lug around laptops with them all the time.

Distinguishing factors
A one hundred percent self-service system, the configurable kiosks that can manage a wide range of devices and its design that lasts forever through the unique service model, which enables the system to adapt new updated laptops are few factors that sets them apart from their competitors.

Present Venture
Currently, LaptopsAnytime is all set to focus on private companies that want to offer employees and technicians a way to checkout laptops on demand without having to give everyone a laptop or having to manage the checkout process

Leaving behind gratified users
Clients are extremely satisfied with the company’s service as it transforms their facilities and in turn leaves their users gratified. Saving of space (compared to desktops and circulation counters), power (compared to desktops), labor (as the systems are 100% self-service) and time (transactions take seconds
instead of 5-7 minutes) are few of the many features the customers brag about when they demo the units to other facilities and companies.

Tech it out – An initiative to meet the demand for electronic devices
Fremont Main Library and Union City Library were getting accustomed to their new found fame this time last year as Alameda County library had launched Tech It Out. The kiosk allows patrons to check out an iPad or a laptop with their regular library card. It had a little bit of everything to keep anyone glued, engaged and entertained. Library users can check out a laptop or iPad: surf the Internet; watch videos and movies; do research using the Library’s resources; type papers for school; search for jobs and create a resume; and complete homework and take tests. As long as patrons have an Apple ID while using the iPad they can download and use a variety of apps including video chat and games. They can also stream movies, TV shows, and music through a variety of sources found on the Alameda County Library website. With its growing reputation Tech It Out soon expanded to the Castro Valley and San Lorenzo libraries there has been over 27,000 electronic device checkouts since its launch.

For parents and children, Tech It Out is a great option because the laptops and iPads have no age restriction. Homeschooled children in Fremont have found that using the laptops for downloading school files is easy and using them anywhere in the library allows greater flexibility for everyone. Tech It Out has transformed libraries to adapt to the growing and changing world of technology.

“Our services reach anywhere around the world where there is power and networking and the desire to increase technology access.”