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Growing Big by Targeting Small: Dobler Consulting

thesiliconreview-peter-dobler-ceo-dobler-consulting-17“Smart performance, communication skills yield better results: Peter Dobler, CEO Dobler Consulting”

Dobler Consulting is a database services and information technology company that provides a wide spectrum of world-class solutions to clients in a variety of industries including manufacturing, media services, healthcare, aviation and financial services.

Serving as a trusted data consulting partner, Dobler Consulting experts provide architectural and high availability design reviews, implementation assistance, performance tuning and load balancing expertise, product training, ongoing support and preventative maintenance.

Established in 2008, the company employs a team of 55 engineers, technicians, salespersons and support personnel at their main office in Tampa, Florida. This team specializes in helping clients maximize their Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Sybase database technologies. Additionally, the company has expert skill sets in cross database migration between SAP Sybase, Oracle and MS SQL Server.

Interview Excerpt: Peter Dobler, CEO Dobler Consulting

Talking to Peter Dobler, he reveals that there are many different aspects to IT and each one requires different traits and skills.

Developers are more creative and need a bit more freedom in their work environment. Database administrators in charge of large, mission critical systems are more cautious, detail oriented and process driven. “The main trait to be successful in IT is the willingness to constantly learn. The renewal cycle of technology is getting shorter and shorter. I am not suggesting to chase the latest technologies, but to keep up with changes,” Dobler said.

Developing client base: Open dialogue will do

Dobler’s distinctive approach is yielding better results for his 9-year old database services and information technology company. “We keep an open dialogue with our clients. You cannot do this in the back room and expect a client to value what does not benefit them. Therefore, we have put strict guidelines inplace wherein our clients are updated on regular basis just to shorten the communication gap. For instance, we contact a client informing that we did this patch, installed this security level – just to keep them from being attacked or going out of business. That’s how we operate every day,” Dobler said.

Florida suits me well: Peter Dobler

Dobler said that he visited Tampa, Florida in 90’s and fell in love with it. “I decided to expand my company from Switzerland to the United States; I had four areas that were sticking out – Northeast, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Texas. As I look at the Northeast; it is cold, San Francisco; too crowded and earthquake prone zone, and Texas; never been to. And then there is Tampa – we liked it here from previous vacation visits and fell in love, and that is why I ended up here,” Dobler reveals.

Career advice to newcomers: Stick to it

Having a more experienced role model available to support career development is a plus. As in all industries, having someone who inspires you to do better and who pushes you to be your best will keep your career on the right path.

In addition, building an arsenal of professional skills outside the boundaries of IT can significantly increase a professional’s value to the organization. At the top of the list of skills is managing people – especially other engineers. “Many IT professionals are chasing the latest trends and want to be hip. My advice is to pick one specific area of IT and then become an expert with deep knowledge. This takes time and perseverance, but it will ultimately pay off,” Dobler asserted.

Look no further than Dobler Consulting: Our trusted clients

Dobler Consulting has been a key partner in our overall database strategy, acting as an extension of our team. Peter has exceptional expertise in the field of database technologies and has become a trusted partner for IAS. Their team of consultants is highly skilled, courteous and able to tackle the most complex IT problems. “Working with Dobler Consulting has been one of the best partnerships that we have made. Peter is very responsive to our requests. He is been working for our best interest. I would not think twice in recommending his services,” says Harry Ekonomou.

“Peter went the extra mile in helping us get the best deal possible with SAP. Peter’s consummate Sybase experience would be an asset to any enterprise, and we are very happy to have him as our Sybase/SAP partner,” Hector L. said.

“Dobler Consulting assigned a DBA resource to our company. They keep us up to date on Oracle patches, and supports our environment when we run into trouble. This keeps us from having to hire our own Oracle DBA. The Dobler Consulting staff is professional, helpful, and a great asset to our business.,” said Aubrey Truex.

“HealthPlan Services Company engaged Dobler Consulting to architect and build an internal solution to improve member retention. Peter and his team completed the project on schedule and on budget. Their work on a data mart and integration with key Data Analytics experts was innovative and very collaborative. In conclusion the entire Dobler Team were a pleasure to work with I would highly recommend their work.,” said Anne Marie Faria

About the CEO, Peter Dobler

Peter Dobler is an accomplished IT professional with nearly 30 years of experience in database management, software development and infrastructure management. He can implement new technology, manage many complex technology projects and help businesses put procedures and policies in place to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Dobler started his company in 2008 – when the world witnessed financial crisis – possibly the worst time to do so with a falling stock market and a terrible economic environment. What was at first a two-person shop has grown into a company that employs 55 and is growing at a rapid clip.

“Get Better Positioned for Success with Database Services by Dobler Consulting.”