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GreyCastle Security: AnIndustry Leading Provider of Risk Assessment, Mitigation, and Certification Services

thesiliconreview-mike-denz-ceo-greycastle-security-19GreyCastle Security was founded almost a decade ago on the principle that cybersecurity and effective defense is entirely possible if you use common sense, apply a system of measurement and know what you're trying to protect.The company believes that traditional security teaches many lessons, none more important than a sense of urgency. Other important lessons include:

  • Target, Home Depot and Sony all had racks full of technology, and they were still compromised.
  • A breach can be a career-ending event for company executives.
  • People are the biggest risk you face, inside and outside the company walls.

Cybersecurity Redefined

GreyCastle Security is the leading cybersecurity services provider dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity and the practical management of cybersecurity risks. It believes that your cybersecurity solutions must be delivered continuously. Your assets, threats and vulnerabilities change every day, so must your defenses. It is equally important to build a foundation for cybersecurity through an effective risk management program. Guessing is no longer an option.

Moreover, cybersecurity is not an IT issue. In fact, 75% of your cybersecurity risks have little to do with IT.Lastly, you have been, will be and probably are currently compromised. You must operate from this assumption if you have any chance of defeating your adversaries. GreyCastle Security offers the following cybersecurity services: Risk Assessment, Compliance, Incident Response, Awareness, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Governance, and vCISO.

Strategic Approachto Cybersecurity Challenges

  • Risk-Based - Chances are you've wasted money on cybersecurity efforts in the past, or worse yet - you have no idea if they worked or not. Everything GreyCastle does is targeted at reducing your risk, and it gives you the data to prove it.
  • Continuous - All of its services are designed to repeat continuously, ensuring that you're never unprotected. Additionally, all of its services are integrated, so they work even better when implemented together.
  • Managed - Measuring your cybersecurity progress has become an important part of compliance and job security. GreyCastle’s program comes with all of the tools and data you need to demonstrate progress. You'll also get a dedicated Client Relationship Manager who will advocate for you throughout the program.
  • Realistic - Security budgets, time, resource constraints, and office politics all play a role in cybersecurity today. The company realizes this because its team members have lived through these challenges themselves. What you get from them is passionately practical cybersecurity, not pie-in-the-sky, utopian fairy tales and snake oil.

Industry Solutions That Make Sense

  • Healthcare-Solutions for teaching hospitals, regional medical centers, health systems, HIEs, health providers, Covered Entities and Business Associates
  • Higher Education- Solutions for community colleges, 2- and 4- year colleges, universities, statewide university systems, and higher education consortiums
  • Technology- Solutions for application developers, SaaS companies, Data Centers, service providers, and other technology firms
  • Financial Services- Solutions for community and national banks, credit unions, hedge funds, brokerage firms, and other financial services firms
  • Retail- Solutions for big box department stores, online retailers, ecommerce providers, point-of-sale providers, and brick-and-mortar merchants
  • Utilities- Solutions for generators, bulk energy providers, exchanges, independent system operators, nuclear facilities, and other critical infrastructure

In The Company’s Very Own Words

We're not afraid to say - we're a little bit different. As clichéd as this may sound, your engagement with us will be different, because:

  • All we do is cybersecurity, all day, every day. We don't sell phones, computers or insurance.
  • We don't sell hardware or software and it doesn’t matter what you already have – we're going to make it all more secure.
  • Our cybersecurity experts are former CIOs, CTOs, ISOs, business owners and technicians.
  • We have all answered to audit committees, board members and CEOs; we understand the politics, economics and headaches of cybersecurity.

We are former consumers of inadequate or inappropriate cybersecurity services; we assume that you have been burned in the past.

Knowing the Leader

Mike Denz, Chief Executive Officer

Mike Denz is the Chief Executive Officer for GreyCastle Security. For the last 15 years, Mike has served in a capacity of CFO and VP of Finance all while instructing six acquisitions ranging in size from $20K to over $20M. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for three companies including Assured Information Security, Riverhawk Company and GreyCastle Security.

All of our services are designed to repeat continuously, ensuring that you're never unprotected. Additionally, all of our services are integrated, so they work even better when implemented together.